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wod guru Optymalizator zapisów na zajęcia

Optymalizator zapisów na zajęcia

Ten bezpłatny ebook pomoże Ci zwiększyć liczbę rezerwacji na zajęcia, jednocześnie oszczędzając Twój cenny czas każdego dnia!

*Only for gym owners!

W tym ebooku znajdziesz 5 prostych trików, dzięki którym:

• Nie przegapisz już żadnej wiadomości od klienta

• Zwiększysz liczbę rezerwacji na zajęcia w Twoim klubie

• Odzyskasz mnóstwo czasu, który codziennie poświęcasz na ręczne ogarnianie zapisów

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Thanks to WodGuru, my clients can sign up at any time of the day or night!
Ania, PasjaMojaiTy.plAnia, PasjaMojaiTy.pl
What a fantastic app! I love it, my clients can now sign up and sign out of classes easily! Thanks to WodGuru, they can do it at any time of the day or night - and you, as the person running the club, do not you have to worry about the list of attendance. Everything happens automatically here! The app is very helpful, you can use many other functions, such as selling your products online. And again, it all happens automatically and you get noticed about everything via @ or in the app directly. If you are still wondering whether it is worth trying, my answer is a big YES! Do not hesitate no more, because time is money - and you can use this time for much more pleasant things than sitting in front of a spreadsheet as it was in my case ;)
It makes booking classes and changing reservations easier for the client
Mirella, 2B StudioMirella, 2B Studio
I'm surprised how well it works! WodGuru responds to all of my yogis' needs and mediates the client-studio contact. Thanks to WodGuru, I spend less time responding to yogis: is there room for class? What if I am joining in the middle of the month? Who is conducting the class today? I sincerely recommend it, it makes my work easier, it makes booking classes and changing reservations easier for the client, and also reminds them about payments! Oh, and I would forget about the wonderful, caring and patient consultants - thanks to them the software was introduced without any problems ❤️ Thank you!
Customers are satisfied with booking classes app!
Marcel, CrossFit 3MiastoMarcel, CrossFit 3Miasto
I've been working with Wodguru for about a year, and I have to admit that this software is a bull's eye for my club! I was afraid of migrating from the old system, I was afraid that customers would not switch - it went smoothly, customers are satisfied with our booking classes app, notifications, waitlist, and the possibility of buying tickets to workshops. The fitness market is developing, and WodGuru is developing with it, and thus it responds to the needs of clubs like mine. I recommend it a lot!
WodGuru is regularly checking up on the users' needs and implementing them
Kalami, Holy Movement StudioKalami, Holy Movement Studio
What I like the most about WodGuru, is that you can quickly communicate with the support through chat and get answers to your questions almost right away. The app is very easy and intuitive for signing up for group classes and personal trainings. Also, the system is constantly developing, adding new functionalities and realistically checking up on the users' needs and then implementing them. This is a huge plus! 
It makes the work you need to do on the system much nicer, and customers also praise the system for its ease of use. 
Highly recommending! 🤗
Receptionist costs are in my pocket and I have more time to train people!
Justyna, Klub Fitness FiguraJustyna, Klub Fitness Figura
WodGuru is the best thing that could have happened to me as a club owner and instructor at the same time! Constant calls, texts, messenger, registration for classes, signouts... it was too much stress. And now WodGuru has saved my time and money!!! Clients sign up, sign out 😁 I know how many clients I have in class, I know what database I have, how many clients go to the club. Receptionist costs are in my pocket and I have more time to train people and enjoy my passion for fitness!!! WodGuru is the system your club needs immediately!!! 😁💪💪💪
WodGuru is a game changer on the market! 🔥
Paweł Krajewski, MMA Academy KrakówPaweł Krajewski, MMA Academy Kraków
I have been using the WodGuru platform daily for managing my MMA gym, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance. 🔥 The platform is incredibly easy to use, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Setting up everything took me just a few hours, which is a significant time saver compared to the weeks it would have taken with other vendors. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make managing gym operations effortless. Scheduling classes, tracking attendance, and managing memberships are all streamlined, allowing me to focus more on training and less on administrative tasks. The support team is also responsive and helpful, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed. Overall, WodGuru has been a game-changer for my gym, simplifying complex processes and enhancing overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any gym owner looking for a reliable and easy-to-use management solution.

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