wod guru is the best

Softver dizajniran za manje teretane.

Intuitivan, učinkovit i jeftin softver koji će vam skinuti teret s leđa dok vodite manju teretanu/studio/klub.
Save almost half an hour per gym member every month.
It’s one of the most recommended solutions for gym owners on the market!

Besplatan mjesec · Jednostavno postavljanje · Nije potrebna kreditna kartica
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We save you an average of 30 minutes per gym member per month!

Iznimno jednostavno za upotrebu

Business owners don't like complex tools, we know that. That’s why WodGuru keeps things as simple as possible so you can quickly kick start using our solution and make your gym management a breeze.

Prodajno mjesto

Naša jednostavna aplikacija za prodajno mjesto može se lako integrirati s hardverom. Kao glavni dio platforme, omogućuje vašoj ekipi upravljanje bazom korisnika i inventarom te pokretanje transakcija.

Mobilna aplikacija za članove

Aplikaciju možete upotrebljavati vi i vaši članovi. Možete jednostavno upravljati cijelom teretanom na svom telefonu. Vaši se članovi mogu prijaviti na tečajeve, pratiti svoju kondiciju, plaćati članstvo i vidjeti cijelu povijest transakcija.


WodGuru dostupan je sa svakog uređaja spojenog na internet. Zato, gdje god bili, imate potpunu kontrolu nad svojom teretanom.

Samoposluživanje članova

Možete jednostavno integrirati WodGuru u svoju web-stranicu. Vaši novi članovi mogu napraviti račun, prijaviti se za grupe i plaćati svoje članstvo izravno s vaše web-stranice.

Ušteda novca

Skidamo puno tereta s vaših leđa. Kako? Automatiziramo vaše zadatke. Pitamo vaše članove da rade stvari sami, ne smetajući vam. Povrh toga, ne uzimamo puno :)

Email and SMS automation

Automated sign-ups and sign-outs


WWW integration

Online payments

Responsive support

Sales automation

Recommendation system

Workout programming

Online workout schedule

To-do lists

Mobile device access

Sales, storage, invoices

Discount codes

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We are the most frequently recommended gym software around! favorite
Olga, Fight Gym LublinOlga, Fight Gym Lublin
WodGuru is a system worth recommending - by the Reception Team, the manager and the owner. Very intuitive and bright, thanks to which work becomes faster, easier and more enjoyable. A transparent layout facilitates efficient customer service. What's more, the program is constantly being improved - requests by us (users) to introduce additional, useful functions are listened to 😁 Aneta and Tomek do not stand still! And most importantly, we have never met with such a huge support and friendly attitude towards the customer from the support (and we used several different programs to manage the Club). If there is a problem (and it is rare), Aneta and Tomek solve it quickly - you do not have to wait forever and ask for a solution to the problem. We recommend it from the bottom of our hearts! 😊
Kasia, JumUp FitnessKasia, JumUp Fitness
I have been working with WodGuru for several months. I did not have any technical problems so far, the support of the team is reliable and always on time. The system is uncomplicated and easy to use. Everything runs smoothly, the information on the costs is transparent and the price is affordable. I sincerely recommend it to anyone.
Bronisław, Fitmania OlsztynBronisław, Fitmania Olsztyn
A great application for both club owners and members. Easy registration for trainings, which takes lots off the reception plate , many options for personalizing settings under the preferences of a given gym, convenient store management and many, many other useful functions. And most importantly, new options and facilities are constantly appearing - the program is constantly growing. I definitely recommend it to all club owners who want to make their lives easier ;)
CrossFit Black Ground CrewCrossFit Black Ground Crew
WodGuru platform is a great place for us to run our club. Tomek is constantly improving it. He asks us, owners, if there is anything that would be useful for us to run the club better. He also perfectly meets our needs himself! Thank you for the great platform that you quickly transformed to manage our online trainings during the virus pandemic!
Adam & Krystian, N50Adam & Krystian, N50
Well-organized and transparent software, running on different operating systems. Both the manager and the receptionist can have their own accounts from which they have given access to manage the work of the club and its members' accounts. WodGuru allows us to save, analyze and draw conclusions from data that can be easily downloaded in a spreadsheet. Summing this up: it has everything that is needed to run a club. And it certainly helps to develop it quickly.
I strongly recommend this application! It can be easily customized to your needs. The support is rapid, and I can always count on a hint or solution to my queries and ideas. :)
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