Martial Arts Software: How to Pick the Best One?

It would be best to focus on internal matters, such as management software, whenever you’re considering managing your martial arts business. There is no other way to make your activities effective and productive. 


Because it’s crucial when the industry is constantly developing, more customers are coming in, and your recognition is increasing.

However, with such rapid growth, it’s easy to make small mistakes that can turn into large ones. So think about what you can achieve if you reach for the proper management tool.

Here we come to your help by introducing you to software for managing your members, time, and much more.

What is martial arts software?

Martial arts school management software is more than a tool to ensure your studio thrives. Whether your specialization is Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing or MMA, it will help you: 

  • organize customer information 
  • track statistics  
  • even help in marketing automation

The software is not only for people responsible for business but also for users who, thanks to the integration with the website, will gain greater and easier access to information. 

Then, you will get comprehensive reports that allow you to make other business decisions or help create new marketing strategies.

What’s more, your position in the market will be able to stabilize, and you will improve brand awareness. Then, the level of communication will enhance between employees and martial arts studio members. Also, good customer experiences allow for more effective client acquisition.

martial arts software what is

These are only a few of the martial arts software tools. Let’s talk about more of them in detail.

Martial arts software: Top benefits for your business

No more complaining about complicated student management. Among the many benefits the arts membership management software gives you, we have selected those that may be crucial to you. 

01 You can increase your revenue

The software helps us manage and take care of financial issues. One can connect to the other if you use the right tools. If your website satisfies the customer enough and your marketing management increases your popularity, you will increase the number of people willing to participate in the classes.

Effective software, with the possibility of recommendation, can expand your group of interests. With following current trends, introduce additional options for types.

Besides finding new customers, you can strengthen your existing relationships by turning them into loyal members.


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02 It automates tasks

Nowadays, most business owners strive to automate their activities as quickly as possible. Such an action has good consequences, for example, lowering labor costs, increasing efficiency, and even improving the safety of employees.

For instance, if the software is cloud-based, you can get more memory for data storage and access to information for those involved, but at the same time, you get high security for any data leakage. 

Many processes may seem time-consuming, but not with software that replaces many manual tasks with automation.

Additionally, you increase your chances of improving the quality of the product you offer, for example, via a customer satisfaction survey that is sent automatically after completing a course or class.

03 The software allows online booking

Many sports-related companies are departing from the traditional form of registration. Instead, online registration via social media is more common. 

The software should integrate your website with other systems, allowing users to freely navigate the site and get the information they are looking for.

You can easily accept clients’ reservations, cancel future classes and automatically inform the people involved. Remember that your website and the systems you operate on must collaborate. 

Otherwise, you will run into errors that customers will complain about. What’s more, you can quickly check your daily schedule.


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04 It helps with building a customer connection

Your clients are a factor that significantly influences your success. It’s crucial for them to feel safe and trust the place where they spend so much free time and put their energies. If your clients complain about an apparent lack of communication or understatement, it’s a sign that you should reach out for martial art software. Then, studio owners will quickly and easily access information when a member has questions or wants to get in touch.

Make sure your members are getting enough customer service opportunities, for example, a database of questions and answers about the most common problems and concerns. Benefits from such activities receive both them and you. Build a loyal community through member management. They can show you which aspects are doing well and what needs immediate change or improvement. The customer journey might be an intuitive experience.  

05 It’s a time saver

Nothing is worse than wasting time on activities that could be done in seconds. Martial arts software has many purposes, and saving time is the primary one. Administrative tasks, online reservations, or even registration details can be completed in a few clicks.

As a result, you act faster and more efficiently without worrying that something has escaped your attention.

In addition, you can automatically inform martial artists about events and special offers or even replace the presenter. 

Key software features you need to pay attention to

Now that you know all about the core features of the appointment scheduling solution, it’s time to present key features that can positively affect your daily tasks. So, let’s see.

#1 Mobile app solution for staying in touch with attendees

Nowadays, smartphones are like our second right hand; they’re always with us, and we can quickly contact the world, employees or our loved ones. 

Gym management solutions with mobile applications expands your possibilities. By being more available, you will improve employee and customer communication.

Efficient school owners, in case of any issues, get a notification as quickly as possible. So, the software application must coincide with your website. 

Moreover, it would be best to take care of the visual aspects of the application – configure the name,  icon, or booking widget. Don’t forget that the app should be user-friendly and tailored to specific functions.

#2 Influence attendance tracking process

Attendance management might seem like a challenge, but not with robust software. You can create a special list of people involved, breaking it down into individual classes. 

Thanks to attendance tracking, you will be able to monitor the progress and enhance belt ranks individually and the entire group. Belt tracking is especially important for martial arts practitioners.

In addition, you will assess the level of the group’s attendance and commitment.

Finally, rank tracking helps you see which activities in the class positively affect the group and which don’t. Advanced progress tracking features will help create participant satisfaction surveys. Membership management software will help you keep the balance in your company.

martial arts software example

#3 Integrated website services for improving workflow

The systems you operate on should integrate with the website. Otherwise, you and users may run into many mistakes like data differences. Potential members may assume that your business is unprofessional. 

Moreover, with cloud-based software, you reduce the risk of such consequences, simultaneously reduce operating costs, and accelerate information transfer. What’s more, integrated payment processing will allow faster purchases through the website.

#4 Customer Relationship System for taking care of customers

Your gym management software should work like an all-in-one CRM solution. Effectively improve business relationships and interactions between potential customers. As a result, you can improve profitability and streamline your processes.

Customer relationship management won’t be complicated anymore. You may improve the quality of your content and create email marketing campaigns tailored to your needs.

Management software for gyms, health clubs, boxing & MMA academies includes a wide range of features, so it’s better to use it to speed up your work. This kind of fitness industry-specific, small business CRM solution really helps manage relationships with members.

#5 System recommendation for acquiring new customers

What if I tell you that with a suitable tool, you can create an accurate referral program that measures client engagement and satisfaction? 

Thanks to appropriately selected questions, you will find out which areas need improvement and bring the most significant benefits.

As a result, gym owners feel that they have complete control and a real influence on future events and opinions. 

Furthermore, the recommendation system can be automatically sent to the participant’s bulk emails after the end of the class. Client experience is the most important here.

#6 Helpful support team for bettering your services

The key to a thriving business is nothing else than looking for changes, examining from different perspectives and testing. Your products – martial arts classes, must have something that will distinguish them from other schools on the same subject.

As a trainer, you need to remember that true success is about strengthening your motivation. 

Take advantage of the energy these people give you every day, and what’s more, check what they think about the activities so far.

Create a place where members can share their gym insights. The fitness studio and other sports institutions should provide the client with an amazing experience. 

Thanks to this, their chances of getting loyal customers are higher. Communication tools that arts studio management software offers make it more accessible. 

Start your journey with community building.

#7 Billing management for making payments easy

Payments and customer service have never been more manageable with proper martial arts software. You will quickly issue invoices, check payment status or launch a warehouse with your employees.

The custom software enhances the efficiency and availability of many administrative tasks. For example, you can easily create a discount bag and integrate it with gym card readers. Instant access to financial reports made financial reporting super quick and efficient.

WodGuru: a perfect solution for martial arts studio management 

WodGuru is a cloud-based management software for affiliate gyms, martial arts centers, yoga studios, health clubs, fitness centers or even coaching platforms, and more. 

Top WodGuru martial arts software features

It provides a whole set of management, booking, class scheduling, robust reporting, automation, and even administrative tools. 

In addition, the device offers a mobile application with customizable dashboards that will make you more accessible to your customers. Members can log in in seconds, check the schedule, or get the relevant information.

Along with the cloud-based solution, you gain a variety of memberships. Your customers can use three options: member, guest, and subaccount, depending on their preferences. 

Class management, daily admin tasks, and booking confirmation have never been easier.

Moreover, this software provider offers multisport card integration, which may seem beneficial to many members. Also, it approves all payments by credit cards and more automatically.

In case of complications, you can quickly cancel the class and inform the instructor about the change in just a few seconds. 

Contrarily, you will receive an automatic email notification when the member cancels their booking. You can quickly check your email history and return the needed data Also, you can easily check student tracking. However, you can choose SMS notification instead.

This business management software allows you to develop a unique recommendation system. With it, you will see how to measure customer engagement and satisfaction. 

The martial arts software supports your daily activities, reducing the risk of making mistakes. For example: 

  • manage your clients and employees better 
  • create new plans 
  • compare your ideas with current statistics and check what step you should take next

With the WodGuru custom app, you can quickly check the event calendar, create an inventory report and even adjust the class schedules of other employees.

💪🏻 Moreover, you can create a unique rewards program for the best studio members. With a customizable, professional-looking class calendar, you can attract more customers.

Cloud-based scheduling solution offers a 30-day free trial to determine if this tool is right for you. As a result, you can carefully analyze its functions and try it in practice.


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WodGuru pricing

The tool pricing is based on the number of employees. Prices start at €0.79 per member. So, for example, for 125 employees, you will pay €99 per month.

Martial Arts Software: Conclusion 

Practical activities of martial arts gyms or fitness clubs should be preceded by selecting the appropriate software.

Our recommendation for martial arts software solutions is WodGuru. This tool includes the advanced features of a booking tool, business reporting, CRM, mobile app customization, and more.

Martial arts school owners should remember that the software must integrate with their website; they will run into errors without it. 

Your availability must be high, so choose a platform with essential tools that will allow you to use the mobile version. The right club management software saves you time and helps you avoid arduous tasks. 

💡 Also, don’t forget to post about your website on social media channels to attract new members.

Your actions may be more straightforward but more effective. What’s more,  hundreds of sports clubs have decided to take advantage of this feature.

So don’t wait and start WodGuru’s free trial -inclusive management platform for fitness businesses along with midsize businesses and larger ones. Deep insights will allow you to make tremendous progress and improve management workflows. Also, you can check out the WodGuru blog.

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