How Much Do Gym Memberships Cost in 2024?

Are you planning to sign up for fitness classes? Are you curious about the current membership prices? Read our article on what to expect in gyms and other fitness places in 2024.

A member of a crossfit gym having his training.

What does the gym membership price depend on?

The fee will firstly depend on the type of exercise you want to sign up for: 20 Types of Gyms (Guide for Gym Owner With Examples). Depending on the type of gym, you will need different exercise equipment, a smaller or larger room, and machines. 

Don’t expect that you will go to very specialized classes at a similar price to a meeting with a trainer who shows the figures on the mat and does not need any additional equipment for the classes. 

A realistic approach will keep you from disappointment. However, you will not be discouraged by the price, even higher, if you know what you want to do, as a fitness enthusiast, for your health and fitness goals.

Money you can spend on a gym membership fee.

Other factors that may influence gym membership prices

  • morning / evening training sessions
  • individual / group fitness classes
  • location
  • high cost of living
  • payment model (monthly, etc)
  • frequency of participation
  • discounts for students, seniors
  • company subsidies
  • your insurance

What should be included in a membership fee?

The price of a gym membership should include making your life easier by using gym management software.

By incorporating gym management software into the membership fee, gyms can provide a more efficient, personalized, and secure experience. It leads to lifting up the value of the membership for all users.

WodGuru is a recommended club management system.

You get an unlimited trial! Register your account and see how WodGuru can help you run your club.

Here are the benefits of including gym management software in the membership fee:

  1. Streamlined Operations
  2. Enhanced Member Experience
  3. Improved Communication
  4. Better Resource Management
  5. Data Insights
  6. Security and Privacy
Easy payments are one of the important features of a gym management software

What is the average gym membership price? 

It’s hard to say precisely, because there are different niches. However, let us give you examples for main types of fitness places.

Gym Chain BrandPrices & Additional Info
Planet Fitness$10/month – access to your home club, free wifi, access to facilities, and some discounts $22.99/month – the PF Black Card membership gives you access to any Planet Fitness clubs, plus facilities and discounts. 
24-Hour Fitness$56.99/month – plus an annual fee for access to all clubs $51.99/month – with an annual fee for access to regional clubs 
Orangetheory Fitness $59/month – $159/month – the monthly membership price ranges from a basic plan of four classes per month to unlimited classes $199 – a bundle of 10 classes$28 – drop-in price for one session 
Lifetime FitnessMemberships range from $877 to $997 annually, or about $73 to $83 per month. Lifetime Fitness is known for its upscale facilities and extensive service offerings including pools and spas​ 
F45 Training$179/month – ongoing monthly contract for unlimited access to classes$120/month – 8-month contract $250 – one-off cost for 10 classes$35 – drop-in rate for one class 
Gold’s GymMemberships start at around $30 per month, providing a variety of equipment and classes
Crunch FitnessMemberships start at approximately $9.95 per month, offering a budget-friendly option with basic amenities
Anytime FitnessMemberships typically cost between $493 and $673 annually, or approximately $41 to $56 per month, offering 24/7 access to their facilities
Gym TypeAverage Gym Membership Cost
Commercial Gyms$30 – $70 per month
Boutique Studios$50 – $150 per month
Functional Training Gyms$50 – $100 per month
Bodybuilding Gyms$20 – $50 per month
Boxing Gyms$70 – $150 per month
CrossFit Gyms$100 – $200 per month
Climbing Gyms$50 – $100 per month
Senior Fitness Gyms$30 – $60 per month
Women-Only Gyms$30 – $80 per month
Recovery Centers$60 – $120 per month
VR Fitness Centers$30 – $100 per month
Outdoor Gyms$10 – $30 per month
Tech-Driven Gyms$50 – $150 per month
Dance Studios$40 – $120 per month

The Most & The Least Expensive States

These are the average costs of a monthly gym membership in the United States in 2021, by state (in U.S. dollars).

The most expensive states:

States where the most expensive gym memberships are, according to Statista

The least expensive states:

States where the cheapest gym memberships are, according to Statista

Why do membership options vary so much?

Probably because there is nothing like a “typical gym membership”. Gym goers have a lot of options to choose, according to their lifestyle and character. And prices.

A regular fitness place where a gym membership costs an average.

Let’s have a look at this comparison:

Planet Fitness membership is cheap, but it requires spending time in a very large gym with many people, using mid-range equipment. This also applies to other popular gym chains.

Planet Fitness Business Model.

Premium gym memberships, on the other hand, will be much more expensive, but will provide:

  • better quality equipment, 
  • individual approach from trainers, 
  • cozy space,
  • other features sought by some customers.
A luxurious gym with a nice interior design, where the membership cost is higher.

Different types of membership payments

  • Monthly payments
  • Yearly payments
  • Pay when you come (open membership)
  • Third-party subscription
  • Flexible pricing – bulk purchase, group discounts, recommendation discount, corporate discounts, tiered memberships,free trial, student discounts, special promos, membership freeze, community memberships, class packs
  • Different prices for online and on site lessons

Group fitness classes vs personal training

This comparison illustrates the cost variations between group and individual classes at different fitness centers, highlighting the benefits of memberships that include group classes and the higher cost of personalized training.

GymGroup classes pricesIndividual classes prices
LA FitnessIncluded in the membership, which ranges from $30 to $50 per month.Personal training costs vary widely but generally range from $40 to $90 per hour depending on the trainer’s experience and session length​.
Club PilatesSingle class prices range from $30 to $35. Monthly memberships vary from $100 to $350 depending on the tierClass packages are available, e.g., 4 classes for $84 or 10 classes for $219, providing discounted rates compared to single drop-ins​.
Pure BarreSingle class prices range from $23 to $35, with monthly memberships around $199 depending on the location.Pure Barre primarily offers group classes rather than individual sessions, so drop-in prices apply uniformly across different class types​.
EquinoxIncluded in the membership, with monthly fees ranging from $150 to $500 depending on the access level and location.Personal training sessions cost between $60 and $150 per hour.
Chelsea Piers FitnessIncluded in the membership, which ranges from $185 to $349 per month depending on the plan and number of family members included.Drop-in classes range from $20 to $65 depending on the type of class.

Choose the best option for you!

Choosing the best gym membership option involves several factors to consider. Here are some steps to help you decide:

  • Your Fitness Goals: Determine what you want to achieve, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, improving endurance, or simply staying active. 
  • Your Budget: Membership costs can vary significantly, so ensure it fits your budget.
  • Gym’s Facilities and Equipment: Ensure the gym has the equipment and facilities you need for your workouts. 
  • Class Schedule: If you enjoy group classes, check the variety and timing of the classes offered. Make sure they align with your interests and availability.
  • Atmosphere and Community: Visit the gym to see if you feel comfortable and if the atmosphere is motivating. 
  • Trainer Qualifications: If you’re interested in personal training, check the qualifications and experience of the trainers available at the gym.
  • Contract Terms: Read the fine print regarding membership contracts. Choose a membership plan that offers flexibility if your needs change.
A vacuum cleaner sucking up banknotes as a symbol of wasting money on an improperly chosen gym membership fee.

Alternatives to Gym Membership

So, you don’t want to pay membership fees and declare dependance? Try these options:

  • meetings with personal trainers
  • fitness apps, 
  • training at home – with CDs, youtube or streaming
  • online training

Final Thoughts:

  • Gym membership fees vary depending on many factors, but among others, the type of gym.
  • Good gyms use gym management software which makes it easy to pay for the training, cancel the meetings, and get informed.
  • The most expensive membership fees range from $200 – $500 per month.
  • The cheapest ones start at $10 per month.


How much does the average gym membership cost?

In general, the average gym membership price across all types of gyms tends to fall within the range of $40 to $70 per month. Prices can be higher in urban areas and for gyms that offer more specialized or premium services.

What is the average cost of gym membership?

The average monthly cost for a gym membership in the U.S. is approximately $50.03​ (Strong Home Gym)​.

What is the most expensive gym membership?

Gym members will pay the most at luxury and exclusive gyms offering high-end facilities and services:

  1. Equinox: $200 – $500 per month
  2. Life Time Fitness: $100 – $300+ per month
  3. David Barton Gym: $150 – $300 per month
  4. The Houstonian Club: $200+ per month with high initiation fees
  5. East Bank Club: Around $200 per month with initiation fees
  6. Madison Square Club: $26,000 per year

What is the cheapest gym membership? 

The cheapest gym memberships are often found at budget-friendly chains like Planet Fitness, starting at $10 per month. Other options include 24 Hour Fitness and Anytime Fitness, typically ranging from $30 to $40 per month. Local recreation centers and YMCA facilities also offer affordable memberships, usually around $20 to $50 per month.

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