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wod guru Ogarniacz sprzedaży karnetów

Ogarniacz sprzedaży karnetów

Ten bezpłatny ebook pomoże Ci wprowadzić jasne zasady działania członkostw i zautomatyzować powiadomienia o ich zakończeniu, żeby karnety sprzedawały się z większą regularnością!

*Only for gym owners!

W tym ebooku znajdziesz 5 podpowiedzi, które pozwolą Ci:

• Zminimalizować prośby o wydłużenie przeterminowanego karnetu

• Skuteczniej komunikować zbliżający się koniec karnetu

• Lepiej monitorować aktywność klubowiczów

• Sprzedawać karnety z większą regularnością

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Simple signups and payments for customers.
Ewelina, Soul FitnessEwelina, Soul Fitness
WodGuru makes my work easier. This app meets all my needs! 😁 I don't need to waste time on signing up members for classes and controlling their payments. I have everything under control here! Simple signups and payments for customers. Clear reports that show the number of hours worked by employees, the number of active memberships, and sales. 🥰 If you have any doubts or questions, the WodGuru team will come to the rescue in no time. Using the application is simple! Totally recommend it!
Simple signups and online payments
Agnieszka, AuRa Pilates studioAgnieszka, AuRa Pilates studio
WodGuru is my daily relief at work. I really needed this app 😁 I don't want to waste time on signing people up for training and for processing payments. I have everything here :) - Simple signups and online payments - Summary of employee hours, memberships stats, sales reports, and even planned revenues. 🥰 I love WodGuru😃
It's much easier for us now to acquire new clients!
Dominika, Akademia HolistycznaDominika, Akademia Holistyczna
We are very pleased about the partnership with WodGuru! Huge plus for customer assistance, we get answers we need almost immediately. 🥰 System is easy to operate, and it has made it easier for me to control memberships, reservations and sales. For us a perfect solution is an Ambassador program in WodGuru - it allows us to acquire new clients easily and communicate with current clients in much more efficient way. And what really satisfies our customers are online payments. Basic, but needed thing for the current world 🤗 We're recommending WodGuru with the light heart each one of you, that haven't tried it yet. Try it out - and for sure you won't be disappointed! 🩷
"Previously, I did everything manually, which required a lot of time every day"
Asia, Przystanek InspiracjaAsia, Przystanek Inspiracja
I have been using WodGuru for 6 months. Previously, I did everything manually, which required a lot of time every day to update all registrations, payments, respond to a lot of messages, etc. At the moment, the time I used to spend on those, I can devote to the development of the studio, because most of it is done for me. Additionally, each customer can check everything on an ongoing basis, pay for the membership or sign up for classes. The rules are very clear and the system is transparent. Moreover, I can check everything on my phone at any time - which makes it easier. Working time at reception has also become much shorter - there are definitely fewer questions about simple issues such as signups/signouts. A huge advantage is that WodGuru is constantly making improvements and listens to suggestions regarding our needs and new ideas. Their helpdesk always answers to our questions very quickly. I recommend it!
WodGuru lets us save both time & money! ❤️‍🔥
Patryk, GAWRA Centrum TreningowePatryk, GAWRA Centrum Treningowe
We're working with WodGuru since the beginning of our business and we're very delighted with the collaboration. 🤩 A few things, that are the most helpful to us in our work are: - Creating schedules for trainers and a schedule of classes - this allows us to save time, and trainers have access to their schedule from the application at any time.💪 - Online registration for classes - clients are able do sign for classes from any place - thanks to it we're able to optimilize the work expenses in our gym. - Panel of entire system is very intuitive - easy, and a transparent tool to work. 👌 - Extensive Reporting Center - that helps up a lot with the analysis and sales planning. - Online payments - clients are able to buy a membership after the working hours of our gym. Thanks to it we're able to optimilize work expenses and clients have easy access to our offer. - Support - one of the most helpful that we've ever encountered.
The access control system works very well and harmonizes nicely with WodGuru!
Jakub, Siłownia ŁebaJakub, Siłownia Łeba
Looking for a company and people to help me open a remotely operated gym, I came across WodGuru. It was really a bull's-eye - the cooperation with Aneta, Tomek and Grześ is great! I was one of the first gyms to start using the QR system. When it comes to remote reception, I can deal with most matters directly from the phone. This is a huge relief for me because I also run other activities. I don't need to worry about payments, receipts, signups etc. The access system also works very well and harmonizes nicely with WodGuru. I dreamed of a gym that would generate optimal costs, where the service takes minimum amount of time and is not dependent on the employees' availability. Cooperation with WodGuru gives me all of that. I highly recommend it!

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