How To Pick the Best Yoga Studio Software?

If you are trying to be the best yoga instructor, you probably know how demanding it can be during busy days. While managing your yoga business, you need to pay attention to scheduling classes, class attendances, payment processes, controlling memberships and even building a community. So many responsibilities and too little time, right? Yoga studio owners constantly need to improve and promote their studios to keep position on the market and attract new members. You’re very busy and might struggle with coordinating these actions. That’s why we’re here – with an excellent yoga studio software solution that helps in these areas. An all-in-one solution is key to making your work more effective and accessible. 

So, let’s check it out.

Why should you use yoga studio management software?

The idea of scheduling may have already crossed your mind. Don’t don’t, worry. We got your back. Here are five examples showing which areas might improve using yoga studio software. So, let’s have a look.

01 Yoga studio software saves time

One of the essential things in a business, especially while working with people, is saving time. Your main tasks are passing knowledge, conducting classes, and creating a safe environment for members. Yoga is a system of physical exercise strived at maintaining internal balance. 

Administrative tasks such as preparing a class schedule, online booking, or even accepting payments can bother your head and weaken your concentration.

However, you won’t bother with these tasks because the scheduler automatically deals with them. Instead, you can spend the saved time on other pleasures or ways to improve the classes’ quality. 

yoga studio software solution
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02 Yoga studio software makes communication with customers easier

As we mentioned, yoga is a specific range of exercises focusing on improving physical and mental comfort. Members who choose these classes can be divided into many types. 

Some of them are passionate, but some are people who are looking for relief in sports. Communication is vital for the second part because it supports their trust. 

Thanks to the robust platform, you will take care of all automatic reminders regarding classes, changes in the schedule or replacing a yoga teacher.

As a result, members may quickly contact you in case of a problem. Also, preventing issues will be easier and more effective.

03 Yoga studio software improves workflow

No more worries about administrative, marketing and payment processing tasks. You will forget about time-consuming activities and focus on what is essential. Automatic tools allow you to do things in seconds.

You can quickly check payment histories, attendance tracking and schedule changes. Quick access to information ensures that nothing slips your mind.

This way, customers consider your business reliable and credible, encouraging potential clients.

04 Yoga studio software is convenient

Sometimes people think that the more challenging it’s to achieve something, the better results they will receive. However, when it comes to business management, especially in which you play a highly active role, it is worth relying on automated tools for help. 

It saves time, protects against data leakage, prevents errors, and, most importantly, is convenient for members. Traditional class registration and the queue at the reception desk are no longer your problems.

With the appropriate application, you will enable your members to register online and quickly review available memberships. For you as an instructor, this is also helpful because you don’t waste time on unnecessary paperwork.

05 Yoga studio software increases customer satisfaction

Appropriate software allows you to check your client experience and satisfaction. Numerous methods, such as email and text surveys, enable you to assess which areas of the business require improvement and which work flawlessly.

Communicating with customers is one thing, but getting constructive feedback is another. You need to check their ratings to determine what your customers are missing. 

Their opinion is essential here because potential yoga studio members will follow their views. Finally, make sure members feel safe and satisfied in your club.

How to pick the best yoga studio software for your business?

If you are starting your adventure with choosing software, it is worth paying attention to a few features. We have compiled a list of ten aspects to help you make the right choice.

#1 Set your goals

Before you start your search for modern yoga studio software, ask yourself – what does my business need? Maybe it is an improvement in online scheduling, booking confirmations, payments, or business availability.

The list of needs and losses will guide you to the appropriate and basic features software should provide.

yoga studio software options
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#2 Research on your own and compare the prices

No one likes to overpay for things that don’t meet their expectations. So carefully examine all the plans and if there’re affordable prices for each yoga software. If there is a need, consult it with the rest of the instructors.

Also, check if the tool’s price is adequate with its features. Otherwise, the software may be overpriced.

#3 Make sure pieces of software of your choice have a free trial

It’s always better to test the software before the actual purchase. Why? You can slowly check out all of the functions and ensure it will be your perfect match. 

What’s more, if the tool doesn’t fit, you can easily cancel the free trial and don’t worry about your upcoming payment. Check if the offered functions are satisfactory.


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#4 Check out the set of features and upgrading options

Pay particular attention to the list of features that the software offers you. For example, check if it contains essential integrations, marketing tools, good schedule management tools or flexible payment options. Moreover, it’s worth improving software and ensuring periodic system updates.

#5 Ensure the customer support team is helpful and available

It can be challenging when your software doesn’t offer top-notch customer service. For example, if something stops working correctly, the integration fails, and you won’t be able to contact support quickly and fix the situation. 

On the other hand, quick reactions and preventing mistakes help improve the company’s image and, what is more, reduce stress.

#6 Figure out what customer management features the software provides

If your chosen software includes all-in-one CRM solution features, you can be sure that it will improve the quality of your work. The right tools help you focus on the customer and how your actions affect the organization.

#7 Pick software that makes billing easy

If you’re having a hard time controlling your payments, be sure to consider several common features to manage them. For instance, transfers by credit card, payment history, or delays are easy to check. Moreover, getting a tool that issues VAT invoices makes them no longer your concern.

#8 Read the reviews

Who will know better than the other customer, right? Carefully examine all the reviews available on multiple websites. Don’t stop at one place. Check out at least a few recent testimonials. Consider negative opinions and see if they point out something significant to you.

#9 Check if there’s a booking and scheduling system available

Imagine that booking places and class scheduling is no longer your problem. The tool will update the number of available places and send a purchase confirmation in just a few seconds. 

Thanks to this, administrative actions will be faster and easier to save user data. Also, you can quickly eliminate the possibility of encountering errors in scheduled classes.

#10 Make sure it provides a mobile app

Nowadays, smartphones are the most common tool for communication between people. They’re multifunctional and used for work, school and entertainment. Business software with a mobile app will increase your availability and, above all, credibility.

For instance, you can automatically inform members about upcoming events with a few clicks. If a business owner wants to stand out from the competition, it’s worth looking for an app for yoga studios that allows you to edit templates, icons or colors.

Our recommendation: Use WodGuru as your yoga studio software

Among many yoga studio software solutions, we have selected one to which you should pay particular attention. WodGuru is a perfect platform for dance studios, martial arts schools, fitness centers and many more sports-related businesses. 

Check out how WodGuru helps dance studios

The software is cloud-based, which makes it more available and affordable. WodGuru also minimizes additional costs by providing many integrations, task automation, working like a customer relationship management platform, and more.

With WodGuru, you will easily manage booking, scheduling, reporting, and administration activities. So, let’s have a look at its standout features.

Top features of WodGuru as your yoga studio software

#1 Website integration

If you ever struggle with integrating your website with other systems, WodGuru will help you. Without such a solution, you risk differences and errors in data. Such effects can lead to a loss of credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

Moreover, thanks to the cloud-based tool, you reduce operations costs and improve accurate information transfer. For example, you can create an online registration form for potential customers. 

Moreover, your schedule will be accessible, and any changes will appear automatically on the site. As a result, your online presence will be higher and more effective. Also, Integration with the website supports organizing online yoga classes.

#2 Mobile app

Nowadays, smartphones are an integral part of our lives. Your clients take them to school, college, and work. Thanks to the yoga app, you increase your availability and business communication, which positively affects your studio members.

The application works on both Android and iOS. Schedules, payment, class management, and membership changes are easy to check with just a few clicks. 

Additionally, the smartphone version is very customizable, allowing you to be creative and change icons, templates or even colors. 

#3 Membership management

Software options allow you to choose two types of membership: time-based or sessions based. You can easily change the membership type with individual settings. In addition, your customers have a ‘wallet’ option, in which you can also defer their payment if you consent.

Membership with this booking software allows you to customize features according to the customer, making it a flexible solution.

#4 Intuitive scheduling

Planning classes is one of the biggest challenges, primarily when working with many personal trainers. With WodGuru’s admin dashboard, you can automatically sign new participants for courses, edit, and even set up regular classes. Follow attendance rates and follow members’ progress.

Additionally, if the number of volunteers exceeds the studio’s capacity, you can use the waiting list option. Finally, quickly enter critical information about your classes and report backlinks to optional online courses.

#5 Smart payment process

The payment and billing process is no longer your concern – WodGuru will do it for you. You can quickly issue invoices, check payment status or even launch a warehouse with your employees. 

If you are worried about queues at the reception, use online payments and avoid reception desk queues. In addition, you can set up online sales, including season tickets. Moreover, your customers benefit from recurring and customizable payment forms.

#6 Automatic notifications

No more worries about forgetting essential information. The software offers automatic and customizable email or SMS notifications according to the client’s preferences.

It allows getting quick feedback and information about schedule changes, upcoming discounts, gift cards, or special events. So your members will be up-to-date, and they won’t miss a thing.

Picking the best yoga studio software: Conclusion

Appropriate software should control the management of yoga classes. It is easy to overlook some things during the daily tasks of the single studio owners (and not only). 

There are many options for yoga studios out there. But we have one of the best solutions – WodGuru. Its key features help to automate activities, control payments, schedule classes, and more. 

Its advanced functionalities and automation tools make your company more reliable and credible in the eyes of your customers. In addition, WodGuru provides a mobile application that allows you to be easily accessible and react quickly in case of problems. 

Don’t wait! check out WodGuru and how it works by signing up. You can read more about the software’s features on the WodGuru blog.

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