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wodguru features

Your gym, on autopilot

Tasks automation

There’s no need to remember sending all those messages to your club members. Don't worry about birthday wishes or payment reminders, etc – we’ll handle it for you. And on top of that, we’ll streamline:

• Marketing & sales automation.

• Automated recurring payments.

• Automatic signups.

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Dedicated Mobile App

Deliver an unmatched customer experience. Let each client sign up for classes and pay for online membership quickly via your own mobile app. And remind them about you every time they look at their phone and see your app on the screen. 😊 Make using the app a breeze with:

• Customizable app name and icon.

• Accessibility for every member.

• Easy sign-ups for classes.

• Helpful notifications about an expiring gym membership.

• Online payments.

• Workouts history.

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Website integration

Update your schedule and make it always available to anyone visiting your website. Thanks to integration with WodGuru, you help potential clients register at your club within a few seconds. Also, website integration helps avoid typos in new clients' data (which often happens during manual registration). Boost member satisfaction with:

Membership purchase - allow people to sign up and buy a membership directly from your website.

> See an example

Registration form - let every new lead sign up for classes directly from your webpage.

> See an example

Schedule - share an always-up-to-date schedule on your website, social media, or wherever you are in touch with your members.

> See an example

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Stay on top of things with a CRM system! Let it remind you about important things to do regarding your gym members, e.g. birthday discounts or special prices on products or classes. With the WodGuru CRM solution, you take care of:

• Easy member registration and management.

• Accounts for children.

• Activity and member status updates.

• Personalized communication email campaigns, SMSes, and announcements.

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Attendance list

Let your gym members know if classes get canceled, rescheduled, or have a new instructor. Also, attendance lists let you know which classes your club’s members enjoy the most. Additionally, with attendance lists, you can:

• Control class turnout at ease.

• Verify which members have expired memberships.

• Easily cancel or reschedule classes and notify your members.

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Take the hassle out of reception work! Thanks to this feature, selling memberships and products is simple and intuitive. You'll love how easy and enjoyable it is to take care of customers and your gym! WodGuru allows you to:

• Sell products and memberships.

• Issue invoices.

• Run storage.

• Integrate with gym card readers.

• Offer discount codes.

• Develop a gym recommendation system.

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Amazing support

We are well known for amazing contact with all of the gyms and fitness clubs that we work with. Read our testimonials.

WodGuru is created by people like you! Let's talk about your ideas and how we can help you turn them into reality.

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