15 Best Fitness Studio Software in 2024 (Tried & Tested)

The landscape of fitness and wellness evolves rapidly. Managing memberships, streamlining scheduling, billing, and client engagement coexist.

Technology has become an indispensable ally for gym owners and fitness professionals alike. The demand for seamless digital solutions continues to surge. So, let’s select the right software to optimize operations and enhance member experiences.

A fitness woman managing her fitness center via phone. Source: Freepik

In this comprehensive guide, we present the 20 best fitness club software products. They are setting new standards and reshaping the way fitness businesses operate.

Are you a small boutique fitness studio, a large chain of gyms, or anything in between? These innovative platforms offer features tailored to meet the needs of fitness facilities.

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What is software for fitness studios?

A fitness studio software is a digital platform designed for fitness professionals. It streamlines administrative tasks, client management, and operational processes within fitness facilities.

A gym management system enhances efficiency and improves customer experience. It typically includes useful features such as:

  • scheduling – allows users to plan and organize their workout sessions. It optimizes time management for the club.
  • membership management – this function makes seamless administration of member profiles easier. Among others, it enables streamlining communication and tracking membership statuses.
  • payment processing – simplifies financial transactions. Offers easy payments for the members and secure revenue management for fitness businesses.
  • workout tracking – empowers individuals to monitor their progress. The member can set achievable goals, and make adjustments to their fitness routines.
  • attendance tracking – gives information about the member’s absences and presences. Allows the gym owner or personal trainer to tailor personalized solutions for the client.
  • and many others
A satisfied fitness woman recommending a studio management software pointing at her phone. Source: Freepik

Benefits of fitness business software

A gym management software offers useful features for every fitness business. The solutions are saving time and money for fitness studios. Let’s check the details!

  • Payment and billing benefits: A fitness software simplifies payment collection, automates billing processes, and ensures secure transactions. It improves cash flow management and reduces administrative overhead.
  • Scheduling and booking benefits: Management of class schedules, trainer appointments, and making bookings easier. Minimizing scheduling conflicts and maximizing resource utilization.
  • Workout tracking benefits: Enabling members to track their fitness goals, monitor progress, and receive personalized workout recommendations, enhancing motivation and adherence to fitness plans.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) benefits: Maintaining detailed member profiles, track attendance, preferences, and engagement. Fostering personalized interactions and enhancing member retention.
  • Streamlined operations benefits: By automating these processes, fitness businesses can focus more on delivering exceptional services and engaging with clients rather than getting stuck in administrative tasks.
  • Improved member engagement benefits: This kind of software enhances member experience and keeps them motivated. Increasing member engagement fosters loyalty, leading to higher retention rates and stability of the business.
  • Enhanced communication benefits:  Integrated communication tools create personalized messages, notifications, and updates. Keeping members informed and engaged leads to a sense of community. It leads to stronger relationships and increased member satisfaction.
  • Data-driven insights benefits: There are also analytics tools in fitness software. You can observe and record members’ behavior, preferences, and trends. Catching data allows fitness businesses to tailor their offerings. Meeting the needs of their members drives growth and profitability.
  • Flexible payment options benefits: Payment solutions include online payments and card payments. It gives comfort to different customers with different needs. Seamless transactions are faster and easier for both businesses and members. Fitness software improves cash flow and reduces staff administrative actions.

Key benefits of fitness management solutions:

  • time saving
  • money saving
  • overall control
  • perfect organization
  • professional brand image 
  • following the members’ development
  • control over making up classes
  • debt collecting without personal interaction
  • suggesting personalized solutions for the customers
  • control over room occupancy
  • control over trainers’ occupancy
  • making booking easier and more comfortable
  • easier payments for the members
  • stable cashflow

Still have some doubts? Check out the users’ opinions about benefits: Benefits of a gym management system

Best software features for fitness studio

A modern gym management software optimizes operations and enhances customer satisfaction.

A gym owner runs a gym management system on his phone. Source: Freepik

The most useful features for fitness business will be:

  • Billing & invoicing: This feature automates generating invoices, tracking payments, and managing billing cycles. It ensures accurate financial transactions for both clients and the fitness business.
  • Attendance tracking: Monitoring member attendance for classes and appointments. Valuable insights into member engagement and helping to identify trends in participation.
  • Calendar management: Scheduling for trainers, classes, and facility bookings with a centralized calendar. It reduces conflicts and optimizes resource allocation.
  • Class management: Organizing and managing fitness classes. Taking into account scheduling, capacity management, and instructor assignments. Gives a more professional image of the fitness studio. 
  • Client management: Creating and maintaining profiles for each user Easy access to contact information, preferences, and fitness goals. Allowing for personalized interactions and improved customer service.
  • Electronic payments: Seamless and secure electronic payments for memberships, classes, and services. Convenience to clients and accelerating revenue collection for the business.
  • Membership management: Centralizing membership data, and managing renewals or cancellations. Possibility to observe and draw conclusions from retention trends.
  • Online booking: Empowers clients to easily book classes and appointments online, improving accessibility and convenience. Reducing administrative workload for staff.
  • Payment processing: Secure and reliable payments. Different kinds of payment methods, like cards or electronic transfers. Revenue management for the fitness businesses. 

The best gym management software platforms

Many websites present the best software for fitness clubs. Unfortunately, their search engines also show results for other industries. This is confusing and frustrating for the fitness branch owners.

So, in this summary, we focus on software dedicated to your industry only. Without any mistakes. The most popular systems in 2024 are:

  1. WodGuru
  2. PT Distinction
  3. Acuity Scheduling
  4. TrueCoach
  5. TeamUp
  6. GymCatch
  7. Spark Membership
  8. StudioGrowth
  9. Vagaro
  10. GymFlow
  11. LegitFit
  12. MindBody
  13. Everfit
  14. Kicksite
  15. Managify

Top gym management software comparison

Let’s check the top software providers in the fitness industry. We want to show a simplified and clear comparison. For you, a matter-of-fact person, a gym owner, it works best, right?

noNameFree trialPriceAttendance TrackingBilling & InvoicingCalendar ManagementClass ManagementClient ManagementElectronic Paymentsmembership managementOnline BookingPayment Processing
1PT Distinction19-89 $
2WodGuru1 $ per member, max 119 $
3Acuity Scheduling16-49 $
4TrueCoach19,99-106,99 $
5TeamUp99 $ up to 100 members, no price limit
6GymCatchfrom 10 $
7Spark Membershipdemo239-499 $
8StudioGrowth99 / 139 $
9Vagarofrom 30 $
10GymFlow129-229 $
11LegitFit20-199 $
12MindBodyfrom 129 $
13Everfit19-105 $
14Kicksite45-165 $
15Managifyno price info

What do top systems have in common?

Top gym management software platforms often share several key characteristics. They contribute to success and popularity within the industry.

  • User-friendly interface: The system is easy to navigate. It is colorful and aesthetic. There are not too many tables on one screen. No illegibility is created.
  • Customization options: Top fitness softwares are flexible and taking into account the user’s needs.
  • Comprehensive feature set: The names of the system elements are understandable. Its features are useful and ready to use.
  • Reliability and performance: The system can be trusted. It is a leading brand and doesn’t let itself make a mistake. This is particularly important in the area of ​​financial flows.
  • Integration capabilities: Emailing, text messages, website integration, CRM inside the system. Top softwares keep everything together.
  • Responsive customer support: The best systems are not only useful functionalities. What matters here is the user the support wants to be for. The best software = always available customer support.
  • Security and compliance: Access controls and adhering to industry regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. It is important to safeguard sensitive member data and ensure legal adherence.

What is the best choice for your fitness business? The perfect combination of useful features and a favorable price.


Favorable price: 1$ per member, max 119$

Useful features:

  • Email and SMS automation
  • Automated sign-ups and sign-outs
  • Reports
  • WWW integration
  • Online payments
  • Responsive support
  • Sales automation
  • Recommendation system
  • Workout programming
  • Online workout schedule
  • To-do lists
  • Mobile device access
  • Sales, storage, invoices
  • Discount codes

Users’ recommendations

Recommendations from gym management system users can help you choose the right solution for your needs. Let’s check which software meets the expectations of the most gym owners.

Source: Own study based on information available on the Internet.

For whom a gym management software?

Fitness studios, big and small fitness businesses, gym owners, health clubs, martial arts schools, dancing schools, personal trainers… Everyone can benefit from such all in one software.

A personal trainer showing to her customers how an online booking system works on a phone. Source: Freepik

Fitness software – features vs needs

Both fitness studios and personal trainers value their time and seek for shortcuts. But there are many other needs which can be met by modern gym management software.

Do you seek a modern image of your fitness place? Sending text messages, providing an application and online booking will be perfect.

Multiple payment methods will satisfy the ones who want to be flexible for their customers.
Let’s check what needs will be met thanks to the features of good software.

saving time, overall control → Tasks Automation
modern image, members’ comfort → Dedicated Mobile App
keeping your brand despite automation, making things simple →Website integration
taking good care of the customer, even more than they expect →Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
money saving, less staff necessity → Reception
requiring care and presence →Effective Support
time saving, filling the attendance gaps → Attendance List
time saving, filling the attendance gaps →Membership management
keeping track of payments, payment reminding without personal debt collection contact →Payment Processing
time saving, organizational help →Class Scheduling

We mentioned money saving as one of the main needs in the fitness business. If you want to download one of our free marketing tools, here it goes! Free cost reducer for a gym owner


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Fitness studio software purchase process

A typical fitness software purchase process is easy and fast. Having the technology on our side, we can finalize the transaction fully online.

But before you decide, you can try these steps:

  • researching available options, 
  • evaluating features based on business needs, 
  • requesting demos or trials, 
  • comparing pricing and contract terms, 
  • seeking recommendations, 
  • making a decision, 
  • negotiating terms if necessary,

 and finally: completing the purchase and implementation with vendor support.

1. WodGuru fitness software

WodGuru logo. Source: WodGuru

WodGuru is a system that combines many useful functions with a low price. You will find here, among others, calendar management, payments and website integration. There is also a CRM module for the staff. It makes a great impression on club customers every time they get, for example, birthday wishes from the club. 

A very positive feature of WodGuru is its helpful and always available customer support.

What’s more, you can try out WodGuru at your gym. Create your gym account now, with no obligations. Test as much as you want! WodGuru gym management software free

How WodGuru gym management system looks. Source: WodGuru

WodGuru Price: 1$ per member, max 119$

How can WodGuru help me run my fitness business?

A new player on the American market, but already experienced on the fitness market in Europe. Entering with a fresh attitude and brand new energy. It’s a promise of a successful cooperation.

WodGuru fitness management solution works for computers and mobile phones.
Source: WodGuru

WodGuru features

  • Task automation: There’s no need to remember sending all those messages to your club members. Don’t worry about birthday wishes or payment reminders, etc – we’ll handle it for you
  • Dedicated Mobile App: Let each client sign up for classes and pay for online membership quickly via your own mobile app. And remind them about you every time they look at their phone.
  • Website integration: help potential clients register at your club within a few seconds. Also, website integration helps avoid typos in new clients’ data. 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Let it remind you about important things to do regarding your gym members, e.g. birthday discounts or special prices on products or classes. 
  • Attendance list: Lets your gym members know if classes get canceled, rescheduled, or have a new instructor. 
  • Reception: No more staff action required. Sell products and memberships, issue invoices, run storage, integrate with gym card readers, offer discount codes.
  • Amazing support: WodGuru is well known for amazing contact. All the gyms and fitness clubs that they work with, will confirm.

The growing number of users speaks for itself. In 2023, WodGuru already operated for 460 clubs. This is an increase of 23% compared to the previous year.

2. PT Distinction

It’s a nice gym management software platform. It consists of automation tools that can help you streamline client management tasks, such as automating client onboarding, reminder notifications.

PT Distinction logo.
Source: PT Distinction
How PT Distinction gym management system looks.
Source: PT Distinction

PT Distinction Price: 19-89 $

3. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling logo.
Source: Acuity Scheduling

It’s a complete scheduling tool for business. It includes calendar syncing, automated email and text message reminders and payment processor.

How Acuity Scheduling gym management system looks.
Source: Acuity Scheduling

[szary box: Acuity Scheduling Price: 16-49 $]

4. TrueCoach

True coach logo. 
Source: True coach

TrueCoach includes an advanced workout builder, a video exercise library, a mobile app for your clients, and more.

How True coach gym management system looks.
Source: True coach

TrueCoach Price: 19,99-106,99 $

5. TeamUp

TeamUp logo.
Source: TeamUp

Scheduling of classes, taking payments and keeping track of all the important parts of business. Unfortunately can be easily mistaken with another non-fitness software of the same name.

How TeamUp gym management system looks.
Source: TeamUp

TeamUp Price: 99 $ up to 100 members, no price limit

6. GymCatch

Another nice idea for a fitness business is GymCatch. A software keeping booking and scheduling in one place.

GymCatch logo.
Source: GymCatch
How GymCatch gym management system looks.
Source: GymCatch

GymCatch Price: from 10 $

7. Spark Membership

Spark Membership logo.
Source: Spark Membership

Quick access to class schedule and bookings; Instant one-click check-ins; Full access to curriculum, videos, descriptions, downloadable docs.

How Spark Membership gym management system looks.
Source: Spark Membership

Spark Membership Price: 239-499 $

8. StudioGrowth

StudioGrowth logo.
Source: StudioGrowth

A class & member management software for boutique studios. Selling classes, taking payments, tracking attendance.

How StudioGrowth gym management system looks.
Source: StudioGrowth

StudioGrowth Price: 99 / 139 $

9. Vagaro

Vagaro logo.
Source: Vagaro

A solution for many location management. Cloud-based, for management and promotion. Suitable for fitness centers, spas and salons.

How Vagaro gym management system looks.
Source: Vagaro

Vagaro Price: from 30 $

10. GymFlow

GymFlow logo.
Source: GymFlow

All-in-one management solution designed specifically for gyms and fitness studios. Also with a door access built in.

How GymFlow gym management system looks.
Source: GymFlow

GymFlow Price: 129-229 $

11. LegitFit

Easily manages bookings, memberships, classes, and finances anytime. Its mission is to reduce the owner’s time used on management.

LegitFit logo.
Source: LegitFit
How LegitFit gym management system looks.
Source: LegitFit

LegitFit Price: 20-199 $

12. MindBody

MindBody logo.
Source: MindBody

A cloud-based club management and appointment scheduling solution. It’s designed for the needs of small to midsize businesses – gyms, fitness and personal training centers, dance schools and yoga studios. It’s the oldest one on the market, but still developing.

How MindBody gym management system looks.
Source: MindBody

MindBody Price: from 129 $

13. Everfit

Everfit logo.
Source: Everfit

Online personal training software. Built for personal trainers, coaches and gym owners. Includes training templates, workout builder, metrics, progress photos.

How Everfit gym management system looks.
Source: Everfit

Everfit Price: 19-105 $

14. Kicksite

Kicksite logo.
Source: Kicksite

A system designed for martial art centers. Includes tracking, communication and billing.

How Kicksite gym management system looks.
Source: Kicksite

Kicksite Price: 45-165 $

15. Managify

Managify logo.
Source: Managify

An Italian fitness management software. Includes many useful features. Some of them are: Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Attendance Management , Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Booking Management and Calendar. Unfortunately they don’t tell officially about pricing. Communication is a bit complicated due to the language difference. 

How Managify gym management system looks.
Source: Managify

Managify Price: sorry, no price info

Fitness software user satisfaction

Fitness studio customer satisfaction comes from providing exceptional service. A software management system will definitely help with that, assuring:

  • personalized experiences, 
  • a welcoming environment, 
  • effective communication, 
  • convenient scheduling options.
A woman after her training using fitness software on her tablet.
Source: Freepik

Will gym management software improve client satisfaction?

Gym management software definitely enhances the overall client experience. Clients appreciate the convenience of booking classes and appointments online and receiving timely reminders. This kind of software makes it possible to track the workout progress. It can also give access to personalized recommendations connected with personal training sessions.

How can a fitness business software help the owners?

Streamlining administrative tasks saves time and money. Improving member management, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing customer engagement are some of the aims of a management software. Ultimately it drives business growth and profitability.

A female gym owner crossing out checkboxes during a personal training session.
Source: Freepik

How does a gym management system work?

It is based on a cloud solution, provides access to a database and has a user’s interface. Depending on the options given, there can be modules of payments, attendance, CRM, etc.

Gym Master is one of the oldest and quite basic automated marketing solutions. But watching this short film can give you an idea about club automation.

Top gym management software: our review

Our ranking is current as of early 2024. We only consider systems specifically created for the fitness industry. We assessed the number of useful functions and the price.

A personal training application on a black laptop. Ready to start.
Source: Freepik

Key Takeaways

  • A modern gym management software for you will be the one that combines a favorable price with the features you need.
  • A gym software saves time and money. It also facilitates processes in your company and creates a professional image in the eyes of customers.
  • If you are a gym owner and you still list rooms and trainers on a piece of paper, it’s time to implement a more efficient gym management.

Gym management software – FAQ

Do gyms use CRM software?

Yes, gyms and other fitness studios use Customer Relation Management software. Thanks to this, they maintain constant contact with the customer. Relationships beyond the training itself also strengthen loyalty. 

What happens when you remind your customer about yourself? Customers are more likely to return to your brand. We think it is a lovely idea. Imagine your customer’s face when you invite him for a birthday coffee. Via email or text message. Wow effect granted!

What is the best software for a gym?

The best gym software is the one that combines the necessary features with a good price. What is important for you? 

Calendar management, CRM add-on, attendance monitoring? Or maybe the payment processing, staff management and a favorable price? In both cases, choose WodGuru.

How to manage a fitness business?

Managing a fitness studio involves various tasks. We assume that you already have a working studio and your clients. Find a way to work with them as effectively as possible. Fitness studio management software will be helpful. 

Such a marketing tool manages the calendar, staff, payments and booking. There are many systems available on the market. Choose one that meets your specific needs.

WodGuru gym management system helping with emailing and sending text messages to create client loyalty. 
Source: WodGuru

How much can you make owning a fitness studio?

According to industry studies, a typical gym generates between $300,000 and $500,000 in revenue a year. The profit margins are between 20% and 30%. If you want to know how much money it is, then know that on average, gym owners make $90,073 per year.

It varies according to different statistics. The average annual salary for gym owners in the United States is between $30,000 and $76,000. Other sources say about $49,000 per year in North Carolina to $82,275 in Washington.

Please remember that these data are averages. Individual earnings of each fitness center will vary. 

Being a gym owner can be very profitable. It can be completely pointless from a financial point of view as well. Much depends on factors such as location, clientele, seasonality, offer, and costs.

Read more: How much do gym owners make?

Can I manage my fitness business online?

Yes, you can manage a fitness business online. In fact, online fitness controlling has become increasingly popular. 

With the advancements in technology, the customer can enter a gym using a QR code. It can happen any time of day (or night). No staff is required.

  • Choose a niche for your online fitness business.
  • Buy a user-friendly website or app.
  • Offer virtual training and classes.
  • Develop digital content to engage your audience.
  • Implement online booking and payment systems.
  • Provide virtual coaching and support.
  • Utilize social media and digital marketing.
  • Organize online challenges and events.
  • Collect and analyze data for improvement.
  • Prioritize excellent customer service.

How much does the best gym management software cost?

Members purchase subscriptions usually on a monthly basis. Software system companies settle accounts in the same way. 

As you can see above, most software providers offer prices lower than $200. There are some more expensive exceptions. The most costly solution ranks at almost 500 $ a month.

Some have a different pricing policy. They adjust prices to the number of customers in a given center. This is logical and fair. This is how WodGuru presents its offer. Their price is $1 per member.

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