10 Best Yoga Studio Management Softwares in 2024 (Tried & Tested)

Best yoga studio software

Selecting a yoga studio management  software can be challenging. With many alternatives available and several considerations to bear in mind, finding the right system can seem daunting. To assist you, we have created a list of the top yoga studio management  softwares of 2024, aimed at helping you find the right software for your yoga studio.

Yoga studio management softwares

  • WodGuru
  • SimplyBook.me
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Exercise
  • Momoyoga
  • Gymdesk
  • Wellnessliving
  • Arbox
  • EZFacility
  • Mindbody

What is the best yoga studio management software?

The best yoga studio management software is one that automates all administrative tasks in yoga studios. It should be user-friendly for both members and staff, cost-effective, and specifically designed for the fitness industry, including features that are essential for yoga studios.

Key components of yoga management software should encompass tasks automation for streamlined operations, exceptional support for users, straightforward class sign-up processes, and convenient online payment options. These features should be accessible through a dedicated mobile app, enhancing the overall user experience.

Why do yoga studios need management software?

  • Reduce yoga studio expenses: by automating tasks and improving efficiency, it cuts down on the need for additional staff and reduces manual errors. 
  • Saves time on admin tasks: automatically handles scheduling, payments, and sign-ups, freeing up time for more important work.
  • Improves member satisfaction: streamlines class booking and payments, making it hassle-free for members to enjoy their yoga experience.
  • Consolidates member information: centralized data storage, allowing for effective communication and personalized offers to members.
  • Increases member loyalty: manages memberships and loyalty programs efficiently, motivating members to continue their yoga journey with your studio.
  • Provides valuable insights: generates clear reports on class attendance and revenue, aiding in informed decision-making for studio growth.
People at yoga class

Features you should look for?

  • Streamlined Class Scheduling: the software should facilitate effortless scheduling of classes, management of attendance, and handling of waitlists to optimize studio operations.
  • Online Sales Platform: a robust e-commerce function for selling memberships, classes, and merchandise directly impacts revenue growth.
  • Automated Financial Transactions: automating billing and payment processes reduces administrative workload and minimizes errors.
  • Effective Communication: integrated messaging tools (SMS, email, app notifications) are crucial for keeping members informed and engaged.
  • Operational Automations: features that automate routine tasks—such as membership renewal notices and class reminders—save time and enhance efficiency.
  • Insightful Reporting: access to comprehensive analytics on financial performance, class attendance, and member engagement informs strategic decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Management Tools: effective management of staff and members, including feedback collection and membership management, is vital for operational success.
Yoga studio software mobile app
  • Member Loyalty Program: incorporating a loyalty program rewards members for their regular practice, offering points or rewards that can be exchanged for classes, workshops, or merchandise.
  • Integration Capabilities: the ability to integrate with existing marketing, financial, and operational tools enhances workflow and data consistency.
  • Marketing Support: built-in marketing functionalities support studio growth through promotional campaigns, social media integration, and email marketing.
  • QR Code Functionality: quick and efficient member check-in via QR code scanning streamlines the arrival process.
  • Reliable Support: ensure the software provider offers dependable customer support across multiple channels to resolve any issues swiftly.
  • Dedicated Mobile App: a branded app enhances the member experience by providing easy access to class bookings, workout tracking, and communication on the go.

Comparison chart of essential features

Evaluating factors such as cost, features, ease of use, and customer support is essential when choosing the most fitting for your yoga studio. Exploring trial versions of yoga studio management software can offer valuable insights into their functionality and confirm whether they meet your studio owners specific needs.

To aid in the selection of the right yoga equipment management software for your yoga studio, we have prepared a comparative guide . This guide presents an overview of the top yoga studio management software options for 2024, highlighting their key features and pricing structures.

WodGuruSimplyBookAcuity SchedulingExerciseMomoyogaGymdeskWellnesslivingArboxEZFacilityMindbody
Pricing per month1$ per member9$16$20$75$$105 (increasing to $210 after 3 months)39$139$
Free Trial
Mobile app
Online payment
Class sign-up
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

1. WodGuru 

WodGuru is a transformative online gym management platform, designed to liberate gym owners from the drudgery of administrative tasks through automation. This innovative solution empowers customers to effortlessly sign up for classes, manage memberships, and process payments, all within the gym’s branded app or website.

Entering the class with a yoga studio software

WodGuru streamlines the entire gym management process, from automated communications, including birthday messages and payment reminders, to POS integration and seamless attendance tracking. This platform not only simplifies day-to-day operations but also enhances the gym experience for both staff and members.

With features like targeted marketing campaigns via SMS and email, as well as the creation of customer loyalty programs, WodGuru significantly boosts both engagement and retention.

The Ambassador loyalty program allows club members to share a personal link with friends. When someone registers through this link, they receive a discount, while the referring member earns a financial reward in their account, which can be used towards services or products.

Its comprehensive API also enables seamless integration with a variety of third-party systems, enhancing the versatility and efficiency of your gym management toolkit.

WodGuru yoga studio software automating daily tasks


  • Task Automation: Sends messages, birthday wishes, payment reminders automatically, handling marketing & sales automation, recurring payments, and automatic signups.
  • Mobile App: Custom app for class signups, payments, and reminders.
  • Website Integration: Streamlines schedule updates and member registration online.
  • Flexible Functionality: Allows clients to add only the functionalities they need, keeping the core system simple.
  • CRM: Simplifies member management and communication.
  • Attendance Tracking: Manages class attendance and member engagement.
  • Reception Efficiency: Facilitates product and membership sales; integrates with gym systems.
  • Support: Provides robust support and collaborative development.
  • Interface: it doesn’t get easier than this
  • Streamlined Transactions: Website and payment system integrations.


  • Customization Limits: WodGuru offers some customization but might not meet all unique needs or branding preferences.
  • Integration Challenges: Seamless integration with existing systems can be difficult.
  • Internet Dependence: Requires stable internet, potentially problematic in areas with poor connectivity.


WodGuru’s pricing is competitive, with a charge of only 1$ per registered member. Detailed pricing plans or additional fees were not provided in the analyzed content. For comprehensive pricing information, including any available plans or extra costs, it is recommended to consult the WodGuru website directly or contact their exceptional customer support service.

2. SimplyBook

Simplybook.me yoga studio software logo

Yoga studio software

SimplyBook.me offers a comprehensive solution for yoga studios, from managing instructor schedules and room allocations to automating client notifications for bookings, reschedules, and cancellations. It enables customizable admin access for team members and integrates seamlessly with your studio’s website, enhancing the booking experience. Equip your studio with SimplyBook.me to optimize operations and elevate client engagement.

Simplybook.me yoga studio software


  • HIPAA Compliance: Essential for medical practices to ensure the protection of patient information.
  • Customizability: Infinitely customizable to fit various business needs.
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Integration: Can be easily integrated into existing websites.
  • Comprehensive Feature Set: Offers a feature for nearly every need, including appointment management, marketing enhancements, and staff organization.
  • Security: Prioritizes information security with features like SOAP encryption and a Clean History feature.
  • Client Convenience: Smooth booking process for clients, customizable time zones, date and time formats, and easy rescheduling options.


  • Overwhelming Options: The vast array of features and customizations might be overwhelming for some users, leading to a potentially steep learning curve.
  • Dependence on Internet Connectivity: As a cloud-based system, its performance and accessibility are dependent on stable internet connectivity.
  • Subscription Costs Over Time: While offering a range of pricing plans, the costs could accumulate, especially for businesses requiring numerous advanced features.


SimplyBook.me offers pricing tiers ranging from a free plan for basic needs to premium options for extensive features. The basic plan starts at €8.25/month, the Standard at €24.9/month for more advanced needs, and the Premium at €49.9/month for full functionality and customization, all billed annually. This structure ensures flexibility for various business sizes and requirements.

3. Acuity Scheduling

Yoga studio software - acuity scheduling logo

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling tool designed for a range of business sizes, from individuals to large enterprises. It streamlines the booking process with automatic email confirmations, customizable booking forms, and integration with calendars and payment systems. Acuity offers several subscription plans, each catering to different business needs, along with a free trial. Its user-friendly interface and customization options make it a practical solution for optimizing appointment management and enhancing client experience.

Acuity scheduling yoga studio software


  • Intuitive Interface: Known for its user-friendly dashboard that simplifies appointment booking and management.
  • Customization Options: Offers extensive customization for scheduling pages to match business branding.
  • Integration Capabilities: Integrates well with various platforms such as Google Calendar, PayPal, Stripe, and others for seamless operations.
  • Automated Notifications: Sends automatic appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups to reduce no-shows.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Allows clients to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments 24/7, improving customer satisfaction.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may find the array of features and settings overwhelming initially.
  • Price for Advanced Features: Higher-tier plans required for access to more advanced features, which might be a barrier for small businesses or individual users.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version might be too limited for businesses looking to scale or needing more than the basics.


Acuity Scheduling offers three plans: Emerging at $16/month (or $12.80/month with annual billing), Growing at $27/month ($21.60/month annually), and Powerhouse at $49/month ($39.20/month annually), each catering to different business sizes from individuals to large enterprises. The annual billing option provides a 20% discount, offering significant savings across all plans.

4. Exercise

Exercise yoga studio software logo

Exercise.com is a comprehensive fitness business designed to help fitness professionals and businesses maximize their revenue and streamline operations. It offers a wide range of features tailored for the fitness industry, including e-commerce solutions, invoicing, account management, and more. The platform aims to monetize fitness ventures through various channels like commissions, coupon codes, upsells, subscriptions, and additional sales opportunities, enhancing the earning potential of its users.


  • All-in-One Solution: Tailors specifically to the fitness industry, managing payments and driving revenue growth effectively.
  • Diverse Revenue Channels: Facilitates multiple methods for revenue generation, including subscriptions, upsells, and commissions.
  • Financial Tools: Offers invoicing, account balance tracking, and the creation of coupon codes for promotional activities.
  • Industry-Specific Design: Crafted with the unique requirements of the fitness sector in mind.


  • Complexity for Newcomers: The management of various revenue streams might be challenging for those new to the platform.
  • Lack of Details on Customization and Integration: Does not explicitly outline capabilities for customization and integration with other services or platforms.


Exercise.com customizes pricing for each yoga studio, without standard pricing tiers.

5. Momoyoga

momoyoga yoga studio software logo

Momoyoga is a specialized platform designed to support the yoga community, providing tools for yoga teachers to manage their virtual classes’, students, and schedules more effectively. It focuses on offering a balanced solution that emphasizes ease of use, allowing yoga instructors to spend more time teaching and less on administrative tasks. With an intuitive interface, Momoyoga aims to simplify the management of virtual yoga studio software, classes, bookings, and payments, fostering a more seamless interaction between teachers and their students.


  • Community-Focused: Specifically designed for the yoga community, addressing its unique needs.
  • Administrative Ease: Reduces administrative tasks, allowing yoga teachers more time to focus on teaching.
  • User-Friendly: Simple, intuitive, and reliable management of classes and student interactions.


  • Customization and Integration: Potential limitations in customization and integration with other platforms or services not detailed.


Momoyoga offers three plans:

  • Personal: Free with a 5% transaction fee. Core features include booking system, online payments, and mobile app.
  • Professional: $20/month (annual billing). Adds customizable emails, additional payment options, and export features.
  • Studio: $24/month (annual billing). For studios with multiple teachers and locations, enhancing the Professional plan.

6. Gymdesk

gymdesk yoga studio software logo

Gymdesk is a modern gym management software designed to streamline operations for gyms, martial arts schools, and various membership-based businesses. It facilitates for member management, onboarding, waivers, billing, attendance tracking, and much more, aiming to make businesses more efficient and successful.


  • Comprehensive Management: Offers a wide range of gym management features, from billing to member tracking.
  • Smooth Transition: Supports migration from other software providers for an easy switch.
  • Payment Processor Compatibility: Works with major payment processors like Stripe and Square without additional fees.
  • Online Presence: Provides a free gym website for each account to enhance online visibility.
  • Global Availability: Accessible to gyms worldwide, accommodating international needs.


  • Payment Processing Limitations: Credit-card processing may be restricted in countries not supported by payment partners.
  • Manual Processing Required: Some regions outside of the supported countries may need manual payment handling.


Gymdesk offers pricing based on gym size:

  • Micro Gym (up to 50 members): $75/month
  • Small Gym (51-100 members): $100/month
  • Medium Gym (101-200 members): $150/month
  • Large Gym (201-400 members): $200/month

All plans include unlimited staff accounts, a responsive gym website, and full feature access.

7. Wellnessliving

wellnessliving yoga studio software logo

WellnessLiving offers an all-in-one wellness business and management software designed for wellness businesses to streamline operations, engage clients, and grow their brand. It integrates various tools for marketing, scheduling, client management, and more, into a single platform.

WellnessLiving positions itself as a versatile solution for business management needs in the wellness industry, promising to further business performance, enhance operational efficiency business growth and client satisfaction.

Wellnessliving yoga studio software


  • Marketing Suite: Includes a comprehensive set of marketing tools such as mobile, email, and direct mail.
  • Client Engagement: Designed to attract, engage, and retain clients effectively across various wellness businesses.
  • Business Versatility: Caters to a broad spectrum of wellness establishments including gyms, yoga studios, and spas.


  • Learning Curve: Potential challenges in mastering extensive features for new users.
  • Customization and Integration: Lack of detailed information on customization limits or integration with third-party tools.


WellnessLiving pricing starts with the Business plan at $105/month (increasing to $210 after 3 months), the BusinessPro plan at $189/month ($379 after 3 months), and the BusinessMax plan at $285/month, each offering progressively more features including a custom client app and website.

8. Arbox

Arbox yoga studio software logo

Arbox is a cloud-based business management platform tailored for small to medium-sized fitness and wellness businesses. It streamlines operations with features like membership management, class scheduling, payment processing, CRM, 


  • Management Suite: Offers comprehensive solutions for membership, scheduling, and payments.
  • User Experience: Features a user-friendly interface for ease of use.
  • Cloud Accessibility: Enables cloud-based access from any location.
  • Business Growth: Aims at growing businesses by enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Customization and Integration: Potential concerns regarding customization options and integration with other systems were noted, though specifics weren’t detailed.


Arbox has four pricing tiers:

  • Free: $0. Includes basic features like 5 weekly sessions, online scheduling, client management, payments, and an online shop.
  • Basic: $39/month (annual billing). Adds 20 weekly sessions and online classes.
  • Standard: $99/month (annual billing). Unlimited sessions, data migration, and smart insights.
  • Professional: $239/month (annual billing). Custom branded app and advanced management features.

9. EZFacility

EZfacility yoga studio software logo

EZFacility is a club management software designed to help manage sports and fitness facilities of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for scheduling, league and tournament management, payroll and commission tracking, point-of-sale operations, and more. 

The platform is known for its ease of use, responsive design accessible on any device, and reliability with a 99.99% uptime hosted on Amazon Web Services.

EZfacility yoga studio software


  • Operational Efficiency: Simplifies workflows and processes for more efficient operations, alongside comprehensive management of classes, resources, and facilities.
  • Advanced Features: Includes league scheduling, payroll, and commission tracking, enhancing operational capabilities.
  • Sales & Inventory: Supports point-of-sale product sales with integrated inventory management.
  • Client Engagement: Provides a branded mobile app for enhanced client interaction and engagement.


  • Pricing Transparency: Pricing details are not clearly provided on the website.
  • Learning Curve: Complex features may necessitate training for full utilization.


EZFacility doesn’t list specific pricing details online. Businesses interested in their club management software should reach out directly to EZFacility or request a demo on their website to get customized pricing information.

10. Mindbody

Mindbody logo

Mindbody is a leading software solution for fitness and wellness businesses, offering a broad range of features to manage and grow these establishments. It serves a wide variety of clients, including fitness studios, wellness centers, and beauty services, with tools for scheduling classes, customer management, full marketing capabilities, and online booking.

Mindbody yoga studio software


  • Comprehensive Management: Delivers an all-encompassing solution for fitness and wellness business management.
  • Client Retention & Sales: Enhances client retention and sales through branded mobile apps.
  • Customer Engagement: Features like Messenger[ai] offer round-the-clock customer interaction.
  • Virtual Wellness Support: Supports virtual platforms for livestreaming and video on demand.
  • Business & Staff Insights: Provides dashboards for real-time metrics on business performance and staff engagement.


  • Pricing Clarity: Details on pricing and plan options require direct contact with Mindbody, indicating a lack of upfront transparency.
  • Adaptation Challenge: The broad range of features may lead to a steep learning curve for some.


Mindbody’s pricing starts with Starter Plans at 139€/month. Advanced plans like Accelerate, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus require custom quotes, offering features from basic management to comprehensive solutions with add-ons.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive solutions for scheduling, membership management, and billing.
  • Features that enhance client engagement and retention.
  • Tools for financial management and performance analytics.
  • Options for varying studio sizes and budgets.
  • Importance of user-friendly interfaces and reliable customer support.


Which management software is the best for a yoga studio?

According to our analysis, WodGuru stands out as the premier management software for both franchise dance studios and independent yoga studios.

What software do yoga studios use to schedule classes?

Yoga studios are turning to digital solutions like WOD Guru to manage class reservations and memberships via the app, website, or social media. WOD Guru provides various tools that improve yoga studio app cost of operations, allow for detailed reporting, and assist yoga studio owners in creating effective marketing strategies.

People during yoga class

How do I set up a yoga studio management software?

To set up a yoga studio management software, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply register virtual yoga studios anywhere on their platform, and an admin will grant you the necessary access rights. Should you encounter any difficulties with the features, WOD Guru provides support that you can easily reach via phone or chat for assistance.

Can I customize yoga studio management software to fit my specific business needs?

Yes, you can customize a yoga studio owner and management software like WOD Guru to meet your specific business requirements. These platforms typically offer flexible settings and features that allow you to tailor various aspects, such as class schedules, membership options, and communication tools, to align with your yoga studio owner’s unique needs. Additionally, customer support is available to help with any customization challenges you might face.

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