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Life is simply better with WodGuru

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Natalia YogaNatalia Yoga
I recommend WodGuru! It's a tool that has all the necessary features to run your business!
WodGuru has all features I need, and it's iOS compatible!
Zosia, To YogaZosia, To Yoga
When opening my yoga studio (2 months ago), I knew that the key would be a good software that would take care of everything for me. Thinking that I found the perfect one, it turned out that I did not (thankfully before using it for real). And all of a sudden WodGuru has it all, super important to me was that it's iOS compatible. You can connect a fiscal printer, there is full automation, i.e. in addition to the newsletter option, where you can indicate that you want to send an e-mail to users, e.g. only those who have an active memebership, then canceling classes - an e-mail is sent to the saved people immediately. The fact that you just click on a member's profile and you can check everything they do in the studio, whether they regularly attend one class or try different ones. This is also a great option, because you can add notes to each person and check before class whether someone has, for example, a knee problem, etc. Generally, I feel that it is good that I chose this software, because if something goes wrong, I can write to Aneta and I have an answer right away 🙂 WodGuru listens and reacts.
Customers no longer cancel their booking an hour before the scheduled start, which was notoriously abused before.
Ewelina, Dom Fitnessu Studio TreninguEwelina, Dom Fitnessu Studio Treningu
At first, I used a simple paper list to keep records of signups for classes. It used to take me a lot of time. I was constantly getting phone calls to sign in and out someone from class. I wasted a lot of energy and time. Thanks to WodGuru, records are kept online. I know how many people I will have in the classes. Clients can easily book it and cancel from classes the day before (according to the rules of the studio). Customers no longer cancel their booking an hour before the scheduled start, which was notoriously abused before. They know that if they have committed to sing up, they must attend the class. It is also an additional motivation for regular training and not looking for constant excuses. Summing it up, I highly recommend WodGuru!
I have been using WodGuru for several months… amazing. Simple, intuitive, easy. The biggest advantage? People! Full support and help from the very beginning. I recommend it to any size fitness business - the big and the small ones.
Automation presented by WodGuru is an amazing solution!
Karol, Hobbit MiniGymKarol, Hobbit MiniGym
I’ve been using WodGuru for several months now. Initially I was looking for an app that is going to help me automate registration for classes as much as possible. And here I’ve found it! I was also able to quickly and easily create a schedule in the system that is very clear to customers. Additionally, thanks to WodGuru, I introduced an online membership sales system, which made registration much easier for customers. I would highly recommend for anyone considering it! 💪🏻
Everything is clear!
Marta, Moyo Studio BydgoszczMarta, Moyo Studio Bydgoszcz
We chose WodGuru for several reasons: 1. What is easy for us is how to use the system, how easily our member's data can be changed, added or modified. The system could work even better, it has a few gaps, but for such basic management it is perfect 2. We can easily communicate with members thanks to messages in the app as well as e-mails, which e.g. remind us that we will see each other in classes in a moment 3. When members buy memberships for selected classes, they only see those classes on the schedule, which makes it easier for them to manage their training sessions and it is also easier for us to determine which classes are the most popular. 4. Members also have the opportunity to unsubscribe from classes and sign up for another day, which makes us more flexible in the eyes of the client, and we cater for the fact that sometimes something comes up for them. 5. Thanks to WG, it is also easier for us to monitor sales. Customers also highly appreciate the transparency and easy access to the app. Everything is clear to them. And often this is not the first system they use.
Online payments are a great convenience!
Sylwia Horodeńska, N50Sylwia Horodeńska, N50
I recommend WodGuru, we have been working on it since May 2021. ✅ Selling memberships is very easy, and there is a very clear interface for the reception - no more mistakes! 👏 ✅ Online payments are a great convenience. Payments by bank transfer and card. ✅ Online booking is a blessing, easy to use for customers of all ages. Reservation for new and existing club members - no problem 👌 The waitlist is a great option as well as the automatic cancellation of classes below a certain number of people. ✅ We tested the program, and although I was already convinced, I made sure that this is what we need.
Kuba, CrossBox Thunder NysaKuba, CrossBox Thunder Nysa
We have been using the WodGuru app practically from the very beginning of its existence on the Polish market. Throughout all those years, we never thought of changing it to any other system. Reliable and very easy to use, it has all the necessary functions to run the club. We highly recommend it!
Dawid, CF ZawiercieDawid, CF Zawiercie
We have been looking for a software for a long time. At the end we decided to go with WodGuru – it was an excelent choice, as it is the best app on the market. Easy to use, very functional and constantly improving based on our feedback. Their support is just amazing! We are not able to describe all the cons of the software, you need to try it on your own. Highly recommended!
Łukasz, GymBox OpoleŁukasz, GymBox Opole
I run a crossfit club. The system works very efficiently and works with my fiscal printer without any complaints. The most important thing is customer service, which responds very quickly to comments and suggestions.
I definitely saved a lot of time!
Basia, Za PsemBasia, Za Psem
I have been using WodGuru for several months now. The services offered by this registration system have greatly improved work in my company. I definitely saved a lot of time. The system allows you to set a class schedule and memberships to suit your needs. Additionally, contact with admins is wonderful! They always answer, quickly and reliably.
A great softwar for Krav Maga club management
Michał, Akademia Akcji i ReakcjiMichał, Akademia Akcji i Reakcji
A great software for Krav Maga club management. Very helpful when it comes to any questions we have and with all the issues. Which is simply why I highly recommend it to everyone who runs a small and medium-sized club 🙂
Asia, BeautyFlyAsia, BeautyFly
I have been cooperating with Tomek and WodGuru for 2 years - since I opened my small, intimate fitness club. Someone recommended the system on Facebook, and on day 2 I had an appointment with Tomek. He presented everything to me thoroughly and until now he answers every question very quickly, helps and advises me whenever I need it. Tomek is constantly improving the system, making my work even easier. WodGuru does a lot for me and thanks to this I am able to run the entire club, classes and sales by myself. The application is also very readable for customers of all ages. If anyone is considering working with WodGuru, I highly recommend it! It was one of the best decisions for me :)
WodGuru beats the competition!
Marcin, EMS EkspertMarcin, EMS Ekspert
I've been using WodGuru for a year now, and after many years of experience with other platforms of this type; when it comes to functionality, WodGuru beats the competition! 🔥 Very quick and concrete contact, full support, online payments and a transparent application for the client is what makes me recommend it to anyone who runs gym or fitness club!😁😁
Clarity of how much your invoice will be
Patrycja, Dance-artPatrycja, Dance-art
I was looking for a new customer service software for my studio and I found WodGuru. 💛 Like any change, this one also caused us anxiety whether we would have all the functionalities we are used to have. After the first weeks of work at WodGuru, together with the team, we came to conclusion: it was a good change.🤩 What charmed us: 💚 SIMPLICITY - there are no dark corners, guesses, everything is clear and simple. And if you have a problem, you get help right away. What got me as the owner of the studio? 📞 CONTACT - you have the opportunity to talk to a person, dispel doubts, solve problems. 💰 FINANCE - clarity of how much your invoice will be - fixed price, the ability to attach modules that you actually use. 😅 And I like your sense of humor that appears in various parts of the system. 🥰 I recommend it, no doubts!💪
Marcin, HART PROMarcin, HART PRO
WodGuru is a software that is very helpful in running a training studio. It greatly facilitates the work of the reception desk and allows you to control all issues regarding customers, employees and finances. A big plus for contact with system administrators. I highly reccommend it!
WodGuru supports our two dance schools!
Jurek, MohitoJurek, Mohito
We have been using WodGuru for almost two years, it supports our two dance schools. The software makes our lives incredibly easy, simplifies customer service - and the support is amazing! You can count on help almost immediately. I highly recommend it!
Application is a huge plus for our students!
Asia, Pole Dance Studio Silver CatAsia, Pole Dance Studio Silver Cat
The best system in the world! Intuitive and easy - the application is a huge plus for our students! My employees appreciate the simplicity of using the system. For me as the owner of the club - The WodGuru system is an amazing support and gives me a lot of solutions that I can implement in my business. In addition, their every day support and the fact that they implement my ideas make me feel like nothing more is needed to successfully get lots of online registrations for classes.
Easy to use
Malwina, ESENSAI Pole Dance StudioMalwina, ESENSAI Pole Dance Studio
WodGuru is a very easy-to-use software. A very nice service that helps with any question rapidly. I recommend it! 😌
A lot of functions that facilitate running a fitness club
Adam, Siłownia PalestraAdam, Siłownia Palestra
WodGuru positively surprised me. The system is intuitive and easy to use, at the same time professional and has a lot of functions that facilitate running a fitness club. Contact with technical support is also their strong advantage. WodGuru has everything I needed to open my own gym. I definitely recommend it!
An easy-to-use software for a training studio
Asia, Harmonia studioAsia, Harmonia studio
I am the owner of an intimate training studio. I was looking for an easy-to-use reception program. I found WodGuru ❤️ I knew from the first telephone conversation with Tomek that this is what I am looking for! Useful functions, continuous program improvements, customer satisfaction, but most of all the certainty that Tomek is waiting for you on the other side, who will quickly, with a great deal of patience and with full commitment and professionalism answer all your questions and solve your doubts (and often will also do something for you). Thank you, Tomek, for all your help ❤️ And for WodGuru ❤️
Customers are satisfied with booking classes app!
Marcel, CrossFit 3MiastoMarcel, CrossFit 3Miasto
I've been working with Wodguru for about a year, and I have to admit that this software is a bull's eye for my club! I was afraid of migrating from the old system, I was afraid that customers would not switch - it went smoothly, customers are satisfied with our booking classes app, notifications, waitlist, and the possibility of buying tickets to workshops. The fitness market is developing, and WodGuru is developing with it, and thus it responds to the needs of clubs like mine. I recommend it a lot!
Thanks to WodGuru, I have control over everything in my fitness club!
Barbara, trenujwwodzieBarbara, trenujwwodzie
I highly recommend working with WodGuru! 🩷 Here are some reasons why I wholeheartedly recommend the application: - It is very useful and simple in everyday use - Very good contact and helpful staff - Saves time, both for employees and customers; current view on classes and registrations at any time, signing out of classes is quick and efficient - A convenient and effective system for providing additional information to participants via e-mail and text messages - My clients love the little avatars they have in the system! 🤗 Thanks to WodGuru, I have control over everything, the price is adequate to the services. Zero chaos, everything is perfectly selected - I recommend it!
Cheaper, and at a premium level
Marta, ZWYCIĘSKA gym&fitness centerMarta, ZWYCIĘSKA gym&fitness center
Looking for a good change? This is the right address :) We chose WodGuru and it was the best decision we could make to change the fitness management software. It turns out that it can be cheaper and at a premium level :) Great contact, help center, so important in the initial phase of system implementation, turned out to be excellent. Always helpful, whenever we need them, always ready to act; and open to suggestions. Aneta, Tomek - thanks for being with us 😊
Marcin, Falanga ChojniceMarcin, Falanga Chojnice
The WodGuru system is great for me. I don't need to hire a 17-year-old, beautiful receptionist to do all those reservations, analysis and summaries and stuff, working overtime. By choosing a WodGuru, you save your family. 100% YES! 😉
Just a few mouse clicks compared to complicated operations in Excel we used to have!
Wojtek, Centrum Tenisowe SobotaWojtek, Centrum Tenisowe Sobota
Cooperation with WodGuru means taking our group classes to a higher level 🏆 Managing groups at our tennis center has become easy because it is finally clear. Both for us and for the users 💪🤗 We started a cooperation with WodGuru in the middle of the autumn, but thanks to the great support of Aneta, we managed to organize everything on time 😍 Very easy to add classes, make changes, etc. - just a few mouse clicks comparing to complicated operations in Excel we used to have 😂 I highly recommend cooperation with WodGuru! 🏆💪🤗
It's like an Apple among systems for managing yoga studios
Marta, Santosza YogaMarta, Santosza Yoga
I highly recommend WodGuru system, which supports my yoga school in Warsaw (Santosza Joga). The system is like an Apple among systems for managing yoga studios - it is TURBO intuitive, simple and transparent. And Tomek, the owner of the system, constantly improves it, talks to me on a regular basis and listens to my needs. He is very patient (because I am sometimes quite a pain in the ass). I recommend it to all who do not like to complicate their lives with a million useless functions 😉
Fair billing system!
Mateusz, Box TRX ŁukówMateusz, Box TRX Łuków
I had the opportunity to use other products available on the market, but WodGuru convinces me the most Firstly, the billing system - for each active member - it's fair! There is a maximum price limit and when it's reached, there is no difference. Secondly, intuitiveness - easy to use: setting classes, schedules, shop - simple! Thirdly, it is legible, fast for the customer - they can easily find the classes they are interested in, easy to register, possible online shopping, really cool. The system works great with a fiscal printer, no problems, in the mobile version you can perform all activities as efficiently as on a computer. It really improves the operation of the club in terms of sales, organization and communication with the client. Strongly recommend it!
Customers like the convenient online payments.
Klaudia Pilarczyk, Centrum Rekreacji ProActiveKlaudia Pilarczyk, Centrum Rekreacji ProActive
We have been working with the WodGuru system for several months and it is very good at handling fitness classes. It is simple and intuitive. It fully meets our expectations and organizes the reception work. Customers like the app for its simple form, readability, availability on mobile devices and convenient online payments. In case of questions, the technical service is always efficient and quick to help. A company and a product worth recommending!
It meets all the expectations of a person running a gym
Ewa, Siłownia ActiveEwa, Siłownia Active
WodGuru meets all the expectations of a person running a gym. It has all the necessary tools and additional functions that make your work much easier. The use of the program is simple and intuitive. In the chat at an express pace, I always get an answer to every question or doubt. With a clear conscience, I recommend it to anyone who is still hesitating!
It relieved me from signing up for classes
Milena, Synergia Pracownia ciała i umysłuMilena, Synergia Pracownia ciała i umysłu
Currently, with the help of WodGuru, I run two studies. The system is intuitive, easy to use and has significantly relieved me of manual work related to signups for classes. Additionally, technical support is always ready to help and effective. I definitely recommend it!
Our clients loved signing up for classes directly from smartphones!
Darek, Base training CenterDarek, Base training Center
We are a local gym. Being forced to change the system, we had many concerns about the organization our work related to the customer service... Unnecessarily 🙂 From the very beginning of our cooperation, we were delighted with the incredibly fast responses from the support and the ease of navigating the system. A huge advantage is also the possibility for our clients to have their own app. They loved the ability to sign up for their favorite classes directly from smartphones. And when our club members are satisfied, we are satisfied, too!
Michał, Athlete BoxMichał, Athlete Box
A great software for box management and for club members👌
Significant improvement in signing in, signing out and on contact between me and my Club members! 🔥
Kasia, Fitness uKataKasia, Fitness uKata
There are so many reasons for me to recommend WodGuru! The list is a little long so prepare yourself ;) - Registration for classes has became much more streamlined, everyone can do it themselves at any time. Previously, I did it manually and all day long I was only involved in signing up or signing people out for training! Now WodGuru saves me so much time. - it’s possible to set a minimum time to sign out from classes (2 hours for my clients), so there is no longer a situation where someone signs out 5 minutes before the class. If you do not sign out, the entry fee will be deducted so the club does not lose money, and people learn to respect their place during training. - customers can purchase the pass at a time that is most convenient for them. - new customers can easily sign up for training without contacting the club. - I have contacts (e-mail, telephone number) for each club Member and, if necessary, I can contact them individually. 💪🏻 - If necessary, you can place an announcement for your members and it will be visible on the main page in app (I used it when I had important info to share with everyone) - WodGuru gives the possibility to cancel classes and send an e-mail to registered people. - you can modify the schedule and customers can see it immediately, and then they know the right time - If the minimum number of people for classes is not met, the training is canceled automatically and clients are notified by e-mail. To sum up, it has made running the club MUCH easier and I only regret that I discovered this possibility so late! 🩷
WodGuru really raises the level of customer service in the box!
Mateusz, BOX88 OpoleMateusz, BOX88 Opole
It's probably been two years since we implemented WodGuru in our box. Starting cooperation with Tomek and using his product changed the box in many ways. First of all, It helped us our reception work more efficiently - thanks to simple, yet functional interface. Previously, things we do on a daily basis, used to take us a lot of time, now we are able to do it with one click, saving both our and our clients' time. WodGuru also helps with communicating with clients, which makes our relations better every day. WodGuru really raises the level of customer service in the box! Tomek puts a lot of work into the system and inspires us to be better and better. It is amazing to develop with WodGuru and we cannot imagine that we could be using a different system. It is worth mentioning that WodGuru is not only a system, but also a support for people from the industry, interesting projects and a bit of fun (both for us and for our clients) 😊
Gracja, Oops!! Studio FitnessGracja, Oops!! Studio Fitness
I was very skeptical about the new booking system for our club, but after I had my first conversation with Tomek - the owner - I was sure I wanted it! The app and website are so easy, transparent, intuitive and have everything we need at Oops! And also... when you download your club's app, instead of the WodGuru logo, you have yours! We are delighted! 😍
Kamila, Double Power - Studio TreningoweKamila, Double Power - Studio Treningowe
We have been looking for a system that would meet our requirements for a long time. WodGuru caught our attention with its very legible form. Using it is very simple and intuitive for both us and our clients. It amazingly improves our work, thanks to which we do not waste valuable time. In case of any problems, the support responds quickly, in a very nice and understandable way. We are very pleased with the software and recommend it to everyone who runs training studies. 💪
Maciej, Lumberjacks Cross GarageMaciej, Lumberjacks Cross Garage
A very nice application to manage a sports club. We started using WodGuru a few months ago and immediately both club members and club staff noticed how easy it is to use and manage everything. Automatic reports are instinctive and show you what you want to know. In four clicks you are able to do everything you need. WodGuru is simple and reliable 🙂
Damian, Studio treningu Sielska 38ADamian, Studio treningu Sielska 38A
The system works flawlessly. Its most important advantage is the technical support, which is great. The software offers a really wide range of functions, and you can never have too many of those in the club. I highly recommend it 😊
Work becomes faster and easier
Olga, Fight Gym LublinOlga, Fight Gym Lublin
WodGuru is a system worth recommending - by the Reception Team, the manager and the owner. Very intuitive, thanks to which work becomes faster, easier and more enjoyable. A transparent layout facilitates efficient customer service. What's more, the program is constantly being improved - requests by us (users) to introduce additional, useful functions are listened to 😁 Aneta and Tomek do not stand still! And most importantly, we have never met with such a huge support and friendly attitude towards the customer from the support (and we used several different programs to manage the Club). If there is a problem (and it is rare), Aneta and Tomek solve it quickly - you do not have to wait forever and ask for a solution to the problem. We recommend it from the bottom of our hearts! 😊
Greatly improves the studio's work!
Daria, Pole Dance & Aerial StudioDaria, Pole Dance & Aerial Studio
WodGuru is an essential support for our Pole Dance & Aerial school, whose activities are mainly based on group classes. The most useful solutions for us are: ✅ automated signups for selected classes - the student is sure that he can come to the classes and we are sure about the number of people in the group ✅ managing attendance - both by students and trainers - an ideal solution for small clubs that do not have a permanent reception desk ✅ in-app changes to reservations, which the customer can make 24 hours a day ✅ quick cancellation of classes in case of emergencies - nofifying all registered people with one message WodGuru greatly improves the studio's operations. With the easy 24/7 access to the system, students can independently manage their signups and signouts. Welcome messages for new students is very useful. Mailing and quick notes in the app help to reach all students with information. WodGuru support is very patient and answers numerous questions that occurred when setting up the account. The system is carefully made, aesthetic and, after familiarizing yourself with all its possibilities, functional and user-friendly.
WodGuru sets me free from working on site all the time!
Damian, Progress Gym Nowa DębaDamian, Progress Gym Nowa Dęba
As the owner of my own business that is a gym, WodGuru helps me a lot with automation of my work. I don't need to worry about selling memberships, I don't have to be present at my gym all the time, at work - WodGuru does it for me! 💪🏻 Additionally, they provide great contact with the service in case of any problem - and give a quick and helpful response.A great option for members to enter the gym using QR codes. Transparency, ease of use, everything at the highest level. I definitely recommend it!
Online payments perfectly solved!
Mateusz, Krav Maga UnityMateusz, Krav Maga Unity
We have been using the program for 3 months and it meets our expectations 100% so far. A perfectly solved system of payment for memberships, intuitive management of schedules, and a simple client app. In addition, a very reliable service - I have never experienced problems being solved within 1-5 minutes. And here we have it, which makes the work of our club much more efficient 🙂 I really recommend it to everyone!
Thanks to WodGuru, my clients can sign up at any time of the day or night!
Ania, PasjaMojaiTy.plAnia, PasjaMojaiTy.pl
What a fantastic app! I love it, my clients can now sign up and sign out of classes easily! Thanks to WodGuru, they can do it at any time of the day or night - and you, as the person running the club, do not you have to worry about the list of attendance. Everything happens automatically here! The app is very helpful, you can use many other functions, such as selling your products online. And again, it all happens automatically and you get noticed about everything via @ or in the app directly. If you are still wondering whether it is worth trying, my answer is a big YES! Do not hesitate no more, because time is money - and you can use this time for much more pleasant things than sitting in front of a spreadsheet as it was in my case ;)
It has reset my time spent on appointments to zero.
Antonis, Wellness HubAntonis, Wellness Hub
I have been using it for over 3 months and for sure it is exactly what I was looking for. It has reset my time spent on appointments to zero. Everything now works automatically. The best part is that I can record the workouts so now I keep a record of everything. Additionally the analytics part is very helpful because a new business which is trying to finalize their schedules can consult it.
Duncan, MaxPhysioDuncan, MaxPhysio
We have been using WodGuru for over 6 months and it replaced a more expensive app Gym class SW. We have found WodGuru easy to use and a very capable software for managing our Class attendance. The Support is exceptional, and all our issues are addressed quickly. With the recent addition of Stripe online payments, it has reduced the admin load for our reception and improved our service. Our customers love the Web app and how easy it is to use. We have found with Apps in the past customer kept having issue with not updating the app but with the web app no updates are needed. We could not be happier with WodGuru and could not recommend them enough. 👍
Online payments improved the admission of club members to their classes
Ida, Sarara Team Fight ClubIda, Sarara Team Fight Club
Thanks to online payments, we have been able to improve the admission of club members to their classes. Thanks to signups for classes, it is even more efficient - our reception staff can check and serve customers very efficiently. Transparency of the system enables payment verification. Club members manage their accounts and memberships at any time through the mobile app. Integration with a fiscal printer and transaction settlement looks good. In addition, technical support and contact with people who help solving problems is great. With full responsibility, we can recommend WodGuru to anyone who wants to organize their club in a convenient, quick and transparent way.
Booking classes saves a lot of time!
Przemek, Medbox 3.0Przemek, Medbox 3.0
I find WodGuru software very helpful for me as a club member first, and now also as the owner of MedBox 3.0 :) Booking classes don’t involve reception, which makes things much easier for everyone and saves a lot of time!
In case of problems we are not left alone!
Mateusz, WildGym OławaMateusz, WildGym Oława
We are very pleased with the cooperation with WodGuru. Intuitive registration, well-organized online sales, and automation of class cancellations are just some of the advantages. The main and most important factor for us is good support and the feeling that in case of problems we are not left alone. This is crucial for us and this is what we get. We are glad to be your customers!
Team CFR GymTeam CFR Gym
We have been working with WodGuru for several months and we are fascinated with it! Simple and very easy to use both for our customers and employees 🙂 In the fitness industry, it works great especially when interacting with the client. We didn't think it could be so easy and fast! WodGuru has everything we need and even more! We recommend it to everyone, you will not regret it! 😉 Many thanks to Aneta and Tomek, who helped us at the very beginning and answered our questions in just a few seconds 🙂 Working with you is pure pleasure! Thank you!
Implementing signups greatly improved communication with clients
Magda, Klub CoPsaMagda, Klub CoPsa
A great, very intuitive booking system, both for the school owner and its students. Implementing singups for trainings greatly improved communication with clients and definitely encouraged them to take part in classes more often. An additional, great advantage is the care of the client who cooperates with WodGuru. Each reported problem / topic is solved on an ongoing basis and with great patience.
Jakub, Strefa ByciaJakub, Strefa Bycia
We have been working with WodGuru in our yoga space for several months. What is the greatest advantage and distinguishing feature of WodGuru for me are the people behind it. Because they're the ones who help you learn the system and configure it (especially when you open a club or studio, you don't know anything about it at the beginning 😊), then use it on a daily basis, but are also open to develop it in the direction requested by WodGuru users. I recommend it without a doubt. WodGuru is a really great solution.
Wodguru saves you a lot of valuable time that you can use to earn money.
Pati, Czym Mata Bogata - Studio PilatesPati, Czym Mata Bogata - Studio Pilates
Choosing WodGuru was a bull's-eye! Until recently, I used to think that a small home studio could be easily managed in a notebook. Now I wonder why I waited so long to switch to a real, decent and refined system that makes work so much easier!? 🙂 Wodguru saves you a lot of valuable time that you can use to earn money. A clear form, intuitive to use, pleases both the owner of the studio and his clients. The wonderful people behind it help at any time of the day or night 🙂 I recommend it!
The access control system works very well and harmonizes nicely with WodGuru!
Jakub, Siłownia ŁebaJakub, Siłownia Łeba
Looking for a company and people to help me open a remotely operated gym, I came across WodGuru. It was really a bull's-eye - the cooperation with Aneta, Tomek and Grześ is great! I was one of the first gyms to start using the QR system. When it comes to remote reception, I can deal with most matters directly from the phone. This is a huge relief for me because I also run other activities. I don't need to worry about payments, receipts, signups etc. The access system also works very well and harmonizes nicely with WodGuru. I dreamed of a gym that would generate optimal costs, where the service takes minimum amount of time and is not dependent on the employees' availability. Cooperation with WodGuru gives me all of that. I highly recommend it!
A transparent fitness app, intuitive signups for classes!
WodGuru supports our JUST FLOW Studio, where we have mobility, core, healthy spine and yoga classes and workshops, as well as manual therapy and massages. It fully meets our needs, both from the client's side - who has a transparent app, intuitive signups for classes, and from the owner's side. The software gives us great opportunities to manage the Studio, dealing with clients and trainers. Nice looking schedule, easy communication with the client, many useful additional functions, payments, reports, and great, always available support that totally meets our needs. We recommend it 100%.
Sebastian, Klub Sportowy RONINSebastian, Klub Sportowy RONIN
A program that is really worth recommending! Everything you need is there and the technical service is fast. In our sports club, we use WodGuru both in CrossFit Tychy and the Fighting Academy sections.
Kasia, Lirio_find_your_balanceKasia, Lirio_find_your_balance
If I come across a problem - I ask a question via chat and quickly have an answer. I like the simple, transparent look. It is intuitive for both me and my clients. The app is great, it makes life easier. It is super cool that the system’s functionalities are being developed all the time. I'm glad that I found you! Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing great! And as a bonus, it seems to me that there are only nice, open people behind WodGuru ☺️
It helped us to monitor attendance more easily and reduce the cost of printing cards
Krzysztof, Unity Jiu Jitsu KrakówKrzysztof, Unity Jiu Jitsu Kraków
So far, having the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy, we used an online shop to sell memberships, but it was difficult to scale and to manage our work. Migrating to WodGuru and implementing QR codes, helped us with quitting using member paper cards (and stamping them as part of "entrance register"). This helped us to monitor attendance more easily and reduce the cost of printing cards. The migration was relatively simple, because so far we also used Stripe payments, which are supported by WodGuru, so we didn't have to turn anything upside down. At each stage of the migration, WodGuru support was very helpful, flexible and responsive. Thanks to the fact that in WodGuru each of our students has their own profile and can add their photo there, it is easier for us to remember people by name, which has been a real challenge for us so far, when the total number of trainees exceeded 100. The last thing may be a small thing, but important in martial arts academies - in WodGuru, we can leave notes about our students and the grades they have. Thanks to this, we don't have to use Excel, and on nominations, we won't give anyone a fifth beam on the white belt by accident ;)
Simple signups and online payments
Agnieszka, AuRa Pilates studioAgnieszka, AuRa Pilates studio
WodGuru is my daily relief at work. I really needed this app 😁 I don't want to waste time on signing people up for training and for processing payments. I have everything here :) - Simple signups and online payments - Summary of employee hours, memberships stats, sales reports, and even planned revenues. 🥰 I love WodGuru😃
A big saving for small clubs like mine!
Martyna, Algarve Total FitnessMartyna, Algarve Total Fitness
I found WG a few months ago and it was a hit. Easy to use, transparent and without hidden fees. Registration for group and individual classes, online payments and communication with clients - all in one place. Creating an account takes only a minute for the customer, and using the application is very simple. The fee depending on the number of customers is a big saving for small clubs like mine. The customer service here is also fantastic, in case of any doubts or problems, the WG team responds almost immediately. The best possible choice!
Adam & Krystian, N50Adam & Krystian, N50
Well-organized and transparent software, running on different operating systems. Both the manager and the receptionist can have their own accounts from which they have given access to manage the work of the club and its members' accounts. WodGuru allows us to save, analyze and draw conclusions from data that can be easily downloaded in a spreadsheet. Summing this up: it has everything that is needed to run a club. And it certainly helps to develop it quickly.
Michał, Gotowy Na TreningMichał, Gotowy Na Trening
We have been using WodGuru for several months. The system is simple, intuitive, with well-described tutorials on how to use its functionalities , and despite its simplicity, it is super-functional. The app makes contact with the customer very easy. It is also very easy to use, without unnecessary functions, which makes it work smoothly. But the most important thing in WodGuru is the technical support. In case of any doubts, problems, etc., we can always count on quick help. Good job!
WodGuru is a game changer on the market! 🔥
Paweł Krajewski, MMA Academy KrakówPaweł Krajewski, MMA Academy Kraków
I have been using the WodGuru platform daily for managing my MMA gym, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance. 🔥 The platform is incredibly easy to use, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Setting up everything took me just a few hours, which is a significant time saver compared to the weeks it would have taken with other vendors. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make managing gym operations effortless. Scheduling classes, tracking attendance, and managing memberships are all streamlined, allowing me to focus more on training and less on administrative tasks. The support team is also responsive and helpful, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed. Overall, WodGuru has been a game-changer for my gym, simplifying complex processes and enhancing overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any gym owner looking for a reliable and easy-to-use management solution.
The best thing that could happen to me when I opened my first yoga studio
Marlena, HOLI Studio jogiMarlena, HOLI Studio jogi
I came across WodGuru by complete accident and it was the best thing that could happen to me when I opened my first yoga studio. The product is super intuitive and user-friendly (both from the studio owner's and club members' perspectives). It responds to real needs because new functions are submitted for implementation by real users. The system is constantly being developed. The list of new functions that the team is working on is impressive. And most importantly: I’ve never met such a quick, helpful and friendly service neither in my personal, nor professional experience. Aneta - despite a million questions that I asked her, especially at the beginning, she supported me in express mode. You two are doing a great job and should teach others how the service should be done.
It reduces your business costs!
Mariusz, Kocigrzbiet - kameralne studio treninguMariusz, Kocigrzbiet - kameralne studio treningu
A great system that makes the managing small clubs - such as ours - much easier 😉 And the most important thing - it reduces your business costs 💪 I really recommend it!
Michał, Mich-FitMichał, Mich-Fit
They're always ready to help at any time of the day or night. They approached my problems, that were especially caused by my QR code scanner, with great patience. They solved that problem by replacing my scanner with a new one, and since then it works perfectly. AMAZING! Great customer service and great people worth recommending.
Jacek, Metalowiec - Klub SportowyJacek, Metalowiec - Klub Sportowy
I recommend wodguru. The system facilitated the management of the customer database and reception service! 💪
Elwira, Cross BrothersElwira, Cross Brothers
I am very satisfied with WodGuru. I have been working with this program for over three years and I have no objections to it. I can always count on professional help in a short time. The software is easy to use, everything is perfectly described. The WodGuru website is professional and I can recommend it to other users.
I strongly recommend this application! It can be easily customized to your needs. The support is rapid, and I can always count on a hint or solution to my queries and ideas. :)
It's much easier for us now to acquire new clients!
Dominika, Akademia HolistycznaDominika, Akademia Holistyczna
We are very pleased about the partnership with WodGuru! Huge plus for customer assistance, we get answers we need almost immediately. 🥰 System is easy to operate, and it has made it easier for me to control memberships, reservations and sales. For us a perfect solution is an Ambassador program in WodGuru - it allows us to acquire new clients easily and communicate with current clients in much more efficient way. And what really satisfies our customers are online payments. Basic, but needed thing for the current world 🤗 We're recommending WodGuru with the light heart each one of you, that haven't tried it yet. Try it out - and for sure you won't be disappointed! 🩷
Easy signups for trainings
Bronisław, Fitmania OlsztynBronisław, Fitmania Olsztyn
A great application for both club owners and members. Easy signups for trainings, which take lots off the reception plate , many options for personalizing settings under the preferences of a given gym, convenient store management and many, many other useful functions. And most importantly, new options and facilities are constantly appearing - the program is constantly growing. I definitely recommend it to all club owners who want to make their lives easier ;)
Grzegorz, Centrum Formy 58100Grzegorz, Centrum Formy 58100
An app that is constantly evolving thanks to its users, and which has unlimited potential. Simple, intuitive, failure-free. Congratulations to Tommy.
WodGuru is regularly checking up on the users' needs and implementing them
Kalami, Holy Movement StudioKalami, Holy Movement Studio
What I like the most about WodGuru, is that you can quickly communicate with the support through chat and get answers to your questions almost right away. The app is very easy and intuitive for signing up for group classes and personal trainings. Also, the system is constantly developing, adding new functionalities and realistically checking up on the users' needs and then implementing them. This is a huge plus! 
It makes the work you need to do on the system much nicer, and customers also praise the system for its ease of use. 
Highly recommending! 🤗
Ola, Miód Cytryna Fitness ClubOla, Miód Cytryna Fitness Club
We have already gone through two other software and we associated cooperation in this field only with problems. Despite the short period of cooperation, we are very satisfied, everything works, everything is visible and most importantly, it also works for clients! Automation, which does not require any special complicated actions, has also greatly improved everything. We feel "lighter" with a few problems and can focus on the actual work. It's always a pleasure to set up and check what you need. And a contact with support on chat - it's unique! Congratulations, WodGuru!
It doesn't generate high costs
Mateusz, Fight Club ChampionMateusz, Fight Club Champion
I've been using WodGuru for almost a year now. The system has significantly improved the administration of my martial arts club. At first, I appreciated it for its simplicity and easy setup - it took me literally a few hours. WodGuru does not generate high costs either, I pay for each active club member - a fair solution 🙂 In addition, the system can be connected to my website, so I always have an up-to-date schedule of classes there. WodGuru worked well both when my club was tiny (when I had about 50 club members), and it works perfectly now, when I have about 200 of them. I recommend it to everyone 💪
Receptionist costs are in my pocket and I have more time to train people!
Justyna, Klub Fitness FiguraJustyna, Klub Fitness Figura
WodGuru is the best thing that could have happened to me as a club owner and instructor at the same time! Constant calls, texts, messenger, registration for classes, signouts... it was too much stress. And now WodGuru has saved my time and money!!! Clients sign up, sign out 😁 I know how many clients I have in class, I know what database I have, how many clients go to the club. Receptionist costs are in my pocket and I have more time to train people and enjoy my passion for fitness!!! WodGuru is the system your club needs immediately!!! 😁💪💪💪
People who regularly did not sign up for classes and used to come "on the fly", have been excited about this system since the introduction of WodGuru.
Wisien & Czyżu, SDA studioWisien & Czyżu, SDA studio
We have tested several systems that help with running dance studios. In our case, WodGuru definitely turned out to be the best choice, and this was determined by several factors:
1. Great support, which could be the envy of many startups. Great contact, help in implementing and adapting the system to individual requirements, a vibe that gives the feeling that we are playing for one goal.
2. Reliability. Since we have been testing/using WodGuru, there have been maybe 2-3 errors or technical problems, which were solved in a fraction of a second. Why? See point one.
3. Tomek and Aneta from WodGuru are aware of which direction this train is going. Their focus on process automation, combined with flexibility, makes us feel that in 2-3 years we will not be left with an old software in our hands, but a modern tool adequate to the possibilities offered by the development of technology. This is clearly visible in the road map, which is based on user suggestions, and on the other hand, maintains a well-thought-out core and direction.
4. Ease of use. Onboarding of people working at the reception took us about 2 hours. Nice :) We have prepared exactly 8 of our own 3-4-minute implementation tutorials for our own realities, which solve 80-90% of cases. This shows that the number of possibilities offered by WodGuru goes hand in hand with the ease of use.
5. Fun Fact: People who usually did not sign up for classes and came "on the fly", have started signing up since the introduction of WodGuru and are excited about this system. Deal with that.
The reception desk is now unnecessary, every club member signs up for classes himself
Agnieszka, SocaAgnieszka, Soca
I recommend WodGuru for club management. Thanks to you, I was able to introduce online pre-sale of memberships. The reception desk is now unnecessary, because every club member signs up for classes himself and has access to our schedule. The automation of sending messages to customers helped me a lot, too. Everything in one place. A lot of time and money saved. Satisfied customers. Highly recommend ♥ ️
Simple signups and payments for customers.
Ewelina, Soul FitnessEwelina, Soul Fitness
WodGuru makes my work easier. This app meets all my needs! 😁 I don't need to waste time on signing up members for classes and controlling their payments. I have everything under control here! Simple signups and payments for customers. Clear reports that show the number of hours worked by employees, the number of active memberships, and sales. 🥰 If you have any doubts or questions, the WodGuru team will come to the rescue in no time. Using the application is simple! Totally recommend it!
"Previously, I did everything manually, which required a lot of time every day"
Asia, Przystanek InspiracjaAsia, Przystanek Inspiracja
I have been using WodGuru for 6 months. Previously, I did everything manually, which required a lot of time every day to update all registrations, payments, respond to a lot of messages, etc. At the moment, the time I used to spend on those, I can devote to the development of the studio, because most of it is done for me. Additionally, each customer can check everything on an ongoing basis, pay for the membership or sign up for classes. The rules are very clear and the system is transparent. Moreover, I can check everything on my phone at any time - which makes it easier. Working time at reception has also become much shorter - there are definitely fewer questions about simple issues such as signups/signouts. A huge advantage is that WodGuru is constantly making improvements and listens to suggestions regarding our needs and new ideas. Their helpdesk always answers to our questions very quickly. I recommend it!
Affordable price and quick service!
Michał, Instytut Sportów Walki i Samoobrony VATAHAMichał, Instytut Sportów Walki i Samoobrony VATAHA
I have been running my club for 20 years. During this time, I used several apps to run and manage the club. We have been working on WodGuru since September this year. It was a hit! Very easy to use, both for us: the managers, and our clients. Automated processes relieve us at work. Service - responds quickly. Price - affordable. What more could you possibly need? We recommend it with full responsibility.
CrossFit Black Ground CrewCrossFit Black Ground Crew
WodGuru platform is a great place for us to run our club. Tomek is constantly improving it. He asks us, owners, if there is anything that would be useful for us to run the club better. He also perfectly meets our needs himself! Thank you for the great platform that you quickly transformed to manage our online trainings during the virus pandemic!
At first, we were tempted by the price!
Daria, Crossfit LubinDaria, Crossfit Lubin
We heard about WodGuru from a friendly gym. At first, we were tempted by the price. We pay for what we actually use, not for millions of functions that we do not even know about. In the wash-out it turned out that the program is easy to use and all reports are immediately visible. Yes, it was a good idea to switch from competition to WodGuru.
It has greatly improved signing up for classes!
Patryk, Crossbox GrudziądzPatryk, Crossbox Grudziądz
We have been using WodGuru since the beginning of September and I must say that it has greatly improved the functioning of the club in terms of signing up for classes. We have a transparent view of how many people we currently have in the club. The system watches over the validity of memberships for us and reminds club members about the membership expiry date. What is worth emphasizing - it is also possible for club members to see their training plan for a given day - they can put their results on the leaderboard. WodGuru supports work in sports clubs.
It makes booking classes and changing reservations easier for the client
Mirella, 2B StudioMirella, 2B Studio
I'm surprised how well it works! WodGuru responds to all of my yogis' needs and mediates the client-studio contact. Thanks to WodGuru, I spend less time responding to yogis: is there room for class? What if I am joining in the middle of the month? Who is conducting the class today? I sincerely recommend it, it makes my work easier, it makes booking classes and changing reservations easier for the client, and also reminds them about payments! Oh, and I would forget about the wonderful, caring and patient consultants - thanks to them the software was introduced without any problems ❤️ Thank you!
Patrycja, HydroMocPatrycja, HydroMoc
WodGuru is a perfect, intuitive, simple, convenient and suitable system for managing the gym. Fully responsive to the needs of the owners and perfectly suited among club members. Fantastic and cordial cooperation and quick, friendly and priceless support :) Their help and support is always priceless! I would highly recommend.
Crossfit Wataha
A real Guru among gym management systems :) Simple interface, very intuitive to use, suits both members, as well as reception staff and trainers. It's all we need, and if we come up with an idea what can be added or changed - WodGuru implements it. We recommend with a hand at heart and we are happy that we can look at and take active steps in the development of WodGuru.
We have been cooperating with WodGuru for a short time, but I can already say that it was a hit!!! The program helped me to handle our customer service in exactly the way I needed. Aneta was very helpful in taking the first steps, and now she makes sure that there are no irregularities in our club when registering and keeping records of clients and is happy to offer advice. It quickly turned out that WodGuru is very intuitive to use and has many practical functions, and the website is very clear. I recommend it!
If you run a fitness club or similar business, look no further!
Michał, Training PortMichał, Training Port
We have been using WodGuru as Training Port for a short time, but we had contact with it before and I knew from the beginning that it was the perfect choice. The system is super intuitive and easy to use when working at reception and also when you are a club member. Huge 👍 for help and support from the administrators! They are always happy to help if a problem or doubt arises. What's more, they accept suggestions and actually put them into practice 😁 If you run a fitness club or similar business, look no further 😉
Kuba, Sparta LublinKuba, Sparta Lublin
We have been using WodGuru since the beginning of our activity. It is very functional and is constantly evolving. Very good contact with the support, which is extremely valuable for us and our club members. At the moment, we cannot imagine working with another system, this one has everything we need. We highly recommend it!
Very convinient from the members perspective.
Kasia, Crossfit GeniusKasia, Crossfit Genius
We've been using the WodGuru software for over a year and a half and we have no intention of changing it. The biggest advantage of this system is its simplicity, no unnecessary functions that other systems have and which are generally not needed. Using the system from the members perspective is very convenient. A quick preview of the schedule of classes, sign-ups, the ability to enter results, view the status of the membership. Everything that matters most is concentrated in one place.
WodGuru lets us save both time & money! ❤️‍🔥
Patryk, GAWRA Centrum TreningowePatryk, GAWRA Centrum Treningowe
We're working with WodGuru since the beginning of our business and we're very delighted with the collaboration. 🤩 A few things, that are the most helpful to us in our work are: - Creating schedules for trainers and a schedule of classes - this allows us to save time, and trainers have access to their schedule from the application at any time.💪 - Online registration for classes - clients are able do sign for classes from any place - thanks to it we're able to optimilize the work expenses in our gym. - Panel of entire system is very intuitive - easy, and a transparent tool to work. 👌 - Extensive Reporting Center - that helps up a lot with the analysis and sales planning. - Online payments - clients are able to buy a membership after the working hours of our gym. Thanks to it we're able to optimilize work expenses and clients have easy access to our offer. - Support - one of the most helpful that we've ever encountered.
Jarek, Warsztat FormyJarek, Warsztat Formy
A system worth recommending. An application that can work both for club management and our members. WodGuru has a lot of reporting and configuration options, all very intuitive and transparent. The biggest advantage, however, is their very helpful support, continuous development of the system and implementation of new features according to users' suggestions. You won't find it in any other gym management system.
No problems with signups!
Kinga, STUDIO BABKI W FORMIE - Trener BabeczekKinga, STUDIO BABKI W FORMIE - Trener Babeczek
WodGuru works perfectly in my intimate studio! It is intuitive, transparent and easy to use. The club members have never had problems with signing up, they are also very pleased with the app. It improved my work and improved contact with the participants of the classes 😀 Aneta and Tomek are always happy to help, even at night! I am very satisfied with this software 😃
Marta, Crossfit LublinMarta, Crossfit Lublin
I strongly recommend WodGuru 🙂 Convenient, intuitive system plus quick help in solving problems if any arise.
WodGuru application made the functioning of my studio much more efficient
Marta, EMS UPMarta, EMS UP
I highly recommend WodGuru as an application, because it was able to make the functioning of my EMS Studio easier and much more efficient. There are many useful options there, such as daily monitoring the number of entries, checking up on the schedule or the history of entries. Moreover, thanks to the WodGuru team creating this opportunity, my clients have access to the schedule directly from the app and can sign up for classes by themselves. 🤗 Additionally, every time I needed to help with a problem, they were available on chat and provided quick solution.🩷I really appreciate the people who created it and I wish continuing development!
WodGuru lets me save a full-time position and focus on development of my club!
Dominik, IronResortsDominik, IronResorts
The WodGuru app, that manages reservations and memberships for gyms and fitness clubs is an invaluable tool for my club! Thanks to WodGuru, I'm able to comfortably take care of all aspects of my business without extra staff at the reception desk - which makes it easier for me to look over the details of memberships, reservations and adjust them to the needs of my clients.🤗 It's easy to operate by clients, trainers and management, which allowed me to save a full-time position and focus on optimizing employment costs! Most of the processes are handled automatically by the app, and thanks to it I'm able to manage human resources more effectively, optimize expenses and focus on development of the fitness club! Application works perfectly so it's easy to get used to any new changes that are introduced to us. I'm delighted by the possibilities that make management of the club much easier and much more effective. 😉
It works perfectly in my Yoga Studio!
Iza, Studio Yoga PortIza, Studio Yoga Port
I have been using WodGuru for over a year now. This system is extremely helpful, and in my small, intimate Yoga Studio it works perfectly. And the people who create this system are extremely nice and very patient - they are real yogis ☺️🧘. I really recommend it from the bottom of my heart! Namaste
Affordable price!
Kasia, JumUp FitnessKasia, JumUp Fitness
I have been working with WodGuru for several months. I did not have any technical problems so far, the support of the team is reliable and always on time. The system is uncomplicated and easy to use. Everything runs smoothly, the information on the costs is transparent and the price is affordable. I sincerely recommend it to anyone.
Online payments and receipt automation have completely changed the work of the reception desk
Piotrek, FIS studioPiotrek, FIS studio
It is super easy to use! I wish I'd found it years ago! The most helpful part of WodGuru is its simplicity and friendly layout which makes the reception of a fitness studio work easy. Online payments and receipt automation have completely changed the work of the reception desk. The system is developing every day. After spending 9 years with another software, it took me literally 2 weeks to get to know (and love) WodGuru!
Przemek, What'SUP GdańskPrzemek, What'SUP Gdańsk
A very nice management app, not only for a fitness club. We are a seaside water equipment rental company; we organize events and trainings. And in this configuration, WodGuru also works great 😉 We recommend and look forward to further development of the tool! P.S. What is most important: Instant implementation time, easy training of employees and granting permissions, transparency of activities... Simply everything as it should be🙂
Easy-to-use mobile app, used by my clients aged from 15 up to 60+
Angelika Rybicka FitnessAngelika Rybicka Fitness
I'm not afraid to say that WodGuru has changed the functioning of my intimate studio. It delighted me and my clubbers. The system is phenomenal! For me as the owner of the studio - clear, easy to use, functional, everything I need within just a few clicks. For club members - an excellent, convenient, easy-to-use mobile app, used by my clients aged from 15 up to 60+. The best of all this is Tomasz's support - immediate help in problematic situations in a calm, friendly atmosphere. The only mistake - I decided to implement WodGuru in my fitness business too late! I recommend not to wait!
Thanks to WodGuru app I'm able to save a lot of time
Piotr, Trener personalny/ Trener przygotowania motorycznegoPiotr, Trener personalny/ Trener przygotowania motorycznego
The WodGuru system helps me improve my personal trainer business. Thanks to the app, I can save a lot of time that I previously have spent on organizing my schedule. WodGuru allowed me to systematize registration, payments and "rules of the game" (things like registration for trainings, setting limits on people in classes, specifying the time for registration and issue with unnotified absences).🔥 A client that is scheduling his first training must first purchase the appropriate package to be included in the schedule - which gives me the assurance that the training will actually take place. The possibility of integration with a website and a payment system, e.g. Przelewy24, allows quick payments and streamlined transactions. Finally, the most important thing - WodGuru is only 3pln zloty per registered member, which is a very competitive solution for running a trainer's business or a training studio.💪
It used to take me hours - and now I can change everything with one button!
Ola, Gold DreamOla, Gold Dream
I highly recommend WodGuru! I got back the time I really don't have. It used to take me hours to reschedule, save, cancel clients, and now I can change everything with one button! The app is great! Everything works great and if I have a problem, it is solved in a moment. The best thing is that the operation is very simple for me as the owner but also for my students. Most highly recommended ♥️

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