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wod guru is the best

Gym management software.

We accelerate and automate the work of your gym.
You can save 25 minutes on each member, monthly.
The most recommended software on the market.

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We save you an average of 25 minutes per gym member per month!

Super easy to use

Business owners don't like complex tools. We know that! That is why WodGuru keeps things simple. Waay simpler, than other tools on the market.

Point of sale

Our easy to use point of sale app, can be easily integrated with hardware. As a main part of the platform allows your crew to manage user base, inventory and trigger transactions.

Mobile app for members

App can be used by you and your members. You can easily manage whole gym in your phone. Your members can sign up for classes, track their fitness, pay for membership and see whole transaction history.


WodGuru is accessible from every device connected to internet. That is why, wherever you are, you have full control over your gym.

Member self-service

You can easily integrate WodGuru within your website. Your new members can create account, register to classes and pay for their membership directly from your website.

Money saving

We take a lot of stuff from your plate. How? We automate your tasks. We ask your members to do things by themselves, not bothering you.

Automatyzacja emaili i smsów

Paragony online

Automatyzacja zapisów i wypisów


Integracja z www

Płatności online

Najlepszy support!

Automatyzacja sprzedaży

System poleceń

Programowanie treningów

Grafik online

Listy zadań

Dostęp z telefonu

Sprzedaż, magazyny, faktury

Kody rabatowe

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We are the most frequently recommended gym software around! favorite
Gracja, Oops!! Studio Fitness
"I was very skeptical about the new booking system for our club, but after I had my first conversation with Tomek - the owner - I was sure I wanted it! The application and website are so easy, transparent, intuitive and have everything we need at Oops! And also... when you download your club's app, instead of the WodGuru logo, you have yours! We are delighted! 😍"

Gracja, Oops!! Studio Fitness

Marcel, CrossFit 3Miasto
"I've been working with Wodguru for about a year, and I have to admit that this system is a bull's eye for my club! I was afraid of migrating from the old system, I was afraid that customers would not switch - it went smoothly, customers are satisfied with the app for booking classes, notifications, waitlist, and the possibility of buying tickets to workshops. The fitness market is developing, and WodGuru is developing with it, and thus it responds to the needs of clubs like mine. I recommend it a lot!"

Marcel, CrossFit 3Miasto

Michał, Training Port
"We have been using WodGuru as Training Port for a short time, but we had contact with it before and I knew from the beginning that it was the perfect choice. The system is super intuitive and easy to use when working at reception and also when you are a club member. Huge 👍 for help and support from the administrators! They are always happy to help if a problem or doubt arises. What's more, they accept suggestions and actually put them into practice 😁 If you run a fitness club or similar business, look no further 😉"

Michał, Training Port

Asia, Harmonia Studio
"I am the owner of an intimate training studio. I was looking for an easy-to-use reception program. I found WodGuru ❤️ I knew from the first telephone conversation with Tomek that this is what I am looking for! Useful functions, continuous program improvements, customer satisfaction, but most of all the certainty that Tomek is waiting for you on the other side, who will quickly, with a great deal of patience and with full commitment and professionalism answer all your questions and solve your doubts (and often will also do something for you). Thank you, for all your help ❤️ And for WodGuru ❤️"

Asia, Harmonia Studio

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wodguru gym management software capterra reviews wodguru gym management software g2 reviews wodguru gym management software facebook reviews