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wodguru features

We will automate the way your gym works!


Because you do not need to remember about sending all those messages to your club members. Let us send the birthday wishes, payment reminders etc. for you!

• Marketing & sales automation.

• Automated recurring payments.

• Automated signups.

• You will save a lot of time with us!

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Dedicated Mobile App

Let your gym members make your work easier! Give each of your client a way to easily sign up for classes and pay for a membership online. And make them remember about you every time they look at their phone and see your app on the screen. 😊

• App with your icon and name.

• Accessible for every member.

• Easy classes signups.

• Notifications about the ending ticket.

• Online payments.

• Workouts history.

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Integrate with your website

Make your current schedule always available to anyone visiting your website. Help your potential clients register in your club within a few seconds. Avoid typos in new clients' data (it really happens a lot if you're busy at reception and manually register new members).

Membership purchase: people can sign up and buy membership directly from your website.

> Example

Registration form: using WodGuru, every new lead, can sign up for classes directly from your website.

> Example

Schedule: on your website or facebook page, you can share always-up-to-date schedule.

> Example

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To make you and your team always remember about your tasks. To let the system remind you about important things to do - e.g. to check on a client who is skipping trainings a little too often.

• Easy members registration and management.

• Kids accounts.

• Stay up-to-date with the activity and status of your members.

• Communicate with your members using personalized e-mail campaigns, smses and announcements.

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Attendance list

To help you quickly notify your club members about the change of time, coach or cancellation of classes. To let you know immediately who is already inside your club and who you are still waiting for to come. And, to give you info about which of your classes are the most popular in your club.

• Easy control on classes attendance.

• Check which of the present members has not valid membership.

• Cancel classes with one-click and inform your members about it.

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To make work at the reception desk a piece of cake! To make selling memberships and products simple and intuitive, and to really make your work easy and fun.

• Sell products and memberships.

• Invoicing.

• Running a storage.

• Integration with club card readers and fiscal printers.

• Discount codes.

• Gym recommendation system.

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Amazing support

We are well known from amazing contact with all our gyms. Check our testimonials.

WodGuru is created by people like you! Let's talk about your ideas, we will quickly implement them.

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