Global Gym: Is It Worth It? Best Competitors for 2022

Running a business might be a tough nut to crack. A pile of documentation, billions of tasks, and even more challenges. That’s why it is worth using a system that will streamline your work and help you to manage your club without a hassle. And Global Gym offers such a solution. But…

Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Is it worth using Global Gym to manage your place?

In today’s blog post, we will clear out your doubts and provide you with a list of the best Global Gym alternatives so that you can compare them to each other and choose a perfect solution for your business.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details!

What is Global Gym Software?

It is a website designed for gyms and other sports-related companies. It aims to help manage your sports club, automate tasks, and simplify your work with many features. 

Speaking of which, let’s see what Global Gym can offer you.

Global Gym’s best features and benefits

You can find there:

Membership management

Global Gym allows you to register members to the system, renew subscriptions, send bulk SMSes, and get fitness lovers notified via a mobile app. It is a convenient solution for both employees and gym users.

Emails and SMS notifications

You can constantly contact your gym members thanks to automated email messages. Don’t worry about forgetting users’ birthdays – the system will do it for you. 

The attendance tracking system

Using a fingertips scanner, you can track who attends your gym and when. This way, you can gather data that may help you make future decisions, for example, regarding opening hours or what time is best for starting classes.

Reports and analysis  

Monitor how many active members there are, what you spend money on, or what are clients’ inquiries. All the data can be presented on a chart.

A mobile app

You and our club members can have an app using both Android and iOS. So that members have access to their notifications and reminders on demand.

Global Gym software pricing

Global Gym’s price is $199 per year. Unfortunately, neither a free plan nor a more expensive package is available. But, to see how it works, you can see a demo.

Global Gym: Is it really worth it?

The software offers a wide range of features, and the price seems affordable. However, it has some alarming drawbacks.

❌ Their site needs updating, and it’s hard to navigate.
❌ Finding the necessary information is rather challenging.
❌ There is only one pricing option available and no possibility to upgrade.
❌ It lacks a free plan and a demo version.
❌ To test all the functionalities, you need to buy a plan.
❌ There are almost no user reviews.

So, is it the best software for managing gyms in the world? In our opinion…

Hesitating about Global Gym
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That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best alternatives to Global Gym. So let’s move on, and take a look at them.

#1 WodGuru as a Global Gym alternative

If you are looking for a software solution to manage your fitness center, WodGuru is an excellent choice. It’s equipped with a solid set of features, so that you can automate many tasks and build a customer connection with gym goers.

WodGuru best features and benefits

Here’s what WodGuru has to offer 💪🏻

Automate your tasks and save time 

With WodGuru, you can create marketing and sales automation – send messages about upcoming events, new equipment facilities, and special offers to all your members in minutes. 

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about typing manually all the gym members’ details because the system does that for you. Thanks to automatic signups, you can save plenty of time that you can spend on more complex tasks that need your expertise and personal approach. 

Use mobile app and build brand awareness

WodGuru allows you to stay in constant contact with your customers via mobile app. Your gym members will love it! It’s super convenient, easy to use, and lets you keep mobile app users checking all the necessary information about their favorite classes there. 

It’s possible to set up a logo of your brand and your company’s name. This way, mobile app users will see your brand every time they look on the phone. As a result, your brand awareness will increase, and you’ll be able to express your yoga studio philosophy even through the app.

💡 Did you know that in 2021 Americans checked their phones 262 times daily? So it is approximately once every 5.5 minutes. 

Integrate your website with the software and keep your members updated

Integrate your website with gym management software so that gym lovers can get all the latest class information. Moreover, with an integrated website, all the users can easily register and purchase a membership directly from your website. By doing so, you can make joining the classes an enjoyable process.

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It is an excellent solution for those who don’t have an app or prefer to register or sign up for classes using their computers. Also, the integration enables you to update the schedule on social media or any other platform where you can connect with gym users.

Take advantage of the CRM system and increase sales

Customer Relationship Management is an excellent system that reminds you about all the special events like your members’ birthdays and special offers on this occasion. 

Also, the WodGuru CRM system will help you manage members’ statuses and send them personalized emails or SMSes about upcoming events. 

When logged in WodGuru system, you can stay connected to your club members and express your support. It’s always worth reminding that the first step to a healthier life is taking care of the mind and body. 

Increase your revenue with training programming

WodGuru software lets you program workouts, showing users how to exercise correctly (let’s smuggle little education because why not?!) at home without equipment. Make it fun for them and upload gym content adjusted to their strength and flexibility! Give some tips in the description box – for instance, how many times a week it’s best for their health to do this type of activity.

Track the attendance and get your gym members informed

The attendance list is also helpful in updating information about fitness classes. You can quickly inform gym goers about a new instructor or reschedule details. With the list, you see what classes are the most popular, control class attendance, and notify your members about recent class updates.

It is a valuable solution for gyms, yoga studios, dance schools, and other fitness-related services.

Sell memberships at ease and take care of fitness lovers’ health

With WodGuru, you can manage reception duties effortlessly. For example, running storage, issuing invoices, or integrating a gym card reader can be done in a few simple steps at no additional cost – all easy and intuitive, thanks to a user-friendly interface. 


🚀 Free ebook!

Online Membership Sales Booster

This free ebook will allow your gym members to buy and extend their memberships on their own at any time of the day or night, and it will save you a lot of time that you spend on manual invoicing!

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WodGuru’s superpower is definitely customer care. Read the testimonials to learn what others think about this software.

Clinets feedback
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WodGuru pricing

Monthly, you will be charged €0.79 per member. The good news is that the maximum price is €99 per month for the software offerings – no additional costs. 

WodGuru: is it really worth it?

Our answer is yes! WodGuru provides many features that will make your work a breeze at affordable prices.

#2 Mindbody as a Global Gym alternative

Mindbody is software for managing fitness clubs, salons, spas, and health-related services, and it also can be a Global Gym alternative. 

Mindbody’s best features and benefits

We’ve compiled a list of benefits that you might find interesting.

Marketing support

Thanks to marketing support, you can integrate your social media and keep your gym members informed about training details or new fitness programs – you name it. You can also send messages about special prices or discounts.

Automatic payments

Mindbody software also deals with payments – you can track every transaction and enable members to purchase the membership. You’ll see their payment history, track your revenue, and set up automated recurring payments.

Gym performance insights 

With this feature, business owners and managers can track KPIs and monitor if their goals are met. You can see daily, monthly and yearly performance.

A mobile app

The app is available, but only in chosen plans. Using the app, you can customize it by adding your logo and brand name. Also, members can get notified about canceled pilates classes, a new yoga teacher, or instructions for new locker rooms.

Classes streaming 

If you want to stream your classes, you can do it using Mindbody software. However, streaming features are pretty limited – there are many other tools available that will help you with streaming offering better video quality and sharing options.

Mindbody pricing 

There are four pricing plans:

  • Starter at $159/month
  • Accelerate at $279/month
  • Ultimate at $499/month
  • Ultimate Plus at $699/month

Regardless of how many members you have, the price doesn’t change. 

Mindbody: is it really worth it?

Mindbody offers a lot of features, but there are some drawbacks as well.

❌ Own branded mobile app is available only for subscribers of the most pricy plan.
❌ The level of customer service is poor.
❌ An app interface is not intuitive enough to use effortlessly.
❌ Pricing plans might be quite pricy for some users.
❌ CRM system could work better.
❌ Their Support Center subpage is hard to navigate.

Many areas need to be fixed. Mindbody has many features, but you can find gym management software for a more affordable price with a similar set of features. So, before making a decision, look through all of the facilities available to evaluate if you’ll be able to use all the tool’s potential. 

#3 Pike13 as a Global Gym alternative

If you are looking for software for managing a yoga studio, swim school, martial art school, or any other type of sports club, Pike13 might be an option for you.

Pike13 best features and benefits

See what it has to offer.

Scheduling and integration

Promote the training and workouts, and encourage users to sign up for their favorite classes with a scheduling tool. In addition, sports club owners can integrate the software with their sites and have all the details updated.


Pike13 enables gym managers and owners to monitor class performance and revenue and track financial reports. The data presented in a table may help you find necessary data faster.

A mobile app 

Managing a fitness center on the go is possible with an app. You can get a quick overview of the metrics you find essential wherever you are – staff reports, client reports, and more. It is available for both customers and employees. Additionally, you can customize the app by adding your logo.

Client management 

This feature lets you see all the clients’ details in one place – profile information, upcoming events, and account history. Moreover, club members can also schedule their activities, decide whether to do a low impact exercise to maintain balance and then review their training. 

Pike13 pricing 

There are three packages available:

  • Essential at $139/month
  • Advanced at $199/month
  • Premium at $279/month

Whatever the number of members, the price remains the same. You can schedule a call with a customer team to check out a demo version to check how it works.

Pike13: is it really worth it?

See where Pike13 falls short.

❌ The customizable app is only available for Premium plan subscribers.
❌ Users complain about poor integration with Google Calendar.
❌ Some experienced difficulties with reporting – it’s hard to navigate.
❌ Pike13 is a bit pricy compared to some other alternatives.

Pike13 has some potential, but after taking a closer look, there are a few things to work on. If you need a more advanced tool, maybe it’s better to search for some other solution.

#4 PushPress as a Global Gym alternative

Another competitor to Global Gym is PushPress. It is a gym management system for both small and large fitness clubs. 

PushPress best features and benefits

Here are a few features that you might find interesting.

Integrations with other tools 

Thanks to external integrations with other tools, you can connect with other platforms and track the analysis of your data, send emails, get access to Google Calendar, and more. Check the integration list and see how many of your favorite tools are connected to the software.


All plans provide automated billing, so you don’t have to manually send invoices or make transfers. You can set up customized billing for different members and get them reminded about the payments thanks to automatic notifications.

A mobile app

App users can register for classes, make purchases, or update their personal information. Also, setting up your logo and changing the colors to match your brand is possible. This way, you can improve your brand exposure.

Product selling

PushPress software enables you to run product pre-orders. Doing so means you don’t hold inventory and don’t have to pay upfront. Also, members can buy items using both the app and the dashboard.

PushPress pricing 

You can find three PushPress subscription plans:

  • Free at $0
  • Pro at $159/month
  • Max at $229/month 

Pro and Max plans also come with a free trial.

PushPress: is it really worth it?

The software seems to be a user-friendly one with a rich package of features. But, there are some disadvantages you need to consider before investing your money.

❌ Integrating external apps are rather confusing.
❌ Free plan is quite limited – you can register only two employees into the system
❌ Advanced reports are available only in the highest plan.

PushPress is not an ideal solution. However, it might still be an option for some.

📚 A book recommendation: The Global Gym: Gender, Health and Pedagogies by Thomas Johansson

Global Gym competitors – which is the best for fitness professionals?

Before choosing a tool for managing your business, thorough research is critical. Go through all the features, and think about the best choice for your business. Also, an individual approach is essential here because each company has unique goals. 

But, if you need some advice, our pick is WodGuru. It is a great alternative and Global Gym competitor that will help you to take the management to the next level and simplify your everyday life (in a fitness context). Why wait? Sign up for free! Make your place stand out from the competitors and be one of the best gyms nearby! (and one day, one of the best gyms in the world) 🏋️‍♀️ 

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