Advertising your club – 4 creative campaigns from the fitness industry that have been successful

Thoughtful and creative advertising of your club is undoubtedly an investment that will increase membership sales.

There are many ways to launch products and services. Especially in today’s digital world, they can be promoted in a variety of ways. However, the first step to creating the perfect marketing campaign is always:

  • understanding the needs of the consumers of your products and services
  • finding out what makes you better than your competitors.

You certainly want your target consumers to find out about you as soon as possible. Therefore, giving attention and time to promotion is just as important as creating an offer.

Why is it important to advertise your club?

Clubs are competing with each other for customers’ attention. They want to reach customers with a product that will interest them. Supporting such activities are various marketing strategies. It is worth using these to attract the interest of your audience. By combining advertising, for example in Google Ads, with social media marketing, you can significantly increase your reach in a short period of time. Ads effectively complement the organic traffic on your website, providing you with potential customers.

Some examples of the best advertising campaigns in the fitness industry

You don’t always need a large advertising budget. There are many different advertisements in the fitness industry that have been memorable to the audience. Here are a few of them – you can be inspired to create your own effective advertisements for your club or its individual products and services:

„Commit To Something” – (Equinox)

More and more fitness brands are trying to inspire people to embrace fitness as a lifestyle. Equinox created a powerful campaign in 2017 that focused on a topic rarely discussed before. The adverts showed a theme of personal engagement and aimed to inspire people to discover their potential. It looked as follows:

Instead of slim models and muscular models, the Blink Fitness club chain showed its regular club members in the advert. Each of them was very natural and proved that every size and look is OK. Their slogan – Every Body Happy – showed that being healthy does not mean the same thing for everyone. This is one positive example of fitness industry advertising that you can take inspiration from for your campaigns. Watch now:

Double Crane Construction Site – (Powerhouse Gym)

Powerhouse Gym created a clever advertising campaign in which graphics were thematically linked to the infrastructure they were on. This required marketing aligned with the management of construction projects and construction accounting services. and Billboards were hung, among other things, on buildings that had just been constructed. Next to them, for example, there was very often a crane, which was used as an eye-catching element. The combination gave the impression of a great bodybuilder using it to perform a workout on the machines. The advertising was extremely creative and attracted huge media attention. A sample graphic looked like this:


Before / After – (

Simplicity above all. Creating such graphics probably took a few seconds. What is different is the development of the idea, which is the most important thing here. The brilliant illustration contained only two words – ‘before’ and ‘after’ – which were separated by a curved line. The message was very clear and suggestive.

Advertising your club – summary

While creating advertising for your club, try to keep it simple. We have shown you in the examples above that simplicity does not always mean a lack of creativity. Advertising should allow your brand to shine and provoke your audience to think.

Therefore, always make sure that your advertising is well tailored to your business goals while creating a campaign. This will make it more effective and you will get better results.

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