20 Best Fitness Blogs (2024)

In 2024, the landscape of the fitness industry has continued to evolve, bringing forward a diverse array of voices and experts who share their insights through blogs. Whether you’re embarking on your fitness journey or looking to refine your regimen, finding a source of motivation and credible information is key. 

Fitness blogs not only provide workouts and nutrition advice but also offer personal stories and cutting-edge trends that can inspire and guide us. This article presents the 20 best fitness blogs of the year, carefully selected based on their quality of content, expertise in the field, engagement with readers, and regular updates. 

From guides for beginners to advanced training techniques, and from holistic wellness to the latest in fitness technology, these blogs offer something valuable for everyone. Join us as we explore these top-tier fitness blogs, each a beacon for health and well-being in the digital age.

Why is WodGuru the best fitness blog?

At WodGuru, we are very well acquainted with the needs of our audience. We have a blog that is unique and a mix of informative articles, information about our gym and fitness studio management system, as well as tips that will be useful to gym owners, fitness clubs and other businessmen. You’ll find interesting content, success stories and valuable resources to help you grow your business! 

What is a fitness blog?

Fitness blogs are specialized sites most often created by certified fitness trainers, healthy living enthusiasts, or simply fitness influencers. It is blogs that make health and fitness professionals share their insights, experiences and expert advice with a wider audience.

Health and fitness professionals blogs serve as an important resource for those looking to improve their physical well-being. Good blogs offer everything: 

  • workout tips, 
  • nutrition tips,
  • reviews of the latest fitness trends, 
  • advice on equipment,
  • information on fitness challenges,
  • fitness inspiration. 
Best fitness blog - you can make it by yourself

In 2024, the importance of fitness has increased due to increased awareness of maintaining health and preventing disease. As people strive to improve their lives, fitness blogs have become essential tools for information and motivation. They not only connect readers to the fitness community at large, but also provide personalized content that can be tailored to individual needs and goals. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, fitness blogs are an indispensable part of navigating the changing landscape of health and fitness.

Fitness blogs often encompass a wide range of content, including:

  • Workout Routines: Fitness bloggers create and share their own exercise routines, detailing each move, set, and repetition for their readers to follow along with at home or in the gym.
  • Product Reviews: Bloggers test and review fitness products, from workout gear and equipment to supplements and apparel, offering their honest opinions and recommendations.
  • Nutritional Advice: Fitness bloggers provide guidance on nutrition, offering tips on meal planning, healthy eating habits, macronutrient balance, and dietary supplements to support fitness goals.
  • Training Tips: Bloggers offer insights into effective training techniques, exercise form, injury prevention, recovery strategies, and workout programming tailored to different fitness levels and goals.

What are the benefits of fitness blogs for gym and fitness studios owners?

Fitness blogs play a key role in inspiring and guiding readers through their fitness journeys. Sharing expert advice, personal anecdotes and motivating success stories, these blogs provide the encouragement and knowledge needed to start and maintain a fitness journey. 

What are the benefits of a fitness blog?

Fitness blogs offer a myriad of benefits for individuals looking to improve their health and well-being:

  1. Educational resource: Fitness blogs serve as valuable educational platforms, providing readers with access to a wealth of information on various aspects of fitness, including workout routines, nutrition, exercise science, and lifestyle habits. Readers can learn about the latest trends, research findings, and best practices in the realm of health and fitness.
  2. Motivation and inspiration: Fitness blogs often feature success stories, transformation journeys, and motivational content that can inspire readers to set and achieve their own fitness goals. By sharing real-life experiences and triumphs, these blogs help cultivate a sense of motivation, determination, and accountability among their audience.
  3. Workout ideas and guidance: One of the primary benefits of fitness blogs is the abundance of workout ideas and guidance they offer. From beginner-friendly routines to advanced training programs, readers can discover a wide range of workouts tailored to their fitness level, goals, and preferences. Detailed instructions, demonstration videos, and tips on proper form and technique further enhance the effectiveness of these workouts.
  4. Nutritional advice: Many fitness blogs provide valuable nutritional advice and guidance to help readers make informed choices about their diet and eating habits. From meal planning tips and healthy recipes to discussions on macronutrients, micronutrients, and dietary supplements, these blogs offer comprehensive support for optimizing nutrition and fueling fitness goals.
  5. Community and support: Fitness blogs often foster a sense of community and camaraderie among their readers, creating a supportive environment where individuals can connect, share experiences, and seek encouragement. Through comments sections, forums, social media groups, and interactive features like challenges and Q&A sessions, readers can engage with like-minded individuals and receive support on their fitness journey.
  6. Accountability and tracking progress: Many fitness blogs encourage readers to track their progress, set goals, and hold themselves accountable for their health and fitness outcomes. Whether through tracking or popular fitness apps, goal-setting exercises, or regular check-ins, these blogs empower individuals to take ownership of their health and monitor their progress over time.
  7. Expert insights and advice: Fitness blogs often feature contributions from experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, psychology, and wellness, providing readers with access to professional insights and advice. From certified trainers and nutritionists to psychologists and medical professionals, these experts offer evidence-based recommendations and personalized guidance to help readers achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively.

TOP 20 most popular fitness blogs you need to follow

In the ever-evolving world of health and fitness, staying up to date with the latest information, trends and techniques can be a challenge. Fortunately, the digital age brings with it a wealth of resources, especially in the form of fitness blogs. 

TOP 20 most popular fitness bloggers

We’ve specially curated a select list of as many as the top 20 fitness blogs in 2024. This will give you insight into the most insightful, engaging and informative fitness content. We’ve selected blogs that inspire, educate and motivate readers – and that includes everyone from newbies starting out in fitness to seasoned athletes looking to improve their performance. 

  1. Nerd Fitness
  2. WodGuru
  3. Breaking Muscle
  4. Anytime Fitness
  5. The Fitnessista
  6. Chuze Fitness Blog
  7. Mindbodygreen
  8. Blogilates
  9. Chris Freytag
  10. Girls Gone Strong
  11. Kayla Itsines
  12. Tony Gentilcore
  13. Be Healthy Now
  14. Fit Bottomed Girls
  15. Born Fitness
  16. Love Sweat Fitness
  17. Jessi Kneeland
  18. Powercakes
  19. Ben Greenfield Life
  20. Legion Athletics

Best fitness blog statistic you should know:

  • Online traffic: Measures the number of unique visitors to a blog, indicating its popularity and how effectively it attracts and maintains reader interest.
  • Posts per day: Provides insight into the frequency of content updates, which is critical to keeping readers engaged and relevant in the rapidly changing field of fitness.
  • Social media followers: Reflects the blog’s ability to engage a larger audience and influence fitness trends through platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Domain authority: Evaluates a blog’s credibility and relevance in the fitness industry, affecting its visibility and ranking in search results.
  • Engagement factor: Examines how readers interact with a blog’s content through likes, comments and shares, which can indicate the value and impact of the content.
  • Rejection rate: The percentage of visitors who leave a site after viewing only one page, providing insight into the content’s ability to attract an audience.
  • Subscriber growth rate: Tracks the growth of subscribers over time, showing the blog’s effectiveness in building dedicated fans.
  • Average reading time: Indicates the average time visitors spend reading blog content, an indicator of engagement and content quality


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1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a healthy lifestyle blog founded in 2008 by Steve Kamb. The goal was to create a site that would help people who:

  • work behind a desk,
  • love nerd culture, games, books and movies,
  • want to start making healthier choices in life.

Steve is an internationally respected fitness blogger who supports ordinary people to get in shape. He is also a fitness coach and author of the book “Elevate Your Life: How to unlock adventure and happiness by becoming the hero of your own story.” His blog has appeared in leading publications such as “The New York Times”, “Washington Post”, “Wall Street Journal and USA Today”.

Facebook followers:95 900
Instagram followers:54 200
Average traffic:198K 
Nerd Fitness blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Nerd Fitness?

The Nerd Fitness blog helps you develop healthy fitness habits, but also get into a fitness routine. The blog’s content is written by experts and based on scientific research. Whether you’re interested in advice on yoga, karate, weightlifting or cycling, you’ll find it all on their website.

Like many fitness blogs, this one offers topics related to:

  • Fitness and training
  • Nutrition tips, such as Keto, Paleo, etc.
  • Workouts to do at home
  • Weight lifting
  • Strength training for men and women

2. Wod Guru Blog

WodGuru is first and foremost a system for managing gyms, fitness studios and any other fitness company, which definitely makes work easier and increases satisfaction of club members. But that’s not all! 

WodGuru is also a blog where you can find:

  • fitness advice on WodGuru,
  • lifestyle and exercise tips,
  • fitness tips for fitness enthusiasts,
  • helpful advice on running a fitness business.
Facebook followers:1 700 
Instagram followers:582
Average traffic:9,4 K 
  • What is WodGuru?

An online gym management system like WodGuru is a tool that allows gym owners to effectively manage their facilities and members via the Internet. WodGuru offers a number of features, including:

  • Booking and managing classes.
  • Monitoring member attendance and payments.
  • Creating and sharing workout plans.
  • Communicating with members via email or push notifications.
  • Analyzing performance and participation data.

WodGuru is a recommended club management system.

You get an unlimited trial! Register your account and see how WodGuru can help you run your club.
  • Why should you follow WodGuru?

Following the WodGuru blog can be valuable for several reasons:

  • News and updates: Regular blog posts keep you informed of new features and system updates, providing users with the latest information.
  • Guides and tips: The blog can provide guides and tips on how to effectively use the WodGuru system and best practices for managing an online gym.
  • Case studies: Publications may include case studies featuring successful stories from system users, which can provide inspiration and ideas for effective use of the tool.
  • Promotions and offers: Blog posts may also include information about promotions, special offers or discounts available to users of the WodGuru system.
  • Keeping an eye on the WodGuru blog, therefore, provides access to valuable information and resources that can support effective online gym management.
WodGuru - blog screen

3. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is a site that provides quality fitness content backed by scientific facts. The blog is extremely comprehensive and is considered expert. 

Facebook followers:363 700
Instagram followers:22 100
Average traffic:92,4 K 

The blog’s content is clearly divided into sections for trainers and instructors, as well as for consumers. A wide variety of content is available, such as reviews, videos, workouts, fitness articles and product reviews. It’s also a great resource for bodybuilders, offering plenty of advice on building muscle mass.

Breaking Muscle blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Breaking Muscle?

Breaking Muscle was founded by Mindith Rahmat and is now owned by BarBend. David Tao is the current co-founder and CEO of BarBend.

If you’re looking for workout principles, a variety of body workouts and nutrition tips to get stronger, Breaking Muscle is a great fitness blog to follow. What kind of information will you find here?

  • News from the world of fitness
  • Workouts and creative workouts
  • Workout resources
  • Nutrition
  • Health tips
  • Reviews of popular and trending fitness products

4. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a franchise chain that operates 24-hour fitness clubs in the US. The company also maintains a blog that focuses on health and fitness, offering a variety of content to support those seeking to improve their health and fitness. 

The founder of Anytime Fitness is Chuck Runyon, who created the brand in 2002. 

Facebook followers:539 200
Instagram followers:143 600
Average traffic:1,3 M
  • Why should you follow Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness is a fitness blog worth following if you’re interested in a healthy lifestyle and want regular inspiration and practical advice on staying fit.

  • Versatility of content: Anytime Fitness provides a variety of content covering all aspects of healthy living, from exercise to diet and motivation.
  • Professionalism: This blog is run by fitness experts who provide reliable and valuable information.
  • Inspiration and motivation: Regular articles and blog posts provide inspiring success stories, motivating readers to pursue their health goals.
  • Updates and news: By following this blog, you can stay up to date with the latest trends and information on health and fitness.
Anytime Fitness blog - screen

5. The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista is a blog founded by Gina, who wanted a place where she could share healthy recipes and workouts. As a result, she herself gained healthy eating habits and lost 40 lbs. of weight. Among other things, the blog’s author is a certified NASM personal trainer, NASM women’s fitness specialist, licensed to teach Zumba and Aqua Zumba workouts, and an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor. 

The Fitnessista blog - screen
  • Why should you follow The Fitnessista?

The site offers advice on postpartum fitness, healthy eating tips and recipes, sports in general, but also personal training or healthy habits. 

If you are looking for a place where you can find lifestyle tips, led by a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, this place will be perfect for you. Gina is a body coach who uses diet tips, weight loss advice. This is the best workout blogs for women. 

Facebook followers:30 100
Instagram followers:29 000
Average traffic:37 K

6. Chuze Fitness Blog

Chuze Fitness is a well-known fitness center chain that is gaining followers, including through its fitness blog. It is primarily a one-stop resource for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. It offers a wide range of content, including workout routines, nutrition tips, mental health advice and motivational stories to help readers maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Chuze Fitness blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Chuze Fitness Blog?

The blog was started by the founders of Chuze Fitness, who aimed to create a supportive community not only within the walls of their gyms, but also online. The founders’ vision was to create a platform that would extend the supportive, community-focused atmosphere of their gym to a digital space that could be used by members and non-members alike.

The Chuze Fitness blog is worth following for several reasons:

  • It provides practical, hands-on advice that applies to both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. 
  • The blog also stands out for its emphasis on creating a sense of community and belonging, reflecting the core values of Chuze Fitness itself. 
  • Regular updates ensure that content is not only relevant, but also adapts to the changing dynamics of fitness trends and health research, making it a reliable source for anyone interested in supporting a healthier lifestyle.
Facebook followers:58 000
Instagram followers:50 300
Average traffic:7,9 K

7. Mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand that aims to promote well-being through a holistic approach. The platform focuses on areas such as health, wellness, fitness, personal development and sustainable living. 

Facebook followers:3 100 000
Instagram followers:1 400 000
Average traffic:3,3 M
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

The blog was founded by Jason Wachob, who envisioned a website that would help people become healthier and happier. Therefore, Mindbodygreen integrates various aspects of well-being into one connected platform.

Mindbodygreen blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Mindbodygreen?

The content provided by Mindbodygreen is diverse and comprehensive, covering articles, podcasts and video series on health, fitness topics ranging from yoga and nutrition to mental health and sustainable living practices. The site celebrates experts, including medical professionals, therapists, nutritionists and personal success stories, ensuring that the information is not only credible, but also actionable.

8. Blogilates

Blogilates is a vibrant and engaging fitness blog. The content provided by Blogilates is both diverse and inclusive, featuring workout videos that cater to different fitness levels, printable workout guides and challenges that encourage users to stay motivated and engaged. 

Blogilates blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

Blogilates was created by Cassey Ho, an award-winning fitness instructor and entrepreneur. Cassey’s approach is very personal and motivating, making fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of the starting point of the journey. Cassey Ho brings a unique and contagious enthusiasm to fitness, making every workout enjoyable and effective. 

Facebook followers:1 300 000
Instagram followers:2 800 000
Average traffic:69,5 K
  • Why should you follow Blogilates?

The blog focuses on Pilates-inspired workouts and is known for its fun, energetic approach to fitness and health. Recently, Blogilates has evolved into a comprehensive platform that goes beyond exercise to include meal plans, recipes and healthy lifestyle tips.

  • The blog promotes body positivity and self-love, which resonates deeply with a wide audience.
  • Blogilates’ strong social media aspect, with its supportive and active social media presence, provides an additional layer of motivation for those watching. 
  • Blogilates is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add positive character and energy to their fitness routine.

9. Chris Freytag – Get Healthy U

The Get Healthy U blog is dedicated to encouraging people to lead healthier lives through fitness and nutrition. The platform also provides a wealth of resources on weight loss, strength training, yoga and mental well-being. Additionally, it offers a membership program, Get Healthy U TV, which offers access to exclusive workout videos, live classes and more in-depth fitness tips.

Get Healthy U blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

Get Healthy U is a dynamic online platform founded by Chris Freytag, a renowned fitness instructor, author and motivational speaker. Chris Freytag’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of making healthy choices accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their current fitness level or background.

Chris’ approach is both holistic and realistic, focusing on long-term changes rather than quick fixes. Her infectious enthusiasm for fitness and well-being, combined with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, makes the guidance she offers both credible and motivating. 

Chris Freytag - the owner of blog Get Healthy U
  • Why should you follow Chris Freytag?

Get Healthy U’s content is extensive and varied, offering everything from free workout videos and printable fitness plans to recipes and nutrition tips. 

What’s more, the community aspect of the platform encourages engagement and support among members, improving the overall journey to health. For anyone looking for a comprehensive guide to fitness and health, Get Healthy U is an excellent resource.

Facebook followers:386 100
Instagram followers:132 500
Average traffic:31,6 K

10. Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is a pioneering platform dedicated to empowering women through fitness, nutrition and self-care. Girls Gone Strong is a place where women can gain the strength, confidence and knowledge to take control of their health. 

The platform’s focus on holistic health and empowerment, combined with a commitment to scientifically backed information, makes it a trusted resource in the fitness industry. For any woman who wants to deepen her understanding of her body and adopt a healthier lifestyle, Girls Gone Strong offers invaluable guidance and support.

Girls Gone Strong blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

Girls Gone Strong was founded by Molly Galbraith, a fitness trainer and entrepreneur passionate about promoting women’s health and strength. Today, Girls Gone Strong advocates a balanced approach to well-being that respects the unique challenges and needs of the female body.

Molly - the owner of Girl Gone Strong blog
  • Why should you follow Girls Gone Strong?

The content provided by Girls Gone Strong is robust and specialized, covering areas such as strength training, pre- and post-partum fitness, body image issues and mental health. 

The platform offers comprehensive workout guides, in-depth articles, interviews with experts and online courses tailored to women’s health at different stages of life. In addition, it promotes evidence-based practices to help women achieve their health and fitness goals sustainably.

Facebook followers:95 900
Instagram followers:54 200
Average traffic:14,4K

11. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is an internationally recognized fitness trainer who has founded a global fitness community centered around her high-intensity workout programs and health guides. Her platform aims to empower women to improve their fitness and health through affordable and effective workout plans, primarily through her renowned Bikini Body Guides (BBG) and Sweat app.

Kayla Itsines blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Kayla Itsines?

The content provided by Kayla Itsines goes beyond traditional workout routines. They include a variety of fitness plans that are tailored to different fitness levels and goals, nutritional advice and motivational support. 

Her programs are short but intense, often lasting less than 30 minutes, making them suitable for people with busy lifestyles. In addition, her website and social media channels offer a wealth of free content, including workout tips, healthy recipes and well-being articles.

The content she publishes is backed by real success stories of women from around the world, a testament to its effectiveness. What’s more, its engaging social media presence and supportive community platform ensure continued motivation and a sense of camaraderie among members. 

Facebook followers:95 900
Instagram followers:54 200
Average traffic:14,K

12. Tony Gentilcore

Tonygentilcore.com is a professional fitness blog where the author focuses on strength training, personal training and general fitness, with a particular emphasis on educating individuals on proper weightlifting techniques and strength training fundamentals. 

Tony Gentilcore blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

Founded by Tony Gentilcore himself, personal trainer and one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance, his blog offers a deep dive into the world of fitness from the perspective of a seasoned professional. 

The aim of Tony’s blog is to motivate users to embark on a healthy adventure into the world of fitness. Tony also shares personal anecdotes and insights from his extensive coaching experience that not only enlighten but also entertain readers.

Tony Gentilcore - the owner of blog
  • Why should you follow Tony Gentilcore?

The content on tonygentilcore.com is rich and varied, mainly aimed at fitness enthusiasts who are interested in improving their strength training. The site offers a wealth of articles and resources on a variety of topics, from specific workouts for different muscle groups to comprehensive guides on improving lifting form. 

His approach to fitness education is based on scientific research and years of practical experience, making his advice both credible and effective. In addition, Tony’s straightforward and often humorous writing style makes complex fitness concepts accessible and engaging to a wide audience. For those with a particular interest in strength training, whether beginner or advanced, Tony Gentilcore provides invaluable resources that are hard to find elsewhere in such an accessible format.

Facebook followers:16 700
Instagram followers:48 600
Average traffic:4,7K

13. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Carrots ‘N’ Cake is a lifestyle blog founded by Tina Haupert, focusing on balancing healthy living with enjoyable pleasures. The blog takes a realistic approach to fitness, nutrition and overall well-being, advocating that maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not require sacrificing all the joys of good food and fun.

Tina also shares her own experiences of balancing motherhood, work and health, which gives her advice a personal touch. In addition to blog posts, the site offers coaching services, nutrition programs, how to lose weight with fitness training and plans tailored to individual needs and goals.

Carrots ‘n’ cake blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Carrots ‘n’ Cake?

The content provided by Carrots ‘N’ Cake is comprehensive and multi-faceted, including detailed meal plans, nutritious recipes, personal wellness tips and fitness routines. Carrots ‘N’ Cake it’s one of the most popular fitness blogs for those looking for practical, realistic advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle without feeling restricted. 

Tina’s philosophy centers on the premise that a healthy diet can include treats and celebrations, making her tips balanced and enjoyable. Her expert guidance, along with her candid and personal stories, provide motivation and support for readers looking to improve their health while enjoying life to the fullest.

Facebook followers:17 600
Instagram followers:53 700
Average traffic:2,6K

14. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a fitness blog that promotes the idea that “fit” comes in all shapes and sizes. The content on Fit Bottomed Girls is diverse and engaging, covering a wide range of topics including workouts, health tips, fitness product reviews and personal empowerment insights. They also include: 

  • podcasts, 
  • interviews with experts in health, nutrition and mindset, 
  • tips on weight loss and healthy habits,
  • a broad look at what it means to be healthy.
Fit bottom girls blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

The blog was founded by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead as a way to counter the often unrealistic and narrow portrayals of women’s health and fitness in popular media. Their platform is dedicated to promoting body positivity, inclusion and fun in fitness.

  • Why should you follow Fit Bottomed Girls?

Fit Bottomed Girls breaks the mold of traditional fitness blogging. The founders emphasize self-acceptance and finding joy in movement, rather than focusing solely on aesthetics. 

Their approach makes fitness accessible and appealing to a wider audience, especially those who may feel alienated by more conventional fitness media. The blog’s empowering message combined with practical, hands-on advice makes Fit Bottomed Girls a refreshing and motivating community for anyone looking to improve their health and happiness.

Facebook followers:95 900
Instagram followers:54 200
Average traffic:3K 

15. Born Fitness

Born Fitness is a comprehensive health and fitness platform founded by Adam Bornstein, a respected author and editor known for his scientific approach to fitness and nutrition. Content on Born Fitness covers a broad spectrum of topics, including: 

  • personalized workout plans, 
  • nutrition tips, 
  • weight loss strategies,
  • mental health insights. 

The blog also delves into the intricacies of sleep, recovery and the psychological aspects of health, offering comprehensive support for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being. 

Born Fitness blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Born Fitness?

Born Fitness is highly recommended by health and fitness enthusiasts because of Adam Bornstein’s credibility and his understanding of health and fitness. His advice is pragmatic, often challenging common myths and misconceptions in the fitness industry. 

This makes Born Fitness an invaluable resource for those who are tired of quick fixes and looking for lasting change. The platform’s commitment to evidence-based information and its holistic approach make it a trusted guide for anyone who is serious about their health and fitness.

Facebook followers:35 600
Instagram followers:33 200
Average traffic:1,5K 

16. Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop founded Love Sweat Fitness in 2014 out of her passion for fitness and desire to assist women. What sets Love Sweat Fitness apart is its strong emphasis on building a sense of community. Katie aims to foster friendships and create a supportive community to enhance others’ health and fitness journeys.

ALT: Love Sweat Fitness blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Love Sweat Fitness?

The blog categorizes its content into fitness, nutrition, healthy living, travel, and printable resources. Offering a wealth of healthy recipes, fitness challenges, and even a dedicated one of the most popular fitness apps, Love Sweat Fitness strives to transform fitness into a communal experience.

Facebook followers:95 900
Instagram followers:54 200
Average traffic:2,8 K 

17. Jessi Kneeland

Jessi Kneeland’s blog is a place that is different from most fitness blogs. In addition to creating a healthy space, it is one of the best health and fitness blogs in the US.

The content provided by Jessi Kneeland focuses on mental and physical strengthening. Her articles, newsletters and coaching sessions delve into topics such as body neutrality, overcoming self-doubt and the psychological barriers that prevent people from reaching and maintaining their fitness goals. 

Jessi Kneeland blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

Jessi also dispels myths about women’s fitness, promoting strength training and solid physical activity as empowering tools, not just weight loss tools.

Jessi Kneeland is a personal trainer and fitness blogger whose goal is to help people, especially women, break free from body image issues and build true strength and confidence. Jessi herself, a respected fitness professional and trainer. She started the blog to address the deeper aspects of fitness and self-acceptance, going beyond mere physical appearance.

Jessi Kneeland - the blog owner
  • Why should you follow Jessi Kneeland?

Jessi Kneeland has a unique and insightful approach to fitness and body image. Her commitment to addressing the psychological and emotional components of health sets her apart in the fitness community. Jessi offers a refreshing perspective that encourages her followers to pursue health and fitness as a journey of self-love and acceptance, making her platform particularly effective for those who are tired of conventional body image and fitness narratives. 

The focus on authenticity and vulnerability in her teachings provides deep support and guidance for anyone who wants to change their relationship with their body and fitness lifestyle

Facebook followers:95 900
Instagram followers:54 200
Average traffic:81

18. Powercakes

Powercakes is a fitness and wellness blog founded by Kasey Arena, a certified personal trainer and health coach with a passion for promoting holistic health and empowering individuals through fitness and nutrition. Through it, Kasey encourages a balanced lifestyle that embraces both physical and mental health.

The content on Powercakes offers a variety of resources, including: 

  • nutritious recipes, 
  • workout routines, 
  • wellness tips, 
  • training resources,
  • sexual health tips,
  • personal articles.
Powercakes blog - screen
  • Why should you follow Powercakes?

Kasey shares her own experiences and insights on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while coping with the demands of daily life. The blog also includes challenges and motivational content to engage audiences and inspire them on the road to health.

Kasey Arena’s blog stands out for its emphasis on balance and self-care, rejecting the restrictive and often punitive norms of many fitness regimes. Her philosophy encourages observers to accept their unique bodies and abilities, promoting self-love and body positivity along with physical health. 

Facebook followers:7 300
Instagram followers:22 000
Average traffic:4K 

19. Ben Greenfield Life

The Ben Greenfield Life blog, formerly known online as “Ben Greenfield Fitness.” It is a fitness enthusiast’s recommended comprehensive source of information on fitness, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle optimization. 

Ben Greenfield Life blog - screen
  • Who is that fitness blogger?

The site was founded by Ben Greenfield, a well-known biohacker, author and speaker, as a destination for those who are serious about pushing the boundaries of human health and performance. High intensity interval training is the author’s sense of existence.

Ben delves into biohacking techniques, offering advice on using science and technology to make precise, tracked changes in biology. Ben’s approach to health and fitness is holistic and heavily research-based, making his blog a treasure trove of knowledge for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and anyone interested in longevity and peak performance.

Facebook followers:189 900
Instagram followers:427 100
Average traffic:10,5K
  • Why should you follow Ben Greenfield Life?

The content provided by Ben Greenfield Life is comprehensive and in-depth, covering a wide range of topics, from advanced workout regimes and nutrition strategies to sleep and mental health hacks. 

Additionally, the blog features podcasts, articles and video tutorials that explore the latest research and trends in health and fitness. For those who want to optimize every aspect of their physical and mental well-being, Ben Greenfield’s blog offers cutting-edge strategies that go beyond traditional fitness advice.

20. Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics is a fitness company that combines high-quality supplement products with thoroughly researched fitness and nutrition information. Founded by Mike Matthews, a fitness best-selling author and entrepreneur, Legion Athletics is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals using scientifically backed methods and strategies.

In addition, the company maintains a blog on its corporate website. In it, it offers articles on muscle growth, fat loss, weight training and diet planning. In addition, Legion Athletics provides detailed supplement guides, explaining the science behind their products and how to integrate them effectively into a fitness regime. Their resources also include podcasts and books that delve into fitness philosophies and practical advice.

Legion Athletics - screen
  • Why should you follow Legion Athletics?

Mike Matthews’ approach is straightforward and focuses on sustainable, realistic fitness strategies rather than quick fixes. What’s more, the high level of detail in the articles and guides makes Legion Athletics a valuable resource for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge of fitness and nutrition. For anyone committed to a well-informed fitness journey, Legion Athletics offers a trustworthy and informative platform.

Facebook followers:102 800
Instagram followers:191 800
Average traffic:295K 

Key takeaways

  • Readers of fitness blogs can find detailed workout plans, dietary advice and the latest fitness trends tailored to different levels of experience and goals in the posts. .
  • Fitness blogs allow readers to better prepare themselves to overcome challenges and achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • The best fitness blogs offer a wide range of content, from workout plans and nutrition advice to mental health and wellness tips, catering to a diverse audience.
  • Successful fitness blogs are usually run by experts, such as certified trainers, nutritionists or experienced enthusiasts, who provide scientifically-backed and practical advice.
  • The best fitness blogs ensure that their content is accessible to beginners and professionals alike and often emphasize inclusivity, promoting wellness for all body types, fitness levels and backgrounds.
  • Leading fitness blogs regularly leverage the latest technology, offering mobile apps, interactive tools including workout management or club gym management software and video content to enhance the user experience and provide practical fitness solutions on the go.


Is it worth starting a fitness blog?

Is it worth starting a fitness blog? By all means. In today’s digital age, where more and more people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, a fitness blog can serve as an invaluable platform for generating a fitness pal. 

Fitness blogs for beginners allow you to share fitness news, wellness tips and lifestyle advice, but also allow you to become a fitness buddy for your readers. The goal of such a blog is to inspire and educate others about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, providing practical solutions and motivating content. 

A certified personal trainer blog can make you an authority in the health and fitness industry, potentially opening up partnership and collaboration opportunities. Whether you focus on general health, specific workout plans or dietary advice, there is a significant audience for expert advice and support.

Do fitness blogs make money in 2024?

Yes, fitness blogs can indeed still be a profitable business in 2024. How can you make money from blogging and having a fitness community?

Key revenue streams for fitness blogs include advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content and sales of digital products such as workout plans or e-books. In addition, fitness bloggers often use their platforms to offer personal coaching or promote their own or affiliate fitness products and services. 

The goal of these blogs is not only to educate and inspire their audience, but also to effectively monetize their knowledge and content. With the right strategy, a fitness blog can become a lucrative component of a broader health and wellness business.

What makes a fitness blog successful?

The success of a fitness blog depends on several key elements. First and foremost, the quality and credibility of content, especially fitness articles, play a key role. The most successful fitness blogs provide well-researched, informative and engaging content that covers a variety of topics from exercise routines and fitness tips to mental health advice. 

Regular updates are crucial because they keep viewers engaged and coming back for more. In addition, a successful fitness blog usually offers a unique perspective or specialty that sets it apart from others in the field. This could be a focus on a specific demographic group, such as seniors or athletes, or a specific type of training, such as yoga or weightlifting.

Effective interaction with readers through comments, social media and personalized advice can greatly improve a blog’s reputation and observer loyalty. These elements combine to create a dynamic platform that resonates well with audiences, encouraging regular visits and active participation.

Benefits of fitness blogs for gym and fitness studio owners

For gym and fitness studio owners, fitness blogs offer a powerful tool for engagement and marketing. By featuring guest posts from health and fitness professionals, studios can enhance their credibility and attract new clients. 

These blogs can also serve as platforms to showcase success stories and testimonials, effectively demonstrating the transformative power of their services. Furthermore, regularly updated content keeps the studio top-of-mind for current members, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

By staying current with fitness trends through their blogs, gym owners can offer innovative and relevant programs that meet the evolving interests and needs of their clientele.

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