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They have trusted us:

"The best booking system I've ever dealt with so far, and I think no one else can beat it! Great cooperation! Quick contact with the administrator who is open to new ideas and improvements of the system;) so far, WodGuru very quickly realized a lot of ideas that have improved customer service in my gym, and it's definitely not the end, nothing breaks and does not hang, convenient application for the phone - you do not have to constantly log in, everything at hand;) a lot of helpful features needed to manage the club, a transparent look, it's just great! I recommend to all who run a sports facility! WodGuru rocks !!!"

Alicja Smoleń, Pole Dance Studio Silver Cat

"We've been using the WodGuru software for over a year and a half and we have no intention of changing it. The biggest advantage of this system is its simplicity, lack of unnecessary functions that have other systems and which are generally not needed. Using the system from the members side is very convenient. A quick preview of the schedule of classes, sign-ups, the ability to enter results, view the status of the membership. Everything that matters most is concentrated in one place."

Kasia i Miłosz Staworzyńscy, Crossfit Genius

"We heard about WodGuru from a friendly gym. At first, we were tempted by the price. We pay for what we actually use, not for a million functions that we do not even know about. In the wash-out it turned out that the program is easy to use and all reports are immediately visible. Yes, it was a good idea to switch from competition to WodGuru."

Daria Budna, Crossfit Lubin

"WODGURU is a perfect, intuitive, simple, convenient and suitable system for managing the gym. Fully responsive to the needs of the owners and perfectly suited among club members. Fantastic and cordial cooperation and quick, friendly and invaluable support :) Their help and support is always priceless! I would highly recommend"

Patrycja Brożek, HydroMoc Team

"A real Guru among systems for gym management :) Simple interface, very intuitive to use, suits both members, as well as reception staff and trainers. It's all we need, and if we come up with an idea what can be added or changed - WodGuru implements it. We recommend with a hand at heart and we are happy that we can look at and take active steps in the development of WodGuru."

Zespół Crossfit Wataha

"A great application for both club owners and members. Easy registration system for training, many options for personalizing settings under the preferences of a given gym, convenient store management and many, many other useful functions. And most importantly, new options and facilities are constantly appearing - the program is constantly growing. I definitely recommend it to all club owners who want to make their lives easier;)"

Bronisław Olenkowicz, Fitmania Olsztyn


CR Radom

Crossfit 58100

As Box


Body Beat


Studio treningu Sielska 38A

Train Lab Zagreb

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Blok B Crossfit

CF Podhale

Crossfit Decepticon

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Centrum Rekreacyjno-Sportowe S.C.

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Crossfit Black Ground


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