PushPress Competitors: What to Choose Instead?

Managing a gym or any sport-related business is a full-time job. You have many responsibilities, from organizing schedules, managing membership and payments to administrative tasks.

The fitness business requires appropriate management software to automate most of these activities, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity.

One of the software is PushPress, but if you are looking for an alternative – you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will compare the best features of PushPress with its robust competitors that might help develop your club. So, let’s take a look at them.

What is PushPress?

PushPress is a platform that helps fitness studio owners manage memberships, employees, and payments. With the software, you will track user attendance and support building relationships. 

Moreover, PushPress integrates and shares data with billing platforms, training trackers, and email campaign software. The system is cloud-based and integrates with the user’s web page. PushPress’ starting price is $159/per month.

Pros of PushPress

One of the key features of PushPress software is the interface. It’s user-friendly and intuitive to use. However, some users complain about the slow loading of the site, which can be a limitation if you want to check something quickly. Another thing is the features of tracking and planning personal training. 

However, it lacks group training options that could contribute to the interest of more users. Also, customer service is easily accessible in case of a crisis or platform failure.

PushPress: key features

One of the main features of PushPress is class schedule management. You can invite users to classes or events and control many aspects related to them, e.g., set attendance limits or select a trainer and assistant. 

With the software, you synchronize class calendars directly with Google calendar. Moreover, you can create customizable reports showing all the most critical business indicators and help with monthly billing.

Cons of PushPress

Even if the tool seems promising and has many good features, we must look at the negative aspects as well. One of the common concerns that users raise is the need to delete sessions when a user changes membership. 

Deleting such a session isn’t easy because someone else can simultaneously take the member’s place. Another dysfunction is the reports, which at first glance contain many possibilities. 

Still, you cannot directly check data such as average attendance for a specific class and day, which would help plan future strategies and course schedules.

PushPress pricing

The software offers a demo version with limited features that you can use for free. Also, it offers two paid plans. 

  • Pro for mid-size gyms or studios, at $159 per month
  • Max for larger gyms at $229 per month.

But, for some fitness businesses, PushPress might be a pricey option.

Is PushPress any good?

It is if PushPress features cover your needs. For example, if you care about easy planning, you can choose this tool. First, however, you must consider all the cons of PushPress we mentioned earlier: canceling sessions and limited reporting capabilities. 

Top PushPress alternatives for fitness studios

To clear your doubts, let’s look at the top Pushpress alternatives and a breakdown of their most essential features.


WodGuru is a cloud-based platform for dance and fitness studios, gyms, martial arts schools, and other business-related sports. Thanks to its system capabilities, it is easily accessible, with the most significant effort to secure user data. 

Among the features of WodGuru, we can find online booking, task, and email automation, various integrations, and website and customer relationship management tools. But the list does not end here.

On top of that, the software’s robust functionality enables your business to grow and be more productive. Now, you can say goodbye to long, tedious processes that only take a few clicks or seconds.

Pros of WodGuru

One of the main pros of WodGuru is the app for mobile devices. Your users will see you as more credible, increase your accessibility, and, what’s more, you can be sure that nothing will escape your attention

Another advantage is a simple, intuitive interface, thanks to which you can plan and check transaction history or attendance rate in a few seconds.

Furthermore, WodGuru doesn’t limit you in terms of your profession. It can adapt to various sports-related businesses. 

Finally, the app provides advanced membership management features that enable you to increase gym members’ involvement.

Top WodGuru features

WodGuru offers many features that support daily duties, enhance productivity, and maintain a high level of organization. One of them is that WodGuru integrates with your website. 

As a result, you can be sure that you will eliminate data differences in the system and web page. Thanks to this, you can improve database management.

Another function is that WodGuru acts as your CRM system. So you can be sure that special product prices, members’ birthdays, and classes won’t be missed. 

You can quickly check the status of members and how recently they were active. The system allows you to track the progress of your clients, which you can use for later optional rewards, for example, for commitment.

Moreover, the software provides an active card reader when members enter the gym. You can see the member’s profile and recent class signups on the tab.

Cons of WodGuru

As for the disadvantages of WodGuru, some users pointed out that it took them a little longer to implement all the necessary functionalities than they expected. However, the customer care team is ready to help!

WodGuru pricing

The price depends on the number of members (to some point). It starts at €0.79 per member, so for 125 gym goers, you will pay €99 per month. And the best part is that the maximum price is €119. Even if there are 300 attendees, you’ll never pay more than €119.

Of course, if you have doubts, you can reach the free trial and see if the software works for you.


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Is WodGuru any good?

A big yes! Wodguru is highly flexible and packed with features that improve workflow, productivity, and efficiency. It will be perfect for you if you care about integration with the website, mobile application, or card reader system that enables measuring the members’ involvement. 

What’s more, the WodGuru system adapts to your profession. Whether you run a gym, yoga studios or martial arts school, many of the functions come in handy. Learn more about how the membership management software can help you.


TeamUp is one of the PushPress alternatives designed to manage calendars, organize meetings, and plan tasks, events, and even projects. In some sense, that makes it an alternative to Asana — a more traditional project management tool. Moreover, TeamUp allows tracking calendar history and editing and deleting selected information. 

Pros of TeamUp

Color-code schedules are available in Teamup. Besides providing a clear view, this solution can give you a sense of organization. Additionally, communicating with sellers and customers is imporved.

Top TeamUp features

It is possible to assign events to a specific calendar, and, more importantly, gym owners or managers can integrate with other tools such as API or Zapier. Moreover, TeamUp allows you to manage virtual events in different time zones.

Cons of TeamUp

For some users, colored schedules seem a great solution, but many complain about too similar shades of colors, which may mislead the user. Furthermore, some complain about the complicated setup, which takes too much time.

TeamUp pricing

TeamUp offers several plans with slightly different prices. The platform provides a free version, but the functions are minimal. The plan prices start at $10 per 12 calendars and end at $105 per 125. Each of the plans offers a free trial (but it lasts only for three days).

Is TeamUp any good?

The tool can be a good choice for users who care about business management in different time zones. However, the platform works well for smaller organizations when expanding the Team is at stake and finding unique calendar colors is increasingly difficult.


Exercise is a platform that supports the management of a fitness studio, gym, or company that deals with personal training. It allows you to sell your workouts, group challenges, or even online broadcasts.

Pros of Exercise

Users often highlight good customer service and their friendly approach, which always responds on time. Also, the reporting functions are customizable and allow you to create detailed reports.

Top Exercise features

Excercise lets you create exercise programs and use templates for consistent programming. Moreover, the available training catalogs feature allows performance and user activity tracking.

Cons of Exercise

Many users complain about learning how to use the platform and the time they spend getting used to it (so it’s not user-friendly). They also emphasize that the aesthetics of the interface needs improvement in many aspects.

Exercise pricing

Exercise doesn’t provide a price list. To get the details, you need to fill out a form that will allow you to get a quote. After that, the software tries to adapt packages to your business’s size, needs, and type.

Is Exercise any good?

It might be a relatively good choice for people who want to develop their online business. In addition, the tool supports creating and sharing workouts customized to gym members’ needs. Nevertheless, many other PushPress alternatives offer similar benefits.


Mindbody is online scheduling software that supports fitness services and industry management. It assists you in managing bookings, employees, and marketing. 

Pros of Mindbody

Users emphasize that Minbody is a good fit for gyms and fitness studios because it provides CRM system solutions. On top of that, the software supports payments and lets personal trainers manage users and group members.

Top Mindbody features

The most critical functions of Mindbody include employee schedule management, which allows you to edit them quickly if necessary. Also, the software acts as a customer base that collects essential information about users that you can use for new strategies or activities.

Cons of Mindbody

One of the downsides that users highlight is Mindbody customer service, which replies slowly. Moreover, some complain that the configuration and some updates don’t work correctly.

Mindbody pricing

MindBody offers four plans to choose from. However, to get the final price, you need to fill out a form that will allow you to get a quote. Yet, you can compare how features vary between plans. Learn more about how Mindbody’s functionality works.

Is Mindbody any good?

Mindbody is a good solution for people looking for scheduling, automated payments, and CRM features. First, however, you should consider if good customer service is a crucial need for you.

PushPress alternatives wrapped up

Choosing the right fitness studio management platform can be a bit complicated. The above software examples represent various functions and enable multiple possibilities. 

Before making the final choice, analyze all the pros and cons. Moreover, try the demo or free version where possible and see if the tool meets your expectations. Then, enjoy higher productivity and effectiveness of your business.

If you are still hesitating, our top pick is WodGuru. Start a free month’s trial by signing up. Learn more about how effective club member software can help you.

PushPress Competitors FAQ 

What are PushPress alternatives?

PushPress alternatives are WodGuru, TeamUp, Exercise, and Mindbody. The top one is WodGuru. It provides high efficiency and flexibility and various built-in functions for managing membership. 

What’s more, WodGuru is an ideal solution if you want to develop your business and achieve user satisfaction constantly.

How do I cancel my PushPress membership?

You can cancel your membership using the member details tab. There, you will find the plan you want to cancel and use the context menu to select the cancel button.

What is PushPress?

PushPress is software for fitness businesses and is supposed to support reports, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance member management. However, its price might be high, and you can find better alternatives. WodGuru is one of them.

What size of fitness businesses can use PushPress?

The software is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as personal trainers. However, if you’re an owner of a larger company, you may need something else.

Does PushPress support personal trainers?

PushPress works as a platform for personal trainers but mostly supports organizations with their schedules, payment systems, and class management. 

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