Best Personal Trainer App in 2024 (Tried & Tested)

Personal trainers are massively turning to apps for better time management and client care. It is a significant help with scheduling and tracking progress. It also makes it easier to deliver tailored fitness guidance. 

By using technology, trainers can focus more on their clients and less on administrative tasks. Discover how these apps are changing the game for personal trainers in the US.

A female personal trainer explaining to her male customer how to perform an abdomen exercise correctly.
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What is a personal training app?

A personal training app is an application for your phone. It is designed to provide personalized fitness services. You can find there:

  • fitness guidance, 
  • workouts, 
  • support for users. 

These apps often offer a variety of features, we are going to tell you more about them later. 

Over 50% of personal trainers use apps to manage their clients and business operations effectively. (Source: NASM, “The State of Personal Training 2022”)

Personal training App Key Features

Personal training apps provide valuable and helpful features. They optimize your work and provide a more professional image to your company.

  1. Workout plans: tailored to your clients’ fitness goals, experience level, sex, age, etc.
  2. Free Trial: to test fitness app
  3. Instructional videos: demonstrations of proper performance of the exercise for your clients’ safety.
  4. Progress tracking: tools to monitor progress and record measurements.
  5. Nutrition guidance: advice and meal plans, including calorie tracking.
  6. Goal setting: weight loss, muscle gain, improved endurance, or overall wellness of your clients.
  7. Community and support: access to a community of users and coaches, or you as the user’s personal trainer.
  8. Understanding the needs of fitness trainers: We don’t want to make a list of the best apps for self-training at home. You’re not your own customer, are you? What we show in this article is the best software for you – the trainer!
A hurdle jumping personal trainer during her break, drinking water and checking schedule on a mobile phone.
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Use also gym management software:
On average, personal trainers using apps report a 20% increase in client retention rates compared to those who do not. (Source: ISSA, “The Impact of Technology on Personal Training”)

Use gym management software like WodGuru to increase sales in your gym. WodGuru has an option of a free unlimited usage if you don’t have more than 10 customers.

How To Choose Best Personal Training App

As a personal trainer looking for the best personal training app, consider the following factors. That’s how you’ll ensure it meets your needs and goes with your training style and business goals.

  • Features and functionality: does it offer the tools you need to create personalized workout plans, track client progress, and communicate with clients?
  • Customization options: Look for apps that let you customize workouts and other aspects of the training experience.
  • Ease of use: choose an app with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Client management tools: client profiles, progress tracking, scheduling, and billing features will help you organize and manage your business.
  • Integration with other platforms: your website, payment processors, or marketing platforms should work together.
  • Support and resources: Look for apps that offer comprehensive support and customer service.
  • Pricing: take into account subscription fees, transaction fees and additional costs for premium features.
  • Reviews and reputation: research reviews and feedback from other trainers who have used the app.

This is how you can choose the best personal training app that meets your needs as a trainer. It will help you deliver high-quality service to your clients.

A female personal trainer using her phone to choose music for an upcoming training session.
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Personal Training App – Pros & Cons

In your fitness business you know the best way to go. But let’s make it easier.

A young personal trainer checking the app during a break from training.
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Flexibility and convenience: you can conduct video training from any place in the world. Your clients will be happy to schedule workouts and access training materials whenever they need. And wherever they are!

Customization: personalized workout plans and tailored recommendations based on the client’s fitness level, goals, and preferences. That gives more satisfaction to your clients.

Organization: progress tracking, goal setting, and reminders help clients stay up-to-date.

Cost-effectiveness: compared to traditional in-person personal training sessions, personal training apps can be more cost-effective for clients.

✅ Variety: many workout options, different fitness modalities, exercise routines, and intensity levels. You surely know that your clients love choosing and checking.

Progress tracking: you don’t need to give face-to-face feedback anymore. Tools for tracking progress enable clients to monitor their improvement over time and stay motivated.
Your clients’ (or yours?) old phone: Unfortunately a fitness coach app is not going to work on old mobile phones. With not updated operating systems either. Encourage the customer to be modern. Emphasize that thanks to the working application it will be much easier. Class participation, making up the meetings, and being in quick contact if necessary, available immediately!

Are There Risks to Using a Personal Trainer App?
When shouldn’t a fitness app be used for personalized training sessions? When the student is a beginner in difficult or demanding kinds of activities. For example, if heavy weightlifting is the student’s goal, a personal trainer app may not be the best option for him. “Trainers are really important for spotting during lifts,” says Jo, a personal teacher. “There’s no way a trainer can do that via an app.”

Other training sessions that cannot be conducted online are:
– gymnastic sports,
– pole dancing,
– silk scarf acrobatics,
– aerial hoop,
– weightlifting
In these cases, the presence of a trainer is mandatory. The trainer provides protection during more difficult figures, hanging upside down or jumping. He or she also notices posture errors to correct them immediately.
In gymnastic sports, a personal trainer must be ready to provide protection to the student. Source: Freepik

Best Apps for Personal Trainers Compared

name / featuremobile appmarketingsubscriptionscustom brandedassessmentvideo coachingonline groupsone of a kind imagereminders
TrueCoachonly a video exercise library
Caliberno cooperation with other brands

5 Best Apps for Personal Trainers in 2024

1. WodGuru

WodGuru logo.

WodGuru Price: 1 $ per member, max 119 $, it will never be more!

Why you can trust WodGuru

  • WodGuru is known for its friendly and always available customer service.
  • The system is so simple and intuitive to use that it does not require user onboarding.
  • It is very important to know other users’ opinions. Users’ opinions about WodGuru
  • Ratings and Reviews: See how many business awards WodGuru has received in recent years. These are just a few examples.

2. Exercise

Exercise logo.

Price: $125/month → up to 50 clients, Pro membership: $99.99 a year, possible monthly payments

Important facts:’s website is tricky to navigate and doesn’t present pricing information too clearly.

3. TrueCoach

TrueCoach logo

Truecoach Price: 19,99 $ – 106,99 $ monthly, billed annually

Interesting facts:
Discounts for coaches on NASM CEU Library subscriptions

4. Trainerize

Trainerize logo

Trainerize price: from free to 250 $ monthly

Interesting facts:
Add-ons: – video coaching- nutrition plans- custom branded appnot available on free plan

5. Caliber

Caliber logo

Caliber  price: 19 – 200 $ monthly, depending on group or individual training. The price is for the client, not for a trainer, see below: 

Interesting facts:
Caliber’s proud of its science-based approach. It incorporates exercise, nutrition and habit coaching to help you build muscle and lose weight. They focus more on clients than trainers. It is difficult to use the app as a trainer, they already have their own team.Caliber is not actually an app for every personal trainer. But you can apply and become part of their team providing online services.

How much does a personal training app cost?

The prices of the most popular apps range from 19$ to 250$ monthly. Various strategies are also used within these ranges. 

Some companies quote a monthly price, but the payment is one-time annual. Other companies convert the total payment into the price for 1 member of a gym.

A graph presenting trainer’s app prices in 2024, in dollars.
Source: own study based on Internet information.

A graph presenting trainer’s app prices in 2024, in dollars.
Source: own study based on Internet information.

Are there any free apps for personal trainers?

WodGuru has a:

  • free version !
  • of unlimited usage in time !
  • with all the features which are in the offer !
    if you don’t have more than 10 customers in your club

Try WodGuru for free

Read about testing the limited version of the system in your fitness club

A screenshot of how you set preferences in the WodGuru system according to your needs. Source: WodGuru

Remember that the best free apps have a paid option as well. It allows you to unlock the number of possible customers.

Methodology: How We Picked the Best App

We chose one app according to 4 features which seem to be the most important and useful for trainers. Look at each of them:

A female personal trainer is very satisfied because of her fitness app.
Source: Freepik.
  1. Support (How Good the Support Is)

Product support is an important element of the entire software supplier’s offer. Without access to help, you may be left alone with the problem at the most difficult moment. Therefore, we appreciate those companies that always have their support available.

And what about product launch support? Some software companies write and provide you with user manuals. Others create such an intuitive product that you don’t need onboarding. Like WodGuru.

  1. Costs (How Much Do Personal Trainer Apps Cost?)

As you noticed, the app prices range from 19$ to 250$ monthly. However, we like the idea that we’ll be counted 1$ per member. And after a certain point of development of a gym or fitness club, the price no longer increases. This is how WodGuru works.

  1. Features (How Many key Features the App Has)

There are many benefits of using a trainer’s app. From the trainer’s perspective. These are only some of them:

  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Apps allow trainers to interact with clients outside of sessions. It’s constant support and motivation.
  • Efficient Communication: messaging features reduce the need for time-consuming phone calls or emails. 
  • Customized Workouts: plans tailored to each client’s goals, preferences, and fitness levels.
  • Progress Tracking: trainers can monitor clients’ progress, and adjust training plans accordingly. 
  • Remote Training Opportunities: allowing trainers to reach clients beyond their local area. 
  1. Best Personal Training App Overall

After checking the features, prices, customer support and freshness of the business approach, the decision is made. 

We definitely recommend WodGuru, an application that makes a personal trainer’s life easier. check the opinions of other fitness business owners who already use it:

WodGuru users’ opinions


What are the best apps for personal trainers to make more money?

Remember that your overall income is not just about what you earn. It is also the result of savings made.

If you use fitness management apps, you save time spent on administration. You can then take on more clients from whom you actually earn money. You can also save on an additional employee, e.g. at the reception desk.

Automate tasks and improve your workflow with WodGuru gym management software.

As our research shows, you can save half an hour per customer every month.

It’s one of the most recommended solutions for fitness business owners on the market!

Personal trainers using apps report an average increase of 15% in their annual income, attributed to improved client engagement and retention. (Source: ACSM, “Technology Trends in the Fitness Industry”)

There’s no need to write things on paper anymore! Just like in the picture, the file is empty, everything is available in a cloud.

A male trainer talking to his new female attendant about the personal training rules.
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What is the best personal training software for client management?

Real fitness professionals have good contact with their clients. Why do we recommend the WodGuru system? Because it will serve your clients perfectly.

Client management in WodGuru consists of:

  • Tasks automation: Marketing & sales automation, Automated recurring payments, Automatic signups.
    Dedicated Mobile App: Easy sign-ups for classes, Helpful notifications, Online payments, Workouts history.
  • CRM: Easy member registration and management, Activity and member status updates, Personalized communication email campaigns, SMSes, and announcements.
  • Attendance list: Controlling class turnout, Checking expired memberships, Canceling or rescheduling classes and notifying your members, Possibility to track client progress.
  • Reception: Issuing invoices, Integrating with gym card readers, Offering discount codes.

The best app for personal trainers offers customizable workout plans, nutrition tracking, and progress visualization tools, catering to diverse client needs. (Source: IDEA Health & Fitness Association)

A gym personal trainer tells her participant about the correct position during the exercise.
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What is the best workout training app?

There are some examples we wrote about in this article. Yet, the best app for you will depend on your specific fitness needs. It’s worth exploring multiple options to find the one that suits you best.

What do you expect from workout apps? Tracking workouts, providing a personalized workout plan and enabling virtual training sessions? Or maybe it’s more important that the app does a lot for you – makes everything automated?

One of the most recommended is WodGuru. With its exceptional user support, many useful features, and a favorable pricing policy.

How do I find a personal trainer app?

First, answer the question, what your needs and preferences are. And who YOU are.

As a trainer, look for an app that will save you time, allow you to organize customer service and manage your training calendar.

As a training participant, look for an app that will organize your time and remind you about the class. And it will also allow you to connect online with a trainer for a session.

In both cases, search the Internet, read opinions, ask friends. This way you will find the perfect personal training software for you.

Can fitness apps be as effective as a personal trainer?

The applications can be very helpful in many areas of individual training. They can remind the participant of the daily goals. Fitness apps supply a personalized workout plan. They can also enable a video connection of the trainer and the customer. 

However, there are moments when the presence of a trainer will be necessary. These are mainly issues of safety and the effectiveness of a training session.

A personal training of female kickboxing.
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What are the best apps for personal trainers to use with clients?

A trainer who wants to serve his clients effectively will look for a specific kind of application.

In a recent poll, 92% of personal trainers agreed that apps contribute positively to their professional reputation and credibility. (Source: ISSA, “The Impact of Technology on Personal Training”). Isn’t it time for your image to rise? Sign up to a free WodGuru version, here!

What should personal trainers look for in an app?

Personal trainers expect the application to save them time. Thanks to this, they will be able to become more involved in providing the best customer service.

On the other hand, your clients want to have an easy but supportive program on their phone. Make the best use of this knowledge. Provide them with such personal training software.

A personal trainer involved in best relation with his client, making a detailed plan of cooperation.
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