Member Software: What Can It Do For You?

If you run a gym, yoga studio, martial arts school, or maybe another member-based organization, you probably know how useful management software is. However, not all tools are created equal.

Are you wondering what a solid tool is capable of? In today’s article, you will learn about ten benefits of gym membership management software.

Ready? Let’s see what it can do for you.

What is member software?

Member software assists in managing your membership effectively and supports your daily workflow or payments. It also helps with the following: 

  • event planning, 
  • building lasting customer relationships, 
  • tracking their interactions with a gym or other sports-related business or professional associations

and more!

Comprehensive member directory systems offer features that allow you to manage gym members at a high level. And on top of that, providing them with the best experience is a breeze.

Benefits of membership software

Have you ever wondered what the right tool will bring you? We have selected the top ten benefits that membership management software platforms offer you. 

#1 Tasks automation

You can manage administrative tasks more effectively with reliable software. For instance, it is no longer necessary to send all messages to your club members, e.g., about discounts, birthday codes or payment reminders on your own. Membership development tools handle this for you. They work as a kind of template for managing projects – in this case, the day-to-day handling of admin tasks.

Generate email confirmations automatically and improve email outreach by using distribution lists. Aside from that, it’s possible to automate class booking with online event registration. What’s more, advanced application management features are at your fingertips.


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#2 A real influence on the software development

Users can significantly contribute to software development. If you feel like modifying some of the features you use, write to the customer support team about your ideas. 

For example, WodGuru’s team is always open to your suggestions and ready to help.

You’ve got to remember that accessible management solutions enable you to grow your business.

#3 Class sign ups via the mobile app

One of the key features of professional membership service is the ability to register events online and via smartphone. Now, mobiles are everywhere, so not taking advantage of them could be a big mistake. 

In just a few clicks, your customers will fill out digital forms and receive an online confirmation of their application.


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#4 Cost-effectiveness

With membership management software platforms, you have an actual revenue impact. What does it mean? The tool’s functions lead to good results, e.g., increasing interested customers at a low cost.

Track your billing details and feel your business is under control. So, you don’t have to pay separately for needed features, the software bundles them together, and you pay much less.

Besides, reduces workload, and you might save money by not hiring more employees.


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#5 Enhanced customers communication

If you are looking for suitable membership business software, it probably means that your clients are your top priority. Due to the offered functions, you may improve the quality of your customer service response and be able to contact your members in case of an emergency.

Contact information updates done via member software help you minimize the risk of a potential problem, prevent it, and make your members feel valued.

#6 Workouts programming

The fitness industry is a world with high competitiveness. But don’t worry. Powerful software comes to the rescue. How about creating online workouts that boost member engagement at home?

Not all of your clients might be present at every training session. But there’s a solution for that. With WodGuru, you can add a live broadcast from Youtube or Vimeo and then consider customer reviews and possible suggestions for improvement. Besides, content management is a snap, thanks to membership management software platforms.

#7 Increased revenue potential

Start with what activities bring the most benefits. For example, do cyclical discounts attract more customers, or do online workout programs increase revenues significantly? Then, thanks to the tool, you will quickly conclude and draw the necessary conclusions.

💡Detailed reporting makes it easier to determine your business’s performance and what needs improvement.

#8 Improved customers loyalty

As we mentioned, the fitness industry has a lot of competition. That’s why you need to ensure that you create a real social community for your members. The key to getting returning customers is making them feel part of the gym.

One of the primary features of member software is that you can create numerous discussion boards to encourage users to share their progress, achievements, or daily observations. So, treat the software as a customer management tool and use its potential to the fullest. Client satisfaction will increase! 

#9 Boosted efficiency

Have you ever complained about much work with little results? With members’ software, business management tasks are no longer overwhelming. The tool takes care of members’ matters and gets you through daily activities. As an additional benefit, built-in marketing automation increases brand awareness at a low cost.

The platform might assist you in creating personalized online workouts for your members, improving email automation, and launching email campaigns. Also, you will keep up with repetitive tasks and document management, such as membership dues and custom messages (for instance, birthday wishes). 

What’s more, you provide excellent customer service that will increase the efficiency of your business.

#10 Keeping up with the competition

One of the advanced features of association management software is staying ahead of the competition. Fortunately, not all sports-related brands use them. So, you will be one step further.

Online applications for member management allow you to think ahead, improve email communication, develop strategies, and stay on top of current trends. Your customers expect you to be open to change, so don’t let them down.

WodGuru: all-in-one membership management software 

WodGuru is a cloud-based membership management solution that empowers you to strengthen users’ engagement, organize their data better and increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

The platform is ideal for yoga studios, gyms, martial arts schools, or fitness studios. Along with quick online reservations, it equips you with task automation, customizable reporting, integrated payments, and marketing management. Also, you are able to quickly check the transaction history. 

The tool enables gym owners to enhance the involvement of members, manage their membership database and enjoy satisfied users. 

source of image: WodGuru

The all-in-one solution lets you use your business’s full potential with significantly reduced effort. Also, its appearance doesn’t limit you – you can adjust its design to the style of your business, choose colors, or change the mobile app icon. 

The WodGuru intuitive interface is transparent and user-friendly, making navigating and using the offered functions convenient. Then, it provides the best experiences with customer support. 

WodGuru: benefits

Let’s see the key features and the benefits the software might bring you.

💪🏻 Easy implementation

Did you find developing new strategies and event management challenging because of being burdened with other responsibilities? WodGuru will change that.

The membership management software system helps you properly use your productivity resources. Improve communication, better manage your sales and schedule, and enjoy returning customers with whom you can build long-term relationships.

💪🏻 Integrated with your website

Nothing is worse than the differences in the data you enter into the system that appears on your website. However, database management will be much better, thanks to the integration with the WodGuru website.

Including a gym schedule, a form submissions shop, and an introduction showcasing your business on your website is possible. On top of that, system integrations lead to better productivity and quality for your business.

Thanks to this, you minimize the chances of unfavorable situations. For instance, your client checked the not updated schedule, which made him late or entirely miss classes. But member software won’t make it happen.

💪🏻 CRM system

WodGuru is membership software that might work as a customer relationship management tool. Its system reminds you about upcoming events, like the club members’ birthdays, special product prices, classes, or online sessions. It supports the process of signing up or payment processing, providing membership features, and even setting up accounts for kids.

Such a function is helpful, especially for dance studios whose age groups start from the smallest ranges. Then, with a few clicks, you will check the member’s activity and status updates, which will appear through card readers.

Moreover, creating personalized SMS and email campaigns is possible, ensuring proper communication.

Still having doubts? Learn more about how member software improves your work.

💪🏻Card reader

Do you want to manage people entering the gym faster? The WodGuru cloud-based business management solution makes integrating with the card reader a breeze.

After reading the card, you see the card owner’s profile on your computer or smartphone screen.

source of image: WodGuru

Then, it lets you track users’ engagement, how often they show up at the gym, what classes they attend most often, and much more. Additionally, the software provides two types of card readers: barcode readers and proximity. 

This solution is advisable if your club expands, as it allows you to avoid extra costs. Then, you will quickly check the membership fees. 

Customer lists contain information about the gym goer’s presence during the month, seven days, or a custom period. 

Aside from that, you can find information about your membership’s expiration date, which is handy for sending automatic renewal reminders. 

Customizable membership levels provide flexibility that users greatly appreciate. Plus, attendance tracking enables you to measure members’ progress. 

💪🏻 Amazing customer support

Top-rated membership software offers not only extra features but a whole list of how you can manage them. Learn more about each feature here, such as membership types, how to activate and cancel them, and how to settle your payments.

In case of any problems or system errors, you contact customer support via phone or email, available on their website. WodGuru users strongly emphasize the reliability and simplicity of the software, which at the same time provides intuitive functions.

💪🏻Great for many sport club types

Another advantage of this digital platform is its flexibility. But what does it mean? The point is that it’s adjustable to all kinds of businesses that are based on memberships. So the software is equally suitable for fitness, yoga, pole dance, kettlebells studio, BJJ, or martial arts schools. 

source of image: Rawpixel

And the good news is that your business may include several of the above variants and still be on the top of member management and organization. If you work with many trainers, communication between them and gymgoers it’s not an issue anymore. Also, you can improve your associate management with additional features.

💪🏻 Mobile app solution

As mentioned earlier, in times of a culture ruled by smartphones, WodGuru offers an alternative in the form of a mobile app.

The mobile version is available on both Android and iOS. Thus, you increase your credibility and availability to potential members. Additionally, your logo and selected colors will be visible to users, strengthening brand awareness.

Your customers may quickly check the available dates of classes, change their reservations or book another one.

By using this cloud-based club management solution, you will be in constant contact and always up to date, for example, when you want to check your schedule tomorrow. Here is how the mobile app works with WodGuru.

Implement your member software today!

Cloud-based membership management software is essential for managing members of any gym, yoga studio, and many other sports-related businesses

It makes it easier to achieve communication goals, improve events registrations, save costs, start marketing automation, and simultaneously maximize positive results. Aside from that, automated renewals help you to reduce time, and built-in email marketing tools aim to engage customers.

Now it’s possible to spend this time on sales-oriented activities or gaining new members. WodGuru is a user-friendly software that will help you meet the above goals. It’s mobile-friendly, which increases your accessibility and credibility in front of your customers’ eyes. The size of your business does not play any role here. Both small and larger organizations benefit from this software.

An all-in-one platform sets membership-based businesses apart from the competition and enables them to maintain a high position in the market.

So, don’t wait. Sign up to start your journey with the membership management tool and check how WodGuru works. No credit card required.

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