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wodguru features

You will pay 0.79€ per member, monthly.

The maximum price is 99€.

The price includes whole software, no limits.

• If you run your gym on different software, we will help with data migration.

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• Free, below 10 clients.

• Phone and chat support.

• No usage limits.

• No payments during facility inactivity.

ROI Calculator

With members.
We will save you hours monthly.
WodGuru cost is .

We calculated that with WodGuru an average time saving on each member is 30 minutes monthly.

How? Simply by automating a lot of stuff for you. Member registration, email communication, sign ups management and many more.

How much hours of your time is worth?

We can bet, that hours is way more valuable than , because with members this is what WodGuru will cost you.

And on top of that time saving part, you get amazing software which is easy to use, it is fast as hell and your members will love it!

We are convinced, it is worth it :) Our beloved clients as well!

You are not? Creating WodGuru account and trying us out doesn't cost you anything. Go for it!

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