15 Best Gym Management Software in 2024 (Tried & Tested)

How to find the best gym management software? Let’s face it – as a gym owner, you have a lot on your plate. You have to manage your employees, take care of your facility’s finances, as well as the feel of your guests. The to-do list can be really long. 

So how do you take care of your time? By choosing the best software for gym management in 2024. It will help you streamline your work and your employees, while ensuring, among other things, optimization of income, improvement of communication with customers. You will also ensure better management of administrative processes.

However, selecting the best gym management software can be a challenge, given the wide range of solutions available. In this article, we will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing gym management software.

What do you need to know while selecting the best gym management software? Keep in mind that the system should be your business partner, not your problem. Find out what to look for among the best gym management systems available. 

The best gym management software platform in 2024

  1. WodGuru
  2. Gymdesk
  3. Vagaro
  4. My PT Hub
  5. TrueCoach x
  6. TeamUp
  7. LegitFit
  8. Kicksite
  9. CrossHero
  10. Exercise.com
  11. GymMaster
  12. ClubRight
  13. Zen Planner
  14. Perfect Gym
  15. PushPress

Gym management software key features

Strategic Market Research reports that the fitness sector in 2021 was worth as $160 billion. According to forecasts, although revenues fell during the coronavirus pandemic, the market will see increases in the years to come. 

By 2028, the industry’s value pattern is projected to be 171.75%, reaching nearly $435 billion. All because the market is booming – and that’s true for both small gyms and large fitness clubs. 

So, how do you make sure your gym management software is running smoothly? By deciding to invest in the best gym management software. Investing in software can bring a lot of benefits for everyone, both the gym owner and the customers. 

How to find the best gym management software?

The best gym management software is a way to, foremost, effectively automate administrative processes. But not only! With such a solution, you can also:

  • better manage your staff,
  • improve the customer experience of the gym,
  • conduct efficient marketing,
  • manage finances,
  • create reports that allow you to develop your gym.

But the most difficult question is how to find the best gym software? What you need to know?

What should have the best gym management software?

  • Membership management – is a function with which you can, among other things, collect information about the members of a fitness club or gym. It allows you to collect members’ contact information, payment processing information, or membership type. In addition, it helps to make it easy to bring new customers into the gym, renew access for those whose subscription has expired, or simply track attendance. 
  • Online reservations as an option for customers – the ability to book classes at the gym should be simple and intuitive. When choosing a gym app, it’s worth betting on one that gives members the ability to sign up for any class or meet with a trainer. 
  • Online app access – the ideal gym management system should have a mobile version. This will give gym members the luxury of registering for classes at any time. They will also be able to view the gym’s schedule, join a waiting list, or cancel a reservation in time. 
  • Calendar management – the ability to manage your gym schedule calendar is a way to save time and money. Any gym owner will appreciate it. Regardless of the number of trainers or the size of the facility, the seamless handling of fitness class bookings or personal trainer schedules allows you to customize the work of the gym according to the needs of its members.
How to find the best gym management software?
  • Staff management – the best system should also be accessible to staff, making the club’s work much easier. The best gym software should allow employees to, among other things, have access to their work schedule, or give access to information about how many people will show up for classes.
  • Payment processing – an automated payment system is an important feature that makes gym management easier. With the best gym software, you can create invoices, payment processing, or send notifications about expiring subscriptions. Automation helps make billing easier, saves time and reduces errors!
  • Reports and analytics – gym management software should also have a section dedicated to analytics. This way, as a gym owner, you will know, among other things, what the productivity of your employees is, how many new members show up each month, what the specific revenues are. This allows you to make effective business decisions based on data. 

How much does the best gym management software cost?

Gym management software prices vary depending on a number of aspects. The main factors that affect the cost of this solution are:

  • number of users – the cost can depend on how many people are expected to use the software.
  • features and capabilities – many systems charge more for the use of the system if you decide to take advantage of additional options, such as training progress monitoring, integrations with payment systems.
  • technical support – some solutions charge extra for technical support or system updates.
How to find the best gym management software?

The final cost of the software depends on many variables. That’s why we’ve prepared a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the best providers of such solutions, so that you can easily choose what suits your needs and budget.

Despite the initial investment, this software can bring significant benefits in terms of streamlining processes, improving the customer experience and increasing the efficiency of gym operations. Therefore, consider investing in the best gym management software as a strategic step in growing your fitness business

Who should use gym management software?

Who should use a gym management system? It’s a universal tool, which is primarily intended to serve the owner in better organization of work. It is great for relieving the burden on gym reception desks, managers of larger establishments. Properly implemented, it also allows improving the satisfaction of customers, who can remotely book entries to sports classes, pay for passes, or check the availability of personal trainers.

How to find the best gym management software?

The gym management system can be used in many ways and by different clubs or gyms. This solution is ideal for places such as:

  • sports clubs,
  • local gyms,
  • fitness clubs,
  • sports centers
  • commercial gyms.

General comparison of all top gym management software (prices, features, flexibility, etc.).

Wondering which gym software you should choose? We have carefully analyzed the features that are offered by the most popular solutions for this type of business. With the following overview, you will be able to decide what will work best for your gym or fitness club. 

WodGuruTo10 users always free0-10 users – free
10+ – $119
Gymdesk30 days0-50 users – $75
51-100 users – $100
101-200 users – $150
201-400 users – $200
Vagaro30 days$30 one person and one locationTRUETRUETRUETRUETRUETRUETRUETRUE
TrueCoach x14 days0-5 users – $25,99
6-20 users – $63,99
21-50 users – $128,99
TeamUp14 days0-100 users – $99.
101-200 users – $159.
201-300 users – $189.
301 to 400 users – $219.
401 to 500 users – $249.
501-600 users – $279 .
601+ users – $309.
LegitFit14 daysBasic – $50
Standard – $99
Premium – $159
KicksiteFree 30 min trial0 to 25 members – $45 for Kicksite, the version with the website $210,
26 to 50 members – $85, including the website – $250,
51 to 100 members – $125, solution with website – $290,
above 100 customers – $165; if you opt for a website, the cost rises to $330.
CrossHeroFree trialAround $45 (exactly a 15 euro)TRUETRUETRUETRUETRUETRUETRUETRUE
Zen PlannerFree demo with Zen Planner buisness expertsUp to 45 members: $99/month
46-60 members: $129/month
61-75 members: $149/month
76-100 members: $176/month
101-150 members: $209/month
151-200 members: $227/month
201-250 members: $247/month
251+ members: $267/month
Perfect GymFree demo only with Perfect Gym buisness expertsStudio – 179 euros
Extended – 349 euros
Pro – 449 euros
Global – 575 euros
PushPressFree version up to 100 membertsUp to 100 memebrs – free
medium-sized gyms -$159
large gyms – $229

TOP 15 gym management softwares in 2024

Each system is different – it has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s worthwhile for you to decide on one that will fit your specific needs, but also the expectations of your gym customers. 

1. WodGuru

WodGuru Logo

WodGuru is a software that will assist you in running your own gym in an intuitive, efficient and inexpensive way. With this software system, most of your daily tasks will be automated, improving your marketing, sales, club class registrations or gym recurring payments. 

With WodGuru, you can build a gym schedule and make it available to every person who visits your venue’s website. Easy integration with the system allows you to register a new gym member in seconds. Anyone will be able to sign up, and you will gain new customers.

What else does managing with WodGuru give you? First of all, this efficient CRM system reminds you of what is related to your gym members. So here you have the possibility to:

  • quickly register new members,
  • easily manage the data of existing customers,
  • create an account for children, 
  • check member activity and status, 
  • send personalized SMS or e-mail campaigns. 

The starter package offers features such as information on class changes, including cancellations, rescheduling and membership status.

Want to fill your classes? With WodGuru, you can create a waiting list – these are people who can sign up as reserves for your gym classes. When someone else cancels, they will step in their place. No more cancelled classes and voids!

In addition, WodGuru has a dedicated mobile app that improves the gym experience. More satisfied customers means a better gym! The app allows you to, among other things:

  • quickly sign up for classes, 
  • remind you of your expiring gym membership,
  • get acquainted with the history of workouts, 
  • make payments for a subscription or gym pass.
WodGuru system screen

How much does WodGuru cost? For an account that will be used by a maximum of 10 people – the system is free. Above 10 people WodGuru price increases slightly, but unlike the competition…. really not much! For each additional member you pay $1 per month. So having 14 members – you pay $14, and with 20 members – just $20! How about that? 

It looks even better: the maximum amount you pay for WodGuru is $119! With 110 members – you will pay $110 per month. With 119 – $119, but with 120 or even 250 members, the cost of WodGuru will always be $119. 

What do WodGuru users say about the system? 

Kasia: We have been using the WodGuru software for more than a year and a half and have no intention of changing it. The biggest advantage of this system is its simplicity, lack of unnecessary features that other systems have and that are generally not needed.

Mirella: I sincerely recommend it, it makes my job easier, it makes it easy for clients to book classes and rebook, and it reminds them of payments! Oh, I would forget about the wonderful, caring and patient consultants.

CFR Gym: It works great in the fitness industry, especially when interacting with customers. We didn’t think it could be so easy and fast! WodGuru has everything we need and more! We recommend it to everyone, you won’t regret it! 


  • Maximum accessibility – you will connect to WodGuru from any device, all you need is internet access.
  • Attendance list – you can easily check who is coming to classes, what is the attendance or inebriation among members.
  • Integration with gym card readers, QR code reader/barcode and kiosk check-ins.
  • Ability to sell products and memberships online.
  • Gym recommendation system and discount code offer for gym members.
  • Simple and very intuitive operation system.
  • Smooth payment processing.
  • Perfect as marketing and communication tools.
  • Branded mobile app.
  • Website builder
  • Very low price, also with many members (more than 10) – one of the cheapest gym management software in the US.


  • Reporting and analytics features under development.

2. Gymdesk

Gymdesk Logo

Gymdesk is a gym management software that helps manage administrative activities. The system allows you to manage billing, register new members, or develop your gym in a simplified way, thanks to integrated marketing systems. 

The system is designed for small gyms, trainers and martial arts instructors. Gymdesk’s integrated solution makes it easy to attract, support and retain members at every stage, enabling your gym to grow.

What does Gymdesk offer? First of all, this solution allows you to:

  • manage the gym’s schedule,
  • take control of billing, and gives you the ability to integrate payments
  • track gym members’ attendance and progress,
  • publish your own gym page at no additional cost.

How much does it cost to use Gymdesk?

  • 0-50 users – $75
  • 51-100 users – $100
  • 101-200 users – $150
  • 201-400 users – $200
Gymdesk software screen


  • Exclusive member content
  • Mass member messaging –  you can use it as marketing features
  • Max capacity clasess


  • Free only for 30 testing days

3. Vagaro

Vagaro logo

Vagaro is a platform used to manage, among other things, an online reservation system. It was not created specifically for gyms or fitness clubs, but with beauty and spa salons and the wellness industry in mind. 

It’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to synchronize, among other things, calendars and schedules from the various clubs and gyms you own. Likewise, it has a system for collecting information about clients, memberships, and their packages. The system also has an integrated form of payment processing.

It’s worth remembering that the system is not dedicated to gyms – so there’s no way to check users’ progress or a system for monitoring their subscription payments. Instead, there is a possibility to integrate online bookings with a profile on Instagram and Facebook.

Vagaro software screen

If you only need one calendar with a schedule and access for one person – the cost of Vagaro is $30. For access for more locations, the price increases. For two calendars you need to pay as low as $40 , for 3 – $50.


  • Free transfer from other systems
  • Advanced reports and widgets for businesses
  • Low price


  • Only 1,000 free emails per month
  • No preview of users’ progress
  • Users point out low-quality customer service and technical support

4. My PT Hub

My PT Hub Logo

My PT Hub is a web and mobile application that allows you to manage your gym members, more specifically those who use personal training. It also allows you to create training or nutrition plans that can be customized to suit your clients’ needs. 

The software is mainly aimed at people who are looking for personal training solutions. They’re dedicated to making sure you monitor your training process, track the progress of gym members, or manage your time and resources.

What solutions does My PT Hub offer? This system allows you to support your gym members, regardless of whether they use iOS or Android. One mobile app is convenient for everyone. 

As standard, like other software systems, it has the ability to accept payments, access the class calendar, or track the performance of specific members. Additional options include access to online formula classes from your My PT Hub account. 

My PT Hub software screen

How much does My PT Hub cost? In the form of a flexible subscription with monthly payment, the cost of using the platform is $55. 


  • Integration with Apple Health, Fitbit+ Google Fit
  • Ability to build a personal training app
  • Additional workout plans, templates and track client progress
  • My PT Hub can be integrated with a website


  • Solution dedicated to personal trainers, not gyms
  • No customer database

5. TrueCoach x

Truecoach Logo

TrueCoach is a software system that was designed mainly for personal trainers. It allows streamlining communication with clients, as well as automating processes in mini fitness clubs or small gyms.

The system has a dashboard that allows you to preview members’ progress, check their training or nutrition plan. All contact or payment information is available in one place. 

TrueCoach should be considered more as functional training software than gym software management. It allows you to optimize your workouts to make them more efficient and effective. TrueCoach stands out from other fitness management software because of its personalized approach to online workouts. 

By purchasing a higher package, this simple workout system can be combined with programs such as Apple Health/Apple Watch, Garmin, OURA, Fitbit.

TrueCoach software screen

What additional features does the TrueCoach system have?

  • habit tracking
  • client management
  • compliance tracking
  • custom theming
  • email notifications
  • real-time messaging
  • video exercise library

How much does TrueCoach cost? The solution for up to 5 customers is $25.99 per month. For 20 members – the cost rises to $63.99. The price for up to 50 accesses is $128.99. More than 50 clients? They’ve got special pricing. 


  • Ability to introduce personal training and nutrition coaching
  • Streamlined automatic payments
  • Integrated customer communication
  • Option to connect with Apple Health/Apple Watch, Garmin, OURA, Fitbit


  • Short trial period – only 14 days
  • Hardly intuitive version for computers
  • No training progress monitoring function
  • No online reservations access

6. TeamUp

TeamUp Logo

TeamUp is a software that was created with gym owners, instructors and personal trainers in mind. Its purpose is to provide easier operation when it comes to running this type of place.

What sets TeamUp apart? This software collects gym customer data in one place, allows you to streamline administrative and marketing activities, and optimize the process of selling passes. It simply helps to better manage the gym. 

The system also allows you to make online reservations, as well as build lasting relationships and communication with gym members. It also makes it easy to register new customers, either from a computer or a mobile device. 

TeamUp software screen

What sets TeamUp apart and what features does it have?

  • Ability to create a reserve list.
  • Integration with Zapier, ClassPass, MoveGB, OpenActive and other tools.
  • Option to connect to a website or social media.
  • Sending automatic wiaodmessages.
  • Can be used in several locations – a solution for large gyms.

What is the price of TeamUp? The cost of the application is adjusted according to the number of active customers. 

  • If you have 0 to 100 users – the price is $99 per month. 
  • Have up to 200 customers? You will pay $159. 
  • For 201 to 300 members, the price rises to $189. 
  • From 301 to 400 customers, the cost is $219.
  • From 401 to 500 – $249. 
  • If you have up to 600 members, the cost is $279 per month.
  • If there are more than 601 customers, the price rises to $309. 


  • Simple setup
  • Flexible payment system
  • Automation of access to membership
  • Extensive reporting system


  • High cost

7. LegitFit

LegitFit Logo

LegitFit is a tool that fosters better gym management, in every aspect of the business. Among other things, it allows you to streamline bookings and payments, scale your fitness business, or improve customer service. It’s a popular way to manage gym members. 

The LegitFit system allows gym members to sign up for classes in an online format, and allows for seamless service. In addition, work and class schedules can be linked to your website or social media platforms. 

In addition, LegitFit has personalization capabilities, as well as a mobile app that can always be used. The booking system is relatively friendly and easy to use. It is also possible to customize features for a specific gym.

LegitFit, like WodGuru, has automatic waiting lists. They give you the opportunity to add yourself to a waiting list for a class. When someone cancels attendance, another person will be able to enter in their place.

LegitFit software screen

What solutions does LegitFit have? Among others, systems like:

  • Gym customer management
  • Payment monitoring
  • Business analysis
  • Schedule management
  • Access to the gym’s schedule

What is the cost of LegitFit? The LITE version costs $50 per month and has only basic access to the app. The slightly more extensive STANDARD version costs $99 per month. For the PREMIUM version you have to pay $159 per month, and the most extended version is $325. 


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Dedicated membership application
  • Payment management – including cash in the Premium version
  • Ability to prepare reports


  • No monthly summary

8. Kicksite

Kicksite Logo

Kicksite is a software management solution primarily used for fitness clubs and martial arts schools. It allows you to track members, enter class schedules, monitor financial settlements and communicate with customers. 

It enables you to build your own website and get customers directly from it, offering, among other things, dedicated forms for soliciting potential customers. Kicksite allows members to register for events or sports classes. In addition, members can also have ongoing access to training videos. 

What you need to know – Kicksite is not a software solution designed with gyms in mind. It’s primarily a software solution for martial arts-related businesses. 

What are the popular features?

  • Member Portal
  • Attendance log
  • Attendance check-in
  • Invoices
Kicksite software screen

The price of this solution varies greatly. One can opt for the Kicksite software only or use the extended version together with the website. Costs vary depending on the number of users and apply to variants with monthly payment:

  • 0 to 25 members – $45 for Kicksite, the version with the website $210,
  • 26 to 50 members – $85, including the website – $250, 
  • 51 to 100 members – $125, solution with website – $290,
  • above 100 customers – $165; if you opt for a website, the cost rises to $330. 


  • Ability to build a website directly with the help of Kicksite
  • Automation of sending messages to customers


  • Price of the software along with the website
  • Solution dedicated to martial arts schools, not adapted to the needs of gyms

9. CrossHero

Croshero Logo

CrossHero is a solution that is called an all-in-one system. It allows you to bring automation to everyday tasks at your gym. This saves time, makes registration work easier, and increases customer satisfaction – just like at WodGuru. 

The system was created with sports studios, fitness specialists, gym managers or people who run Pilates studios, yoga academies or boxing schools in mind. It is mainly dedicated to gyms that are run in Latin American countries.

What does the CrossHero system allow? As part of the co-partnership, you can count on features such as:

  • membership billing
  • collection of online payments
  • managing class reservations
  • use of the class schedule
  • application for mobile devices
CrossHero software screen

To start the trial period, you will have to wait to be contacted by a CrossHero representative. There is no way to test the system yourself. 

How much does the CrossHero system cost? The monthly fee is fixed – regardless of the number of customers. However, the price varies depending on the country in which Crosshero is to be introduced. 

  • Spain*, Portugal and Bulgaria €69.00 (Euro)
  • Bolivia b$350 BOB (boliviano)
  • Brazil R$99.00 BRL (Reais)
  • Colombia $180,000 COP (peso)
  • Costa Rica $33,000 CRC (colon)
  • Chile $50,000 CLP (peso)
  • Ecuador $56.00 USD (Dollar)
  • Argentina $24.99 (Dollar)
  • Mexico 1210.00 MXN (peso)
  • Paraguay 350,000 ₲ PYG (Guarani).
  • Uruguay $U1,800.00 UYU (Peso)
  • Peru S/.190.00 PEN (Sol)
  • Venezuela $45.00 USD (Dollar)

For other countries, you need to check prices at support@crosshero.com


  • Fixed price regardless of the number of members
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Extensive form to start a trial period
  • Users note lack of goals for customers

10. Exercise.com

Exercise.com Logo

Exercise.com is one of the most extensive and popular software management options for gyms. It allows you to plan the better work of the business, monitor financial issues, and also take care of the marketing of the gym. 

The system provides a full CRM that allows you to easily contact your gym customers. It allows you to automatically send emails or text messages, boosting member engagement. 

Among the most interesting features of the platform are:

  • online booking capability
  • remote door access
  • e-sign waivers & contracts
  • full automations for gyms
  • employee management
  • member management

In addition, Exercise.com has amenities that gym customers appreciate. With the help of the mobile app, they can create their own workout plans, record exercises, collect the results of their exercises, track habits or monitor progress. It’s also possible to make purchases of training plans or online workouts.

The system has a similar solution to WodGuru, meaning access to an online reservation system, as well as the ability to remotely access the gym door. Gym members can check in automatically, thanks to access to their Kisi card. 

Exercise.com software screen

Exercise.com’s pricing is tailored individually to the needs of the business. So you need to contact a software representative first to get information about costs and the full offer. We obtained information that the software price starts at $239/month.  


  • One of the most popular solutions in the US
  • Remote door access for gyms, fitness studios, sports facilities and fitness companies
  • Ability to expand offerings to include selling online workouts or training plans, among other things
  • Option to create custom fitness applications, including dashboards or reports dedicated to a specific facility
  • Creation of websites dedicated to fitness
  • Configuration with analytics tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console


  • High initial price of the software – $239/month
  • Site can be misleading – to get much information, such as a trial period or pricing, you need to contact a chat

11. GymMaster

GymMaster Logo

GymMaster is a software system that is designed to manage gym and fitness club members. It works well as comprehensive management, anywhere where the facility, employees, marketing and all financial issues are needed. 

It has a convenient solution for members, which is remote access to the doors of the building. Thanks to the app and Bluetooth, your gym customers have access to the gym or club 24 hours per day. So there is no need to invest in a reception desk and additional employees. 

Want to hire fewer people, including reducing marketing staff? GymMaster prides itself on using member communication based on integration with ChatGPT. 

What other add-ons does GymMaster have?

  • integrated billing and payment processing
  • the ability to sell products online
  • member management, including online registrations
  • ability to make online class reservations
  • automation of marketing activities
  • full integration with the website
GymMaster software screen

How much does the GymMaster cost? The price varies widely. It all depends on whether you want to opt for just the software or also remote access to the gym door. 

  • 0-100 users – $89; with door access – $129. 
  • 101-400 users – $129; with door access – $169. 
  • 401-1300 users – $209; with door access – $249. 


  • Remote access to the front door for members, thanks to the app and Bluetooth
  • Software integration with artificial intelligence
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Difficult to integrate from other systems
  • No dedicated hosting options
  • No sla agreements & rfp

12. ClubRight

ClubRight Logo

ClubRight is a software management system designed to eliminate unnecessary paperwork or difficulties in the day-to-day running of a gym. It also helps simplify payments, manage gym members. It provides the ability to book classes online. 

The system also promotes itself as a tool to attract new potential customers. It allows you to customize the sales funnel to take care of customers at every stage of the relationship with your gym. In addition, ClubRight can also be integrated with your gym or club’s website.

This system is dedicated primarily to:

  • gyms, 
  • martial arts clubs, 
  • boxing clubs, 
  • fitness clubs,
  • health clubs,
  • social & enthusiast clubs,
  • boutique fitness clubs,
  • sports clubs,
  • personal trainers.

Like WodGuru, ClubRight has the ability to access the gym remotely. What does this mean? Members can use the club without someone at the front desk – all they need is a QR code reader and a membership app. 

Club Right software screen

What is the price of the ClubRight system? The Core version containing basic capabilities costs £69 per month. The Complete version, which has extensions including a new member referral system, workflow automation and reservation management, costs £119 per month. 


  • No contracts
  • Unlimited number of users


  • No free push notifications,multi-site access, staff payroll reports in the basic version
  • No option to pay for the system in USD

13. Zen Planner

Zen Planner Logo

Zen Planner is a gym management software aimed at efficient member management, automated marketing and sales of passes or subscriptions, easy billing and payments. With integrated marketing, increased retention and member self-service capabilities, you can (as with all gym software) spend less time behind a desk and more time on business development.

In addition, Zen Planner is available in mobile form for members, making it easy, among other things, to sign up for classes at any time. 

What features does Zen Planner have? 

  • Member & Staff Management
  • Payments & Billing
  • Websites & Digital Marketing
  • CRM & Marketing Automation
  • Member Retention & Communications
  • Workout, Belt & Skill Tracking
  • Community Building
  • Branded Member App
  • 2-way SMS and Email
Zen Planner software screen

How much do you have to pay to use Zen Planner? Prices start at $99, but increase depending on the number of members who will use this software system. 

  • Up to 45 members: $99/month 
  • 46-60 members: $129/month 
  • 61-75 members: $149/month 
  • 76-100 members: $176/month 
  • 101-150 members: $209/month 
  • 151-200 members: $227/month 
  • 201-250 members: $247/month 
  • 251+ members: $267/month


  • Remote access to the front door for members
  • No contracts or hidden costs
  • 2-way communication system


  • High price, which increases with the number of users

14. Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym Logo

Perfect Gym is a platform that delivers open source software for fitness and gyms. It is advertised as a system that streamlines all operations while improving the satisfaction level of your facility’s customers. 

Like any such solution, Perfect Gym offers the possibility of, among other things, integrating payments or access to various features to improve facility management. Perfect Gym lists the following as its main advantages:

  • maximization of revenues
  • reducing operating costs of the gym
  • increasing retention
  • bringing business to a new digital level

Among the available solutions that Perfect Gym offers like a complete CRM tool to manage sales processes, the possibility to introduce a customized customer panel, or access to mobile palliation. In addition, Perfect Gym, like WodGuru, offers the possibility of remote access to the gym from within the app. 

Perfect Gym software screen

In addition, Perfect Gym has the ability to increase business automation, offering the ability to send personalized emails, or SMS alerts. It allows you to manage your club, also giving you access to the ability to book classes online. 

A demo version is available by appointment with a specialist. Four paid versions of this system are available. 

  • For the studio version, you have to pay from 179 euros. 
  • The extended version starts at 349 euros and includes an additional integrated marketing module and self-service access to the gym panel. 
  • The professional version starts at 449 euros and also includes access to the corporate portal and API integration.
  • The most expensive solution is dedicated to global fitness chains and costs from 575 euros upwards.


  • Remote access to the front door for members
  • Developed CRM system
  • Modern gym management software


  • Price very high at each level
  • No demo version for free review
  • Prices quoted only in euros

15. PushPress

PushPress Logo

PushPress is a platform designed to help gym and fitness facility owners run their day-to-day business. Like WodGuru, PushPress provides access to tools for managing classes, including scheduling, but also for taking payments, tracking attendance or managing customers.

The software system offers the function of selling merchandise and products (POS) to all those who are in the gym. Thus, it allows you to earn additional income from the sale of, for example, gyms, drinks or supplements. It supports multiple payment methods and also has a self-service checkout mode. 

In addition, PushPress has the ability to display customer data directly on the screens that are located in the gym. This is possible, thanks to integration with Amazon Fire Stick. The solution also supports integration with third-party systems such as Slack, Facebook, Google, Xero, WordPress and more.

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How much does PushPress cost? There is a free business account, dedicated to small gyms up to 100 members and two staff members. For medium-sized gyms and studios focused on process development and improvement, the price is $159 – for an unlimited number of members and 15 staff. The price for large gyms is $229. This version is unlimited for both members and staff. 


  • self-service checkout mode
  • integration with Amazon Fire Stick
  • possibility to integrate with Slack, WordPress, Xero and Facebook


  • not very extensive reporting system
  • unintuitive system interface
  • no payroll and external integrations in free version 

The importance of choosing the best software for gym management

Encourage you to explore the topic further and choose the best system for your particular gym. What do you need to remember?

Selecting the best software for gym management is essential for optimizing operations, improving member experience, and driving business growth. By considering factors such as efficiency, data management, financial management, scalability, integration, security, and support, gym owners can make an informed decision that aligns with their business goals and requirements.

Final Thoughts

  • Choosing the right 2024 gym management system requires careful analysis – check all the available options and consider the pros and cons, and don’t go by price alone
  • Before signing a contract, check whether it includes additional costs
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to consultants – at WodGuru it is possible to consult and suggest adding new solutions to the system that are not currently included in the package
  • Choose an application whose interface suits your needs, and one where you can count on customer service support
  • Consider whether all the add-ons that a particular solution offers are necessary for you. While combining a system with remote drop-ins is convenient, when running a gym you don’t need to invest in selling diets or fight club solutions, for example. 


Can I customize the best gym management software to fit my specific business needs?

Yes, many gym management software solutions offer customization options to fit your specific business needs. The gym management system like WodGuru often comes with a range of features that can be tailored to your requirements. 

Graphic communicating the benefits of recommending WodGuru to more clubs

Using these customization options, you can choose the best gym management software for your specific business needs, ensuring that it is closely aligned with your operational requirements, brand preferences and growth goals.

How important are integrations in gym management software?

Integrations play a key role in gym management software for several reasons. First and foremost – it reduces the costs and risks that come with running a business of this type. 

Gym management software integrations with other tools and systems, such as payment processors, access control systems and accounting software, streamlines operations by eliminating manual data entry and ensuring seamless communication between different platforms. 

How to find the best gym management software?

Managed gym software ensures real-time synchronization of financial data, providing owners with an accurate view of their financial performance and cash flow.

Additionally, they streamline operations, improve member experience, improve data accuracy, facilitate effective financial management, enable scalability, enable data analysis and reporting, and provide a competitive advantage in the fitness industry.

Will the best gym management software help improve client satisfaction?

Yes, using gym management software can help improve customer satisfaction in several ways:

  • it provides easier use of the gym, with a simple system for booking classes or paying online;
  • gym members can conveniently manage workouts or their exercise programs;
  • management software gives access to important information such as class schedules, equipment availability or personal training sessions;
  • the software can automatically send notifications and reminders to clients about upcoming classes, club events, important payment deadlines;
  • some systems offer loyalty program features that reward customers for regular use of gym services;
  • integrating with a mobile app allows members to easily book classes, track their progress, and make payments from their smartphones. This improves member engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates.
How to find the best gym management software?

What is the best software for a new gym?

Choosing the best software for a new gym depends on a number of factors, including budget, club size, operational needs, staffing preferences and business goals.

WodGuru is a comprehensive fitness club management software that includes online reservations, class management, remote payments, marketing, data analysis and more. It’s scalable, meaning it can support both small and large gyms. 

WodGuru is a recommended club management system.

You get an unlimited trial! Register your account and see how WodGuru can help you run your club.

Optimize your gym income with WodGuru

In addition, you have the option of a full program if up to 10 people use the system. The price increases proportionally – $1 per member, with a maximum cost per WodGuru…. $119! That is, having 15 members – the price is $15, and at 150 – it is $119! 

What is the best software for a boxing gym?

When choosing software dedicated to a boxing gym, bet on something that will meet the niche. Some software solutions are designed specifically for boxing gyms and offer features tailored to their unique requirements, such as class scheduling, member management, athlete profiles and specialized reports. 

But you can also opt for more comprehensive software that offers solutions that are both good for classic gyms and those with a boxing focus. Opt for WodGuru, which gives you the ability to schedule classes, book appointments and manage members.

What is the best boutique fitness studio software?

WodGuru is a comprehensive fitness studio management software that caters to the needs of boutique fitness studios, gyms and personal trainers. It offers features such as class scheduling, member management, payment processing, mobile apps, marketing automation and reporting. 

Additionally, WodGuru is known for its user-friendly interface and customizable solutions tailored to the unique needs of fitness businesses. If you run a boutique gym, you’ll appreciate the ability to create reserve lists for classes, so you’ll have a chance to always have a full room during Zumba, Pilates or yoga workouts. 

How to find the best gym management software?

What is the best gym booking system?

It is difficult to say unequivocally which system is the best. Each of the solutions available on the market – including the most popular ones – has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

WodGuru has one advantage – people who listen to the needs of gym owners. If you’re missing a solution, all you have to do is speak up, and Tom will certainly consider introducing such a feature. 

Moreover, WodGuru is a gym management tool that offers features such as reservations, payments, marketing, membership management and more. It has exactly the same capabilities as Zen Planner, Perfect Gym or Excersice.com. 

Before making a decision, it’s a good idea to do thorough market research, test different options and consult with other gym owners that can have valuable insights. Ask also your gym staff to find out which software best suits your venue’s needs.

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