10+ Non-Standard Services You Can Add to Your Gym Offering

Offering a wide array of non-standard services is an effective way to expand your facility and enhance its appeal. In this piece, we’ll explore how you can add these innovative offerings to enhance the experience of your members.

1. Podiatry

Podiatry is a medical specialty that pertains to the treatment of disorders and injuries associated with the human anatomy below the ankle.

From diagnosing plantar fasciitis to addressing bunions, podiatrists are capable of providing effective solutions for a wide range of ailments. If you’re intrigued by this field but have yet to explore it further, now may be a time to reconsider!

2. Bio-Energetics

This is a cutting-edge service offering that has gained popularity in recent years, one of the most innovative offerings to date.

Bio-energetics is a wholesome, holistic approach to wellness and fitness, encompassing everything from diet to exercise routines. As an integral component of this regimen, it offers several distinct benefits such as enhanced alertness, enhanced energy levels and increased wellbeing!

Through the utilization of bio-energetic technology, you can achieve elevated levels of consciousness during your workout or when engaging in certain activities.

3. Massage Therapy

Are you seeking an extra revenue stream? Then consider offering massage therapy at your establishment. Massage therapy is a well-liked service that’s proven to provide some remarkable benefits to both mental and physical well-being, assuring that clients leave with a sense of satisfaction. Plus, it can be an ideal way to recuperate after a workout!

If you choose to offer this service, you’ll want to make sure that the atmosphere of your spa is inviting as well as comfortable for clients. Make sure that music is soft and soothing; dim lights will also help create a relaxing ambience. Lastly, don’t forget about offering complementary drinks such as tea or hot cocoa!

4. Make Your Gym a Baby-Friendly Place

To effectively serve our clients’ needs, gyms must be accessible to both expectant mothers and those planning on becoming parents. There are many reasons why this is important; aside from the obvious convenience of being able to exercise at any stage during pregnancy – it’s also essential when it comes time to take care of an infant!

Whether you possess an existing maternity-oriented space or are establishing a new one, if you plan on catering to this market sector then there are certain services that should be included in your business model. These may include:

* Baby-friendly changing tables for use by patrons

* A well-stocked nursery with toys and gadgets for new parents as well as their offspring

* An inviting atmosphere for welcoming new mothers back after giving birth

If these aspects of your operation don’t pan out quite how you envisioned them, it is wise not to feel too disheartened. As long as you’re accommodating those with special needs, be sure that everyone has the opportunity for a pleasant experience when exercising with children nearby!

5. Fitness Consultation

If you have a knack for fitness, it may be time to put your knowledge to good use by starting a fitness blog following blog writing tips or offering fitness consultation services. You should maximize the power of AI in content marketing to create your own fitness-related articles via an automated blogging process, but remember to check for plagiarism. Fitness consultation is just what the title would imply – an opportunity for clients to ask any questions they might have about their routine or requirements ranging from diet to exercise.

Consultation is a multi-faceted approach that provides clients with greater insight into fitness; however, it can also be used as a gateway into more advanced classes and/or personal training sessions. Make sure to use catchy call-to-action phrases and QR codes in your advertisements or marketing posts to attract more customers.

6. Spa Night

Recently, many spas have begun introducing evening services in an effort to attract a wider audience. This could mean offering a relaxing spa experience on a Friday night or Saturday; creating an enticing package that offers both relaxing moments followed by an invigorating workout!

Offering spa nights at your gym makes it easier for clients to enjoy the benefits of a serene ambiance with their fitness routine. Not only does this provide a convenient location for relaxation as well as convenience for patrons who may not have experienced such experiences before. By providing this service, you can also entice potential customers with its unique offerings!

7. School/Work/Community Groups

One of the most common uses for fitness facilities is to host educational workshops and team building sessions. For this reason, it can be advantageous to have an area with plenty of space available where participants can collaborate while achieving optimal physical fitness levels at the same time.

Likewise, it is possible to provide a gym as part of a company’s wellness initiative or offer credit toward it as part of a corporate recognition program. This provides an additional incentive for employees – along with a sense of responsibility towards maintaining their health in order to ensure success at work! You could communicate this to employees via an internal communication platform.

If you are new to the world of group fitness classes, here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Managed Inner Peace Classes: These are ideal for busy individuals who crave peace and quiet; during these activities, music and lights are dimmed and participants are led through meditative breathing techniques and mindful movement sequences. Afterward we suggest that they may want to take a brief hiatus from all activity before resuming their day!

8. Movie or Music nights

Movie or music nights are a fun addition to any fitness venue. For many people, a night spent catching up with friends over popcorn is an ideal evening!

For those looking to add some variety to traditional fitness class offerings, why not try hosting movie nights? It’s an opportunity for patrons to gain knowledge on how they can incorporate exercise into their lifestyle while also taking in a new release film – all in one convenient afternoon!

Are you planning on hosting a movie night at your gym? Consider the following:

Ensure that participants of all ages are welcome. If it doesn’t take much effort, consider partnering with nearby schools; this will ensure accessibility and affordability for patrons as well as providing ample space for attendance! Find out what types of activities are available for adults before inviting them; moreover, be mindful of the surroundings so that everyone may feel safe during their experience!

9. Create an After Dark Session

This service is ideal for those who work odd shifts, or those who are night owls. It’s a prime opportunity to attract clients who are seeking an active lifestyle but may not be able to get to the gym during the day.

Establishing an after-dark session in your gym can offer several benefits:

It offers patrons a convenient opportunity to stay active as both of their schedules allow. This is especially true if they’re unable to make it during the daytime hours! Even if they can’t make it at night, they can still opt to use this service on another occasion. Ultimately, this affords them even more flexibility when it comes up during the week.

The fact that you’re offering specifically timed sessions makes them ideal for travelers, busy professionals and anyone else with limited time available for exercise. With no need for prior reservations – simply drop-in and pick up any of your optional services at any given point within those limits!

10. Create a Social Media Class

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for gyms of all sizes. In fact, we’re seeing an increase in people opting for social media-only fitness centers over traditional gyms.

Social media classes offer gym patrons an opportunity to enhance their existing workout routines by incorporating certain tools and techniques from social media platforms. These courses might include:

• Snapchatting at the gym

• Instagramming during your session

• Facebooking afterwards to share content from the class!

The possibilities are endless with the limitless opportunities available on social media!


Once you have determined the type of service your patrons desire, it is time to assess the cost of offering them. If you are operating a small business with limited capital resources, then it may be prudent to limit the number of offerings available. However, if you have sufficient funds available to offer more options then consider opening up additional locations – after all, who wouldn’t welcome more choices?!

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